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Ever see a band name, and think it would be perfect for endorsing something other than their music? Elton John's name sounds like it should be used for endorsing bathroom cleaning supplies for example.

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Entries Beginning with A

A1 should endorse "A1 Steak Sauce"
It's name and theirs are the same!
Marcia Gay Soften
ABC should endorse "Liquor Stores (called ABC in some states)"
In Some US states, ABC=alcoholic beverage control.
Kelly Blythe
AC/DC should endorse "An Electric Company"
AC/DC = Alternating Current/Direct Current.
Dylan Baranski
The Academy Is should endorse "Academies"
Lefty Lucy
The Academy Is... should endorse "Academy Awards"
because of their name.
Ace Of Base should endorse "Playing Cards"
Cause of the Ace...
Ace Of Base should endorse "Chemistry"
Bases(opposite of acids), crucial type of chemical
Lydia Helton
Ace Spectrum should endorse "Spectrography equipment"
Declaring their products "top-of-the line" ("Ace")
Gretchen Wieners
Acoustic Syndicate should endorse "Acoustic Guitars"
Adam & The Ants should endorse "Entomologists"
Ants are insects.
Aerosmith should endorse "Aero Chocolate Bars"
Agent Orange should endorse "Orange juice"
Air Supply should endorse "Oxygen Tanks"
along with the airline oxygen masks
Air Supply should endorse "SCUBA Tanks"
A diver's "air supply"
Psycho Librarian
Air Traffic Control should endorse "Airports"
Alabama should endorse "Alabama Tourism"
Alexisonfire should endorse "Fire Extinguishers"
To put out Alexis
Alice Cooper should endorse "Alice in Wonderland movie promo"
his name
Alice Donut should endorse "Dunkin' Donuts"
Lefty Lucy
Alice In Chains should endorse "Chains"
Not to hold Alice down. Thats illegal.
All Saints should endorse "Catholic Churches"
The All-American Rejects should endorse "Illegal aliens"
American Football should endorse "Football"
The Ames Brothers should endorse "Ames Department Stores"
Too late. (Ames went out of business in 2001.)
Brian Kelly
Ampere should endorse "Anything electrical"
'Ampere' is unit of electric current.
Nicole Parsons
The Amps should endorse "Electric companies or electric generators"
They produce amps of current.
Teresa Christie
Amy Winehouse should endorse "Some type of wine."
Isn't it obvious? -:)
An Cafe should endorse "Cafes"
Natalie Benson
The Angels of Light should endorse "church"
Animal Liberation Orchestra should endorse "PETA"
They know why the caged bird sings.
JC Foster
Animotion should endorse "Psycholgists"
people that help you with "an emotion"
Anita Baker should endorse "Bread, cake, pie, pastries, etc."
What bakers make
Jessica Childress
Aqualung should endorse "Scuba"
An aqualung is an underwater breathing device.
JC Foster
Arcade Fire should endorse "Arcades"
Archers Of Loaf should endorse "Bread"
As in a loaf of bread.
Brit Boxx
The Archies should endorse "McDonald's"
because of the Golden Arches
Ariana Grande should endorse "Starbucks"
Starbucks sells Grande coffee cups.
As I Lay Dying should endorse "Funeral Home Services"
Asia should endorse "Travelling Asia"
I have always wanted to travel Asia.
Assassin should endorse "Assassin's Creed"
Asteroids Galaxy Tour should endorse "NASA"
Promoting space exploration
Mae Beam
Atomic Rooster should endorse "K.F.C"
"Who knows what's in thier chicken these days?"
Attack Attack! should endorse "Supplies for armies"
Aural Vampire should endorse "Vampire movies"
Lefty Lucy
Avenged Sevenfold should endorse "The series "Game Of Thrones""
One of the themes of the show is revenge.
Opie M.
The Avengers should endorse "The Avengers the comics"

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