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Song Parodies for Kiss

Original SongParody SongParody Author
"100,000 Years" "100 Weight Watchiers" "Chris Caillouet"
"2.000 Man" "Renaissance Man" "Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd"
"Allah" "Beth" "Rudy Ramirez"
"Beth" "Bessie" "Blaydeman"
"Beth" "Bethlehem" "Melanie Lee"
"Beth" "Breath" "zvoidx"
"Beth" "Bush (We hear you callin)" "El DeRoblo"
"Beth" "Death" "George 2"
"Beth" "Death" "Mr. Horse"
"Beth" "Math" "Joelle"
"Beth" "Meth" "Chris Pollman"
"Beth" "Meth" "Fack Sabbath"
"Beth" "Meth" "Floyd's Garage"
"Beth" "Seth" "Porfle Popnecker"
"Beth" "Yetis" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Black Diamond" "Red Velvet" "Chris Caillouet"
"Black Diamond" "White Castle" "Tim Hall"
"Calling Dr. Love" "(Calling) Dr. No" "Dylan Baranski"
"Calling Dr. Love" "Calling Dr. Phil" "Chris Caillouet"
"Charisma" "Dear Santa! (The Post-Christmas Song)" "Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd"
"Cold Gin" "Ice Cream" "Chris Caillouet"
"Crazy Crazy Nights" "Phoenix Phoenix Nights" "Jakko Wakko"
"Crazy Crazy Nights" "These Are Crazy Crazy Fights (with Police Officers" "Jade (I wrote summer of speeding fines too..)"
"Crazy Night" "Prison Fight" "Gari J"
"Crazy Nights" "Crazy Knights" "Phil Alexander"
"Crazy Nights" "Holy Knights" "Phil Alexander"
"Detroit Rock City" "Baghdad Bomb City" "Worawat"
"Detroit Rock City" "Baghdad (Iraq City)" "Bubba"
"Detroit Rock City" "Ballad Of The Riddler" "The Charnstar"
"Detroit Rock City" "Build My Brick City" "Luis Matias"
"Detroit Rock City" "Destroyed Each Chimney" "Matthias"
"Detroit Rock City" "Detroit Roaches City" "Worawat"
"Detroit Rock City" "Divorced Once Married" "Matthias"
"Detroit Rock City" "Sonic Rock City" "Dylan Baranski"
"Detroit Rock City" "Tennessee Strop City" "JMasta"
"Deuce" "Bruce" "Floyd's Garage"
"Deuce" "Goose" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Deuce" "Mousse" "Chris Caillouet"
"Domino" "Domino's" "Johnny Pyro"
"Domino" "Domino's" "Todd Sellers"
"Firehouse" "Waffle House" "Chris Caillouet"
"Forever" "Cheasy" "Metalheadjake"
"Forever" "You're Seven" "Immoral Liberal"
"God Gave Rock N Roll" "Stephanie Made Eclipse" "Fangbanger_uk"
"God Gave Rock 'N' Roll to You II" "God Gave Rocky Road to You II" "Dylan Baranski"
"God Gave Rock 'n' Roll To You II" "God Gives Centerfolds To Me" "Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd"
"God of Thunder" "God of Blunder" "Panic Pagoda"
"God Of Thunder" "God of Chowder" "Agrimorfee"
"God Of Thunder" "God Of Crackers" "T.J. Spindler"
"God Of Thunder" "Thor, God Of Thunder" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Heaven's On Fire" "Kevin's On Fire" "Porfle Popnecker"
"Heaven's On Fire" "Motorcycle Unibrow" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"Heaven's On Fire" "Need Rally Tires" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"Heaven's on fire" "Santa's Retired (A 2068 Climate Change Christmas Carol)" "Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd"
"I Just Wanna" "I Just Wanna" "Chandra K."
"I Wanna Rock And Roll All Nite" "I'm Outta Gasoline Tonight" "Dylan Baranski"
"I Wanna Rock And Roll All Nite" "I Wanna Play With Dolls All Night" "South Park Al"
"I wanna rock and roll" "Phoenix Coyotes" "Static"
"I Was Made For Loving You" "Dryer Made To Bother Me" "Yet Another Dutchman"
"I Was Made For Loving You" "I've Been Getting Coal From You" "Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd"
"I Was Made For Loving You" "I Was Paid For Loving You (no What You Might Think)" "Drewster The Rooster"
"I Was Made For Loving You" "I Will Drink Until I Spew" "Phil Alexander"
"I Was Made for Loving You" "We Defined the Rock Star Look" "Below Average Dave"
"I Was Made For Lovin You Baby" "I Was Paid For Clubbing You Baby" "Malcolm Higgins"
"I Was Made For Lovin You Baby" "I Was Paid For Rubbin You Baby" "Malcolm Higgins"
"I Was Made for Lovin' You" "I Was Made for Buffin' You" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"I Was Made For Lovin You" "I Was Made For Ending You." "Monstermaster13"
"I Was Made for Lovin' You" "I Was Paid for Sackin' You" "P. Harris"
"I was Made for Lovin' You" "You're the Maid and I'm Lovin' You" "Robert D. Arndt Jr."
"Just A Boy" "Just Chris" "Aaron"
"Kissin' Time" "Chicken Time" "Chris Caillouet"
"Let Me Know" "Cookie Dough" "Chris Caillouet"
"Lick It Up" "Back It Up" "Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd"
"Lick It Up" "Deck It Up" "CG Kreations"
"Lick it up" "Dick C shot" "Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd"
"Lick It Up" "Ethanol (the Greener Song Effort)" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Lick It Up" "Liqoured Up" "Jon Mclaughlin"
"Lick It Up" "Mix It Up" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Lick It Up" "Pick Her Up" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Lick It Up" "Pick It Up" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Lick It Up" "Pick It Up (The Trash Chronicles)" "T2N WRITER"
"Lick It Up" "Sick It Up" "Porfle Popnecker"
"Lick It Up" "Stick Em Up" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Lick It Up" "Stick It Up (the Suppository Song)" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Lick It Up" "The Ice Cream Song (Lick it Up)" "metvguy"
"Love Gun" "Gun Love" "M roosevelt"
"Love Gun" "Long Run" "Blaydeman"
"Love Gun" "They Worship Guns" "eel deal"
"Nothin' To Lose" "Charleston Chews" "Chris Caillouet"
"Plaster Caster" "Plastik Kasket" "Ribs"
"Rock and Roll All Night" "Bus That's Stalled All Night" "Michael Pacholek"
"Rock And Roll All Night" "Cyber Bowl All Night" "Freedom Rock"
"Rock and Roll all Night" "Drink and Smoke all Night" "The Kurgan"
"Rock and Roll all Night" "Fart and Drool all Night" "Cats"
"Rock And Roll All Night" "I'm Doing LSD At Night And Speed Most Every Day" "Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd"
"Rock And Roll All Night" "I'm Too Old To Rock And Roll" "neocon9"
"Rock and Roll All Night" "Lost My C-ck Last Night" "Robert D. Arndt Jr."
"Rock And Roll All Night" "Super Bowl All Night" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"Rock and Roll All Night" "Vote on" "Jeremy Otto"
"Rock and Roll All Night" "We Wanna Parody Online Like Weird Al Every day" "Lionel Mertens"
"Rock And Roll All Night" "Work And Work All Night" "Aaron"
"Rock and Roll All Nite" "Common Cold, It Bites" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Rock And Roll All Nite" "Dr. Scholl's" "Claude Prez"
"Rock and Roll All Nite" "Garfield Anthem" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Rock And Roll All Nite" "I Play Guitar Hero All Nite, And Halo Every Day!" "Arwen"
"Rock and Roll All Nite" "I Want Another Slice of Pie" "Cletus van Horton"
"Rock And Roll All Nite" "Star On Amiright" "eeL deaL"
"Rock and Roll All Nite" "Watch Duke Play All Night" "Dan Creeden"
"Rock An Roll All Night" "Recompile My Life" "Mark Scotti"
"Rock an Roll All Night" "Watch Cartoons All Night" "Stevie I"
"Rock Bottom" "Rock Bottom" "Rex Ungericht"
"Rock N Roll All Nite" "Rock On The Outside (Tribute To The Thing)" "Matthias"
"Strutter" "Butter" "Chris Caillouet"
"Strutter" "Putter" "aortiz"
"Tears Are Falling" "Leaves Are Falling" "Danny Mew"
"Tough Love" "Give:Her:Buff:Love" "Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd"
"Unholy" "Spicoli" "Porfle Popnecker"
"War Machine" "Claw Machine" "Floyd's Garage"
"War Machine" "Coke Machine" "Jason Maier"


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