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Ever see a band name, and think it would be perfect for endorsing something other than their music? Elton John's name sounds like it should be used for endorsing bathroom cleaning supplies for example.

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Entries Beginning with T

T-ARA should endorse "Katana Swords"
Used in "Day by Day" video
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
T-Ara should endorse "Tiaras"
It's pronounced tiara
Lefty Lucy
T-ARA should endorse "Honda Motorcycles"
A Honda Fireblade is ridden in "Day by Day" video
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
T-Pain should endorse "Tylenol"
Tylenol starts with 'T' and it's for pain relief.
T. Rex should endorse "Trex cooking lard"
Both were big in the UK in the 70's.
T.Rex should endorse "dinosaur books"
Taco should endorse "Taco Bell"
Talk Talk should endorse "Telephone Companies"
Talking Heads should endorse "Broadcast News"
Pretty much describes news anchors
Psycho Librarian
Team Sleep should endorse "beds"
Tears For Fears should endorse "Psychologist"
Their name is a technique used by psychologist.
Theory of a Deadman should endorse "Funeral Services"
Cuz of the deadman part.
Therapy? should endorse "Hospital Stress Centers"
They Might Be Giants should endorse "Elevator Shoes"
with elevator shoes you might be a giant
Brent F
They Might Be Giants should endorse "Green Giant Vegetables"
Eat your veggies, or else!
Thin Lizzy should endorse "Clinics for the anorexic or bulimic"
Thompson Twins should endorse "Thompson submachine guns"
They both make a lot of noise!
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Thorr's Hammer should endorse "Mythology"
Three Dog Night should endorse "Australian Tourism"
Aussie Aborigine term for a chilly night
Vegemite Tastes Like Foo
Thrift Store Cowboys should endorse "Thrift Stores"
Thurl Ravenscroft should endorse "Haunted Houses"
Doesn't his name just sound macabre?
Psycho Librarian
The Time should endorse "Clocks or watches"
The Toasters should endorse "Toasters"
Tokio Hotel should endorse "Hotels In Tokyo"
Hotels.....that are in Tokyo.
Tokio Hotel should endorse ""
Pretty obvious.
Tomahawk should endorse "Native American history museums"
TOOL should endorse "Home Depot"
The Tornadoes should endorse "Weather forecasting / Severe weather warnings"
Those agencies warn of tornadoes.
Andrea Greenleaf
Toto should endorse "Pet Stores or Pet Supply Stores"
=3 forgot the most obvious endorsement.
Toto should endorse "Toto brand toilets"
Toto should endorse "Anything involving The Wizard of Oz"
Toto is Dorothy's dog...get it?
The Tractors should endorse "John Deere tractor"
Tractors, Farm Equipment, etc
Train should endorse "AMTRAK or any rail line or service"
That's who runs trains or where they run.
Andrea Greenleaf
Trans-Siberian Orchestra should endorse "Fur coats or heavy jackets"
Because Siberia is so cold all year 'round.
Santa's Helper
Trap Them should endorse "Mouse Traps"
Trapt should endorse "Mouse or rat traps"
Catch those pests.
Trixter should endorse "a practical joke or magic shop"
providing something that is really just a trick
Troll should endorse "Mythology books or movies"
Trooper should endorse "Super Trooper Movie"
I dislike the movie, but the name would work.
The Tubes should endorse "Toothpaste"
Rocky Rhodes
The Tubes should endorse "The London Underground"
...also called - the Tube
Twenty One Pilots should endorse "Flight services"
Alice Spoonerism
Twilight should endorse "Twilight the movie"
Twilight should endorse "Twilight movies"
Twisted Sister should endorse "Twister the movie"
Do I have to draw a diagram?
Psycho Librarian
Twisted Sister should endorse "Girls Gone Wild DVD"
I Wanna Rock!
Twisted Sister should endorse "Government program against incest"
Do I really need to explain?
Jakko Wakko
Two Door Cinema Club should endorse "A Cinema"
Need I say more?

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