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Ever see a band name, and think it would be perfect for endorsing something other than their music? Elton John's name sounds like it should be used for endorsing bathroom cleaning supplies for example.

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Entries Beginning with D

Dam should endorse "Dams"
Dance Gavin Dance should endorse "Dance Lessons"
Dancing Dolls should endorse "Ballerina dolls"
Alice Spoonerism
Dante Thomas should endorse ""The Divine Comedy""
It was written by Dante.
Wendy Torrance
Dark Empire should endorse "star wars"
The Datsuns should endorse "Nissan"
Because Datsun was the brand name for Nissan.
Brian Kelly
Death Cab For Cutie should endorse "Limousine Companies"
See what happens when you take your girl in a taxi
JC Foster
Death Cab For Cutie should endorse "Company that sells hearses."
Since a hearse is a "Death Cab".
Deathstars should endorse "Star Wars movies"
Morbid J
Deerhunter should endorse "Hunting"
Def Leppard should endorse "Zoos or Wildlife Parks"
Derek And The Dominos should endorse "Dominos game"
Well, it is played with dominos.
Fiona Pear
Destiny's Child should endorse "Day care or church center"
Detroit Metal City should endorse "Detroit, Michigan"
The Devil Wears Prada should endorse "The Devil Wears Prada movie"
the book or the movie, it doesn't matter
Die Toten Hosen should endorse "trousers"
Because it means "the dead trousers"
Chris Chendo
Digital Underground should endorse "Digital TV"
Especially for February 17, 2009
Dinosaur Jr. should endorse "Toy dinosaurs"
Winter Pepper
The Distillers should endorse "Booze"
Booze is what distillers make -- 'nuff said
Carrie Dawn Knight-Lee
Disturbed should endorse "Mental Health"
So you won't end up disturbed.
DJ Food should endorse "Fast Food Restaurants"
DJ Green Lantern should endorse "Marvel Comics"
DNCE should endorse "Fred Astaire Dance Studios"
DNCE is pronounced dance
The Doors should endorse "Pella Doors"
or any other door manufacturer
The Doors should endorse "Home Depot"
Where else would you find a new set of doors?
Psycho Librarian
The Down N'Outs should endorse "The Big Issue In The North"
Because they help down and outs.
The Dramatics should endorse "Theater"
That's where drama is done.
Daisy Pappus
Dream Academy should endorse "Dream study centers."
Should be obvious?
Dream Theater should endorse "Regal Cinema"
Dropkick Murphys should endorse "Professional Wrestling"

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