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Song Parodies for No Doubt

Original SongParody SongParody Author
"Bathwater" "Guessing Game" "A Room Full of Games"
"Bathwater" "Toilet Water" "Is That My Dashboard?"
"Don't Speak" "Bo Peep" "Ethan Mawyer"
"Don't Speak" "Can't Sleep" "Dumb Ass Kid"
"Don't Speak" "Can't Speak" "Mari Aranoff"
"Don't Speak" "Critique (All I'll ever get...)" "EmiLoca"
"Don't Speak" "Don't Break" "Starlette Victory"
"Dont Speak" "Dont Eat" "CSI"
"Don't Speak" "Don't Eat" "Sue Donym"
"Don't Speak" "Don't Eat" "Sue Donym"
"Don't Speak" "Don't Leak" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Don't Speak" "Don't Leave" "Kamri"
"Don't Speak" "Don't Lie" "Kit Kat"
"Dont Speak" "Dont Peak" "KK"
"Don't Speak" "Don't Pee" "Billy Slim"
"Don't Speak" "Don't Peek(*Digitally Re-mastered version)" "Paul Robinson"
"Don't Speak" "Don't Peek" "Paul Robinson"
"Don't Speak" "Don't Pout (My Tribute to Arwen!)" "The Thought Police"
"Don't Speak" "Don't Puke" "Britt Henson"
"Don't Speak" "Don't Sleep" "Below Average Dave"
"Dont Speak" "Dont Speak....I Gotta Go McDonalds!" "Stacey Ryan"
"Don't Speak" "Don't Speak (shhh This Is A Library!)" "Liziii Loonleader"
"Don't Speak" "Don't Speak That Way About William Tong" "Becky Donoghue-Rick"
"Don't Speak" "Don't Speak To Me In Hindi!" "Becky Donoghue-Rick"
"Don't Speak" "Don't Speak (You are too dumb, my dear)" "FunnyOddSongs"
"Don't Speak" "Don't Squeak" "Ethan Mawyer"
"Don't Speak" "Don't Streak" "Kristof Robertson"
"Don't Speak" "Don't Vote" "Jim A"
"Don't Speak" "Jay and Silent Bob, He Dont Speak" "Alex Zander"
"Don't Speak" "Red Meat" "Billy Florio"
"Don't Speak" "Roast Beef" "lebeiW15"
"Don't Speak" "Won't Leak" "Jake A Ralphing (Luke Brattoni)"
"Ex-girlfriend" "Your Blacklist" "JD1611"
"Hella Good" "Hella Cold" "Wolveroses"
"Hella Good" "Made of Wood" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Hella Good" "New Years Eve" "Below Average Dave"
"Hey Baby" "Hey Baby (russian Music Remix)" "Becky Donoghue-Rick"
"Hey Baby" "Hey Baby, The Preps Suck Don't They?" "Fork"
"Hey Baby" "Hey Gwen/Hey Tony" "Becky Donoghue-Rick"
"Hey Baby" "Hey Hottie" "Nick J(The Ghosteller)"
"Hey Baby" "Hey Lady" "Lala"
"Hey Baby" "Hey Preppy" "Piper"
"Hey Baby" "I'm Hungry" "Ghetto John"
"Hey Baby" "Shave Lady!" "Dominic L."
"Hey Baby" "Steak and Gravy" "Andy Jeter"
"Hey Baby" "Your Baby (the dingo ate it)" "Ethan Mawyer"
"I'm Just A Girl" "I'm A Reserve" "Paul Robinson"
"I'm Just a Girl" "I'm Just a Bill" "Chris Bodily TM"
"I'm Just A Girl" "I'm Not A Girl" "Lala"
"In My Head" "Avril's In Your Head" "Rachel Miser"
"In My Head" "The Evil Chem Test Song" "neminem"
"It's My Life" "AmIRight" "EmiLoca"
"It's My Life" "It's My Milk" "SpazzyMcGee/Ms.Laci"
"It's My Life" "It's My Wife" "Joey Lawrence (no, not the actor)"
"It's My Life" "It's Not My Knife" "Lala"
"It's My Life" "Over-hyped" "Below Average Dave"
"It's My Life" "Play Your Pipe" "Matthias"
"It's My Life" "She's My Wife" "Ali*CaT"
"It's My Life" "That's My Wife" "M.S.G"
"It's My Life" "That's No Knife" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Just a Girl" "Just a Bill" "Ravyn Rant"
"Just a Girl" "Just a Churl" "Jeremy Otto"
"Just a Girl" "Just a Drunk" "Ragnarok_incarne"
"Just a Girl" "Just a Drunk" "Ragnarok_incarne"
"Just a Girl" "Just a Poo" "Kevin Shea"
"Just A Girl" "Just A Punk" "Michael"
"Just A Girl" "Just A Squid" "Hot For Teacher Strike"
"Just A Girl" "Just A Squirrel" "Agrimorfee"
"Just A Girl" "Just a Squirrel" "Clinton Rogers"
"Just A Girl" "Just A Theif" "Kyle B."
"Just A Girl" "My Name is Earl" "Syncronos"
"Just A Girl" "The Sleepaway Game." "Josh Bain"
"New" "Moobs" "Below Average Dave"
"New" "Poo" "Figgy"
"Oi To The World" "Scotty vs. Eddie" "Ryan Quinn"
"Running" "Runing" "Erin Arata aka vixen orlodo"
"Running" "Running (but to the restroom)" "Green Muse"
"Spiderwebs" "Dumbass Plebs" "Blethar"
"Spiderwebs" "Fighter Jets" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Spiderwebs" "Spider-Man" "Matthias"
"Spiderwebs" "Spider Veins" "Matthias"
"Sunday Morning" "Monday Morning" "Flibbertigibbet"
"Sunday Morning" "The Tree Song" "Dullard"
"Tragic Kingdom" "Hyrule Kingdom" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Tragic Kingdom" "Tasty Cupcake" "Below Average Dave"
"Trapped in a Box" "Crapped in a Box" "Blethar"
"Trapped In A Box" "Rocks In My Socks" "Vixen Orlodo"
"Underneath it All" "Inside of the Mall" "lebeiW15 and Junior"
"Underneath It All" "October 3rd 1969" "Stompgal"
"Underneath It All" "Under Missletoe" "Michael"
"Underneath It All" "Underneath the Mall" "J Cool"
"Underneath It All" "Underneath The Stall" "EmiLoca"
"Underneath It All" "Underwear Too Small" "Rick Duncan"


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