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Ever see a band name, and think it would be perfect for endorsing something other than their music? Elton John's name sounds like it should be used for endorsing bathroom cleaning supplies for example.

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Entries Beginning with P

Panic at the Disco should endorse "Disco clubs (assuming there are any left)"
Panic At The Disco! should endorse "Anti-anxiety medications"
It would help with the panic (a form of anxiety).
Papa Roach should endorse "Roach exterminators"
Paper Lace should endorse "Arts And Crafts"
Paramore should endorse "Dating service"
Paramour- an illicit lover
The Partridge Family should endorse "Audubon Society"
Figure it out bird brain.
Passpo should endorse "Traveling companies"
Lefty Lucy
Patrick Stump should endorse "Tree Stump Removal Service"
Because "Stump" is his name
Lydia Helton
Paw should endorse "Humane Society or PETA"
..or "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"!
one hit
The Pearly Whites should endorse "Crest Teeth Whitening Strips"
so those teeth can be pearly white
The Peppermint Rainbow should endorse "Peppermint candy"
Lefty Lucy
Perfume should endorse "Febreze"
Chris Chendo
Perfume should endorse "perfume"
Lefty Lucy
Pet Shop Boys should endorse "Pet shops"
Winter Pepper
Phil Oakey should endorse "Forest Conservation"
British Bullcrap
Phoenix should endorse ""
I hope I don't need to explain this.
JC Foster
Pink should endorse "Susan G Komen Foundation (Breast Cancer)"
Breast Cancer Awareness uses Pink Ribbons
Pink Lady should endorse "Pink clothing and make-up"
Lefty Lucy
Pixie Lott should endorse "Disney Fairies toys"
Lefty Lucy
Pixie Lott should endorse "Smoothies"
Her favorite drink
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Placebo should endorse "Medication"
Makes enough sense.
Plain White T's should endorse "Clorox Bleach"
"for when your plain white t's get dirty"
Platinum Blonde should endorse "Loreal Paris Hair Colour"
This one is so very obvious. :)
Platters should endorse "Various restaurants."
They actually did this in the early 1990's.
Plumb should endorse "Plumbing service"
Alice Spoonerism
The Pointer Sisters should endorse "Road signs"
Many road signs point you toward places.
Salvador Dali Parton
Poison should endorse "Rat Poison"
The Police should endorse "Kevlar Vests"
as worn by the police
Pop Will Eat Itself should endorse "Soft drinks"
Soda pop will run down the oak tree.
Mickey D.
The Popinjays should endorse "The O'Reilly Factor"
Since Bill O'Reilly uses that term often.
The Postal Service should endorse "The United States Postal Service"
Pretty obvious there.
Dylan B.
The Postmarks should endorse "Postal service"
Winter Pepper
Prince should endorse "Prince Spaghetti"
It would be his day, too.
Prince should endorse "Prince tennis equipment"
Project Pitchfork should endorse "Pitchforks"
Prototype should endorse "Prototype The Game"
Puddle Of Mudd should endorse "Wellington boots"
So your feet don't get wet.
The Pussycat Dolls should endorse "Cat products or dolls"
Sheila Oh

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