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Song Parodies for Kansas

Original SongParody SongParody Author
"Carry On My Wayward Son" "Burying My Wayward Son" "South Park Al"
"Carry on My Wayward Son" "Carry Cans Back to the Store" "lebeiW15"
"Carry On My Wayward Son" "Carry On, Now Lieberman" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Carry On My Wayward Son" "Carry On, The Song Ain't Done" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Carry On My Wayward Son" "Crazy Kind Of Treasure Hunt" "Matthias"
"Carry On My Wayward Son" "Curry On My Egg Foo Yung" "Doppelbock"
"Carry on my Wayward Son" "Enema Tube Up Your Bum" "Floyd's Garage"
"Carry On My Wayward Son" "Entering 2008" "Dylan Baranski"
"Carry On My Wayward Son" "Gary Where Has Chandra Gone?" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Carry On My Wayward Son" "Get A Job You Stupid Bum" "Alex "Alejandro" Bonin"
"Carry On My Wayward Son" "Jerry Won, My Poor Old Tom" "Ogi"
"Carry On, My Wayward Son" "Karaoke's Not That Fun" "Alvin Rhodes"
"Carry On, My Wayward Son" "Kari Lake, My Wayward Mom" "Bree Antoinette"
"Carry On My Wayward Son" "Larry Not-my-favorite-one" "Claude Prez"
"Carry On My Wayward Son" "Marry Me My Lesbian Love" "Tony Wiseguy"
"Carry On My Wayward Son" "Michael, You Groped Someone's Son" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Carry On My Wayward Son" "Peregrin, I Know You're One" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Carry On My Wayward Son" "Sit Your Fat Ass Down My Son" "Frankie"
"Carry On, My Wayward Son" "Something’s Wrong, My Son" "Tan Winchester"
"Carry On My Wayward Son" "You Will Shoot Your Eye Out Son" "Johnny Pyro"
"Carry On My Wayward Sun" "Carry On My Paydirt Hun" "Brian McCullar"
"Carry On Our Wayward Son" "Karaokes Not That Fun" "Bmang"
"Carry On Wayward Son" "Cara And Me Are Dating" "Green Bloodied Hound Dogs"
"Carry On, Wayward Son" "Carrion: Fav'rite Lunch" "John A. Barry"
"Carry On Wayward Son" "Carrion, My Wayward Son" "Patrick McWilliams"
"Carry On Wayward Son" "Carry On Luggage, Son" "Rex Ungericht"
"Carry On Wayward Son" "Carry On President" "Kit Kat"
"Carry on Wayward Son" "Come Back To Me Wayward Boat" "John Lomain"
"Carry On Wayward Son" "Crapping On Wayward Song" "Merry & Pippin"
"Carry On Wayward Son" "Fairy On Gaylord Son" "Lionel Mertens"
"Carry On, Wayward Son" "Fairy Time, My Tutu’s On" "Mark Scotti"
"Carry On Wayward Son" "Hairy On; Now It's Gone" "Caleb Head"
"Carry On Wayward Son" "Harry Potter's My Godson" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Carry On Wayward Son" "I Kissed Jewel At A Train Station" "Scotty Dangerously"
"Carry On Wayward Son" "Katamari Damacy" "SpykeXD"
"Carry On Wayward Son" "Kerry, Beat Wayward Son" "Michael Pacholek"
"Carry On Wayward Son" "Kerry's Gone, That Wayward One" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Carry On Wayward Son" "Kerry's On A Wayward Run" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Carry On Wayward Son" "Marry Don, My Eldest Son" "Paul Robinson"
"Carry On Wayward Son" "Marry On, My Gay Third Son!" "Bob Gomez"
"Carry On Wayward Son" "Mow the Lawn, My Lazy Son" "Porfle Popnecker"
"Carry On Wayward Son" "Please Take Out My Awkward Son" "Jonathan"
"Carry On Wayward Son" "Snow White Has a Wicked Mom" "LPG-Unit"
"Carry on, Wayward Son" "Tyrion, My Wayward Son" "Callmelennie"
"Carry On Wayward Son" "Welcome to Wayward Pines" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Child of Innocence" "Mammoth Of Deliciousness" "Alandrian"
"Dust in the Wind" "Beverly Hillbillies" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Dust In The Wind" "Bread With Their Kin ( The Tennessee Anthem)" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Dust In The Wind" "Buck-Naked Skin" "MuDdLe"
"Dust In The Wind" "Buck Naked Twins" "Dee Range"
"Dust In The Wind" "Bullsh*t And Spin" "William Tong"
"Dust In The Wind" "Bush Will Not Win" "Green Bloodied Hound Dogs"
"Dust In The Wind" "Bussed To Be Thinned" "Andy Primus"
"Dust In The Wind" "Busted Again" "Alvin Rhodes"
"Dust in the Wind" "Busted My Shin" "lebeiW15"
"Dust In the Wind" "Busted My Shin" "Rick Duncan"
"Dust in the Wind" "Bust Has Been Thinned" "Merry & Pippin"
"Dust In The Wind" "Bustin' Some Wind" "Guy DiRito"
"Dust in the Wind" "Bust Rims My Chin" "John A. Barry"
"Dust in the Wind" "Clutch at the Shin" "Merry & Pippin"
"Dust in the Wind" "Constipation" "workoutman15"
"Dust in the Wind" "Crust on My Chin" "John A. Barry"
"Dust In The Wind" "Cussin's A Sin" "Guy DiRito"
"Dust In The Wind" "Destined To Win" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Dust In The Wind" "Ducks In Berlin" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Dust In The Wind" "Ducks In The Wind" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Dust In The Wind" "Dustin Hoffman" "The Comedian"
"Dust In The Wind" "Dust In The Bin" "Jan Unwin"
"Dust in the Wind" "Dust in the Wind from Sahara" "Mary C. Fairbanks"
"Dust in the Wind" "Gone With the Wind" "Princess Reachina"
"Dust In the Wind" "Gust Of the Wind" "Jim Loftus"
"Dust in the Wind" "Gusts of Ill Wind" "John A. Barry"
"Dust in the Wind" "Gusty North Winds" "Michael McVey"
"Dust in the Wind" "Hepaptitis C" "Red Ant"
"Dust In The Wind" "I'm Double-Chinned" "Jude Rodamer"
"Dust In The Wind" "Just Breakin' Wind" "Silver Power"
"Dust In The Wind" "Just Into Sin" "Leo Keough"
"Dust in the Wind" "Lust Is a Sin" "John A. Barry"
"Dust In The Wind" "Musk/Zuck In To Win" "Puto"
"Dust in the Wind" "Must Precedes Vin" "John A. Barry"
"Dust In The Wind" "Nothin's Within" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Dust in the Wind" "One Standing Pin" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Dust In The Wind" "Richies Head" "Tony & Max"
"Dust In The Wind" "Rush Is All Wind" "William Tong"
"Dust In The Wind" "Rust From Within" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Dust in the Wind" "Sand on my Skin" "Mari Aranoff"
"Dust in the Wind" "Shmuts on My Pants" "Jonathan Caws-Elwitt"
"Dust In The Wind" "Shrub Didn't Win" "William Tong"
"Dust in the Wind" "Snakes on a Plane" "MadMup"
"Dust in the Wind" "Teah inna Winn" "Rick Duncan"
"Dust In The Wind" "[) (_) $ t" "E. Lizard Bert the Swan-Spawn Professional"
"Dust In The Wind" "The IQ Tester's Lament" "2LD4U"
"Dust In The Wind" "Tossed In The Wind" "Alvin Rhodes"
"Dust In The Wind" "Twist In The Wind" "William Tong"
"Dust i the Wind" "Struts in and Wins" "Leo Keough"
"Fight Fire With Fire" "Fight Fire With Water (The Fireman's Song)" "Bubba"
"Fight Fire With Fire" "Jeopopoly And Monopardy!" "Green Bloodied Hound Dogs"
"Hold On" "Come On" "Joseph A. Rhodes"
"Jets Overhead" "The New President" "Duc4AmIRight"
"Point Of Know Return" "Get My Tax Return" "Rick Duncan"
"The Wall" "Final Fantasy VII: The Epic" "solidgameboy12"


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