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Song Parodies for The Guess Who

Original SongParody SongParody Author
"Albert Flasher" "Ari Fleischer" "William Tong"
"Albert Flasher" "Ari Fleisher" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Albert Flasher" "Four Way Flashers" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Albert Flasher" "Mal The Flasher" "Malcolm Higgins"
"American Woman" "A Harridan Woman" "John A. Barry"
"American Woman" "A Hooligan Stakeout" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"American Woman" "Alyeskan Woman" "John A. Barry"
"American Woman" "Alyeskan Woman" "John A. Barry"
"American Woman" "Amazon Woman" "MasonR"
"American Woman" "Amer'can Pie Woman" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"American Woman" "American Girl Doll" "Dan Creeden"
"American Woman" "American Idol" "El DeRoblo"
"American Woman" "American Idol (Go Ahead Maik' My Clay Version)" "ParodyKeet"
"American Woman" "American Idol" "Jack Wilson"
"American Woman" "American Idol" "Mikey F"
"American Woman" "American Idol" "Tony Wiseguy"
"American Woman" "American Venom" "Randy Hearn"
"American Woman" "American Warthog" "Callmelennie"
"American Woman" "A Monica Woman ( Political)" "Malcolm Higgins"
"American Woman" "Angry Woman Teacher" "Erik"
"American Woman" "Angry Woman Teacher" "Erik "Taz" Mokracek"
"American Woman" "Antagonist Congress" "ParodyKeet"
"American Woman" "Arm-Masticate Wolfman" "John A. Barry"
"American Woman" "Asparagus Woman" "Alvin Rhodes"
"American Woman" "Canadian Bacon" "DeathByPwnage"
"American Woman" "Canadian Quarter" "Billy Florio"
"American Woman" "Canadian Woman" "TomK"
"American Woman" "Celibate Woman" "Lionel Mertens"
"American Woman" "Christie Todd Whitman" "Ed Smiley"
"American Woman" "Circadian Rhythm" "Plumb Bob"
"American Woman" "Dominican Player" "Jim Rotondo"
"American Woman" "Elizabeth Dilling" "Hu's On First"
"American Woman" "Hey, Anakin's Woman" "Michael Pacholek"
"American Woman" "Hot Sweet Vegan Woman" "vegan minstrel"
"American Woman" "Inflatable Woman" "The Comedian"
"American Woman" "Kardashian Woman" "TJC"
"American Woman" "Kardashian Woman" "TJC"
"American Woman" "Little Devilish Whammy" "Michael T. Mondak"
"American Woman" "Mer Is A Woman" "Malcolm Higgins"
"American Woman" "Merry Vegan Woman" "vegan minstrel"
"American Woman" "Obama Bin Laden" "Jonathan"
"American Woman" "Republican Congress" "William Tong"
"American Woman" "Republican Dummy" "William Tong"
"American Woman" "Republican Moron" "William Tong"
"American Woman" "Republican Party" "John A. Barry"
"American Woman" "Republican Voter" "2LD4U"
"American Woman" "Shakespearian Woman" "TJC"
"American Woman" "That Hairy Old Woman" "Paul Robinson"
"American Woman" "Ya Big Hairy Woman" "Rick Duncan"
"Americian Woman" "Ontario Woman" "Jim Carruthers"
"Laughing" "Anthrax" "ParodyKeet"
"Laughing" "Crapping" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Laughing" "Halflings" "Alvin Rhodes"
"Laughing" "Obama Laughing... At A Death Joke???" "Malcolm Higgins"
"No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature" "No Humans Involved/Thin Line of Blue" "Hu’s On First"
"No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature" "No Supper Tonight/New Dietician" "Steve Kalafut"
"No Sugar Tonight" "No Boogers Tonight" "Malcolm Higgins"
"No Sugar Tonight" "No Jihad Tonight" "Callmelennie"
"No Sugar Tonight" "No Sonic Tonight" "Andrea Huckstep"
"No Sugar Tonight" "No Sugar Tonight (Splenda/Stevia Drinker's Version)" "Jonathan"
"No Sugar Tonight" "Too Much Sugar" "Phil Nelson"
"No Time Left For You" "No Vaccine For You" "Jonathan Spurlock"
"No Time" "More Time" "Fitu Petaia"
"No Time" "No Dime, FDR" "Paul Robinson"
"No Time" "No Rhymes Left Unskewed" "Alvin Rhodes"
"No Time" "No Thyme" "MasonR"
"No Time" "No Time ( The Executioner Song)" "Malcolm Higgins"
"No Time" "No Wards!" "Lionel Mertens"
"No Time" "No Wines" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Rain Dance" "Pain Dance" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Runnin' Back to Saskatoon" "Justin Trudeau's a Buffoon" "G_RandomPerson"
"Share The Land" "Share The Band" "Alvin Rhodes"
"Share The Land" "Share The Can" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Share The Land" "Share The Wealth" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Share The Land" "Spare The Band" "Malcolm Higgins"
"She's Come Undone" "She Smelled Onions" "Rick Cormier"
"She's Come Undun" "He Came Undun..the Kenny Perry Song" "Malcolm Higgins"
"These Eyes" "He Spies" "William Tong"
"These Eyes" "These 'Ayes'" "John A. Barry"
"These Eyes" "These Guys" "Malcolm Higgins"
"These Eyes" "These Lies" "Guy DiRito"
"These Eyes" "These Thighs" "Professor Incubus"
"Undone" "She Was A Nun" "Dan Giordano"
"Undone" "Undone" "Tim O'Heron"
"Undun" "Rest In Peace, Robin Williams!" "2LD4U"
"Undun" "They've Come Undone" "Callmelennie"
"Undun" "Unbunned" "John A. Barry"
"Undun" "Unfun" "Alvin Rhodes"
"Undun" "Your Fly's Undone" "Alvin Rhodes"


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