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Ever see a band name, and think it would be perfect for endorsing something other than their music? Elton John's name sounds like it should be used for endorsing bathroom cleaning supplies for example.

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Entries Beginning with G

The Game should endorse "Video games or board games"
Alice Spoonerism
Game Theory should endorse "Video games"
Future Backer
Garland Green should endorse "Christmas "
Winter Pepper
Garth Brooks should endorse "Water Conservation"
Rivers, Oceans, Lakes, and Brooks...
The Gazette should endorse "Newspapers"
Gemma Hayes should endorse "Stargazing, particularly of Gemma and vicinity"
Gemma, bright star in constellationCorona Borealis
Nutmeg Ryan
Genesis should endorse "The Hyundai Genesis"
Brian Kelly
Genesis should endorse "The Sega Genesis"
Return of the Retro Game System
Genesis should endorse "Bibles"
Genesis is the first book of the Bible
Psycho Librarian
Genkaku Allergy should endorse "Mucinex "
Winter Pepper
George Clinton should endorse "Hillary Clinton for President"
Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow
Tim Hall
The Germs should endorse "Hygiene products"
Sarah D.
The Germs should endorse "Germany"
Because "german" has the word "germ" in it
A 16 year old guy with brown hair
The Germs should endorse "Germ X"
Self explanatory
The Germs should endorse "Hand sanitizer"
Lefty Lucy
Giant Squid should endorse "National Geographic"
The Go Go's should endorse "Knee-high boots with low/flat heels"
Psycho Librarian
Goo-Goo Dolls should endorse "Dolls"
Good Rats should endorse "Rat Traps"
Gorgeous Frankenstein should endorse "Frankenstein"
Gorilla Biscuits should endorse "Animal Crackers"
Gorillaz should endorse "Zoos"
Glenn rousseau
Gorky Park should endorse "Russian Tourism"
GP is in Russia
The Grateful Dead should endorse "Mortuaries/Funeral Homes/Cemetaries"
Green Day should endorse "Protecting the enviornment"
its kinda obvious
Green Day should endorse "Miracle Grass"
Let your lawn have a green day!
Green Day should endorse "Greenpeace or Sierra Club"
I thought at first they were an environmental band
Green Day should endorse "St. Patrick's Day Swag"
Well, duh
Cpt. Neeb
Green Means Go should endorse "Traffic Lights"
Red means stop
Guitar Vader should endorse "Guitars"
Guitar Vader is a Japanese rock band
Lefty Lucy
The Gun Club should endorse "guns"
Guns n' Roses should endorse "Novelty Guns"
That shoot boquets instead
Gym Class Heroes should endorse "Gyms"
Lefty Lucy

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