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Ever see a band name, and think it would be perfect for endorsing something other than their music? Elton John's name sounds like it should be used for endorsing bathroom cleaning supplies for example.

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Entries Beginning with J

Jack Johnson should endorse "Boxing documentaries"
The first black heavyweight champ was Jack Johnson
Todd W. Zimmerman
Jars Of Clay should endorse "Ceramics"
The Jelly Beans should endorse "Jelly beans"
Jellybean should endorse "Jelly Belly"
Brionna Secret
Jesse James should endorse "Legendary outlaws"
Well, duh!
Samantha Wayland
Jessica Simpson should endorse "1969 Dodge Charger 440 "
For her "These Boots are Made for Walkin'" video
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Jessica Simpson should endorse "Daisy Dukes"
For her "Dukes of Hazzard" role and video
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Jewel should endorse "Jewelry"
Self-explanatory. Jewelry has jewels (duh).
Kerianne Hopkins
Jigsaw should endorse "Puzzles"
Jigsaw Puzzles, get it?
Paul Warren
Jim Weatherly should endorse "Weather reporting and forecasting"
He would be Weatherly minded?!?
Etta James Taylor Swift
Jimmy Nail should endorse "Nails"
With help from MC Hammer?
Adrienne Schnell
Jimmy's Chicken Shack should endorse "KFC or other chicken themed restaurants"
Jo Boxers should endorse "Underwear"
Another obvious endorsement
Mr. Oblivious
Joan Jett should endorse "Boeing"
The Boeing company does make: jets!
Job for a Cowboy should endorse "cowboys"
John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band should endorse "Dupont Paints (or other paint company)"
BB is a paint color that helped name them
John Mellencamp should endorse "Melons"
It's obvious.
Rock Maninoff
Johnny Cash should endorse "Coinstar Machines"
Trade in your coins for Cash
The Jolly Boys should endorse "Only Fools & Horses on DVD"
Because of the 'Jolly Boys' Outing' episode!
Jonathan Edwards should endorse "John Edwards For President"
Pretty obvious, if obscure.
Jordin Sparks should endorse "Fireworks"
They make lots of sparks.
Audrey Ruiz
Journey should endorse "The Dodge Journey"
Brian Kelly
Joy Division should endorse "Hooked On Math"
Product should teach one to do division with joy!
Justin B. Burr
Juggernaut should endorse "Marvel comics"
Juice Wrld should endorse "Juice"
Brionna Secret
Juice Wrld should endorse "Juice"
Brionna Secret
Juice=Juice should endorse "Fruit juice"
Lefty Lucy
Justice should endorse "United States Supreme Court"
It's what they dole out, supposedly.
Jc Foster

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