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Ever see a band name, and think it would be perfect for endorsing something other than their music? Elton John's name sounds like it should be used for endorsing bathroom cleaning supplies for example.

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Entries Beginning with M

M.I.L.K. should endorse "Milk"
Alice Spoonerism
Macy Gray should endorse "Macy's"
A department store
Brionna Secret
Madonna should endorse "Churches"
Fairly Obvious...
Madonna should endorse "The Catholic Church"
Blessed Virgin
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Magnum should endorse "Magnum choc ices"
Very popular in summer...yum!
The Mamas and the Papas should endorse "Planned Parenthood"
Mannheim Steamroller should endorse "Steamrollers (at a tool rental shop)"
Gives 'em something to do after the Holidays.
The Marathons should endorse "Long Races"
Such races are called "marathons".
Anita Grade
Marcy Playground should endorse "Playgrounds"
Lefty Lucy
Marina and the Diamonds should endorse "Jewelry"
Because diamonds are used in jewelry...
Lefty Lucy
Marina and the Diamonds should endorse "Marine life and oceans"
Future Backer
Mark Collie should endorse "Collie Dog Breeders"
Name says it all!
Bruce Curb
Martha and the Muffins should endorse "Muffins"
Cotton Lorraine
Mary J. Blige ft. Ja Rule should endorse "Insurance Company"
Keep on Smiling, with AMI Insurance
Rocky Mak
Massive Attack should endorse "War"
Matchbox Twenty should endorse "Matchbox toys"
Lefty Lucy
Max Webster should endorse "Merriam-Webster dictionaries"
Winter Pepper
Meat Beat Manifesto should endorse "Butcher shops"
Winter Pepper
Meatloaf should endorse "Super Markets"
Thats where you buy meatloaf.
Megaherz should endorse "Electric company"
Meghan Trainor should endorse "Sneakers/tennis shoes"
Also known as 'trainers'
Brionna Secret
Meghan Trainor should endorse "Fitness"
Sarah D.
Meghan Trainor should endorse "Dog Training"
Is this self explanatory?
Men At Work should endorse "Labor unions"
Should be obvious.
Men Without Hats should endorse "Haidressers"
If you've got nice hair, you don't need a hat
Jakko Wakko
Mercy Mercedes should endorse "Mercedes"
Metallica should endorse "Blacksmith"
Uhhhh..... must i explain?
You dont wanna know.
Metro Station should endorse "London Underground"
It's also called 'the metro'.
JC Foster
Mew should endorse "Catteries"
Mew is the sound that cats make.
Mica Paris should endorse "Paris fashion"
Lefty Lucy
Michael Bublé should endorse "Michael's"
An arts and crafts store
Brionna Secret
Michael McDonald should endorse "McDonald's"
Michael McDonald should endorse "McDonald's"
Mike + The Mechanics should endorse "AutoZone"
Future Backer
Mike and the Mechanics should endorse "Auto Repair Shops"
who knows more about auto care than a mechanic
Mike Tramp should endorse "Dog food"
Because of 'Lady & The Tramp'!
Mink should endorse "Fur coats"
Moby Grape should endorse "Grape Juice"
Modest Mouse should endorse "PETA: People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals "
To help protect those other "modest mice".
Modest Mouse should endorse "Computer mice"
Brionna Secret
Mogwai should endorse "The Gremlins movie"
Because the Gremlins are called mogwai
The Moldy Peaches should endorse "Glad Plastic Wrap"
If you dont use Glad your band turns out like 'em
JC Foster
Monster Magnet should endorse "Monster movies"
Like Godzilla, Frankenstein, etc.
Opie M.
The Moody Blues should endorse "Psychiatric services"
They're moody and also have the blues? Bipolar!
Moon Zappa should endorse "NASA"
Mooney Suzuki should endorse "Suzuki Auto Company"
Suzuki's handle great at night, when it's "mooney"
JC Foster
Morning Musume should endorse "Dunkin' breakfast wraps"
Breakfast is usually served in the morning.
Ant Ko
Morning Musume should endorse "Morning talk shows"
Lefty Lucy
Morris Day and the Time should endorse "Timex Watches"
keep track of time on a watch
Mortal should endorse "Mortuaries"
They're a Christian techo band.
The Motels should endorse "Motel 6"
Mountain should endorse "Mountain Dew"
Mountain should endorse "Climbing gear"
You can't sell a mountain, weirdkid106.
The Mustangs Band should endorse "Ford Mustangs"
My Chemical Romance should endorse "A dating service"
When a couple has chemistry, there's romance
My Chemical Romance should endorse "Drug stores"
Only people from the UK will get the joke.
My First Story should endorse "Childrens' story books"
Cotton Lorraine
My Morning Jacket should endorse "Jackets"
Obvious, isn't it?

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