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This is a list of names of famous people, who have changed their real name. I'm only looking for music performers, not actors or other famous people. Below are the most recent entries.

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Entries Beginning with M

Original Name
Submitted by:
M Robin Scott Singer who enjoyed "Pop Muzik". brit
M C Hammer Stanley Kirk Burrell  mg
M. M. McGhee Martin Wilson Red pants wearing drummer for The Fish Brothers & Attila the Stockbroker. Also performed under his own name with Captain Sensible. Mixi
m. shadows Matthew Sanders Sings in Avenged Sevenfold. A7X for life bitches
M. Shadows Matthew Charles Sanders "Darker kid in the band," hence, Shadows. Matt was reduced to M. Travis
M. Shadows Matthew Charles Sanders  Beryun
M. Shadows Matthew Sanders Singer of Avenged Sevenfold Sam
M. Shadows  Matt Sanders Singer of Avenged Sevenfold. Kameron
M. Ward Matthew Stephen Ward One half of the duo She & Him, the other being Zooey DesChanel. Owen Money
M.C. Hammer Michael Charles Hammer Is this right? Destro
M.C.A Adam Yauch M.C.A of the Beastie Boys, According to the song, "No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn
M.I.A. Maya Arulpragasam  nally
M.I.A. Mathangi Arulpragasam  That is her given name. "Maya" was the name she took when she became M.I.A. She
M.Shadows Matt Sandars The lead singer of Avenged Sevenfold. Yasmine
M.Shawn Crahan Michael Shawn Crahan Slipknot's 1st percussionist and founder, he also plays drums in To My Surprise, he produced LD 50 from Mudvayne. He's married with Chantal and has got 4 children. He loves arts. He was born in Des Moines, Iowa, on 24th September 1969. When performing with Slipknot, he used to wear a clown mask that now has been a little bit modified. He gave his first clown mask a name: Dude. StEvIeRoXy
M16 Miguel Vargas Info from Bobo
M16 Michael Vargas Info from Bobo
M2M Marit Larsen and Marion Raven Norwegian pop duo. The name "M2M" comes from the first initials of the two girls. They were originally called M&M, but changed it after the American rapper Eminem gained notoriety. Olvan The Terrible
M:G Maribel Gonzalez North California Bay Area artist, most popular for "Sweet Honesty" Ren
Ma$e Mason Durell Betha   rap
Mac MacKinley Phipps Info from Bobo
Mac Davis Morris Davis  Countryhick
Mac Doe Donald McLeoud Info from Bobo
Mac Dre Andre Hicks
Mac Kissoon Jerry Kissoon Had a hit with his younger sister Katie, called "Chirpy, Chirpy, Cheep, Cheep". one hit
Mac Mall Jamal Walker Info from Bobo
Machine Gun Kelly Richard Colson Baker  Regina
Machito Frank Grillo  Bobo
Mack 10 D. Rolison  Bobo
Mack Daddy Chris Kelly  Bobo
Macy Gray Natalie McIntyre  soul ii
Mad Child Shane Bunting Mad Child of Swollen Members. Ya know, the blond one with the hat. Swollen Fan
Mad CJ Mack B. Ross Info from Bobo
Mad Professor Neal Fraser  Bobo
Mad Rapper Deric Angelettie  t-moe
Mad Skillz D. Lewis Info from Bobo
Mad Stuntman Mark Quashie  Bobo
Madd Rapper Deric   Bobo
MadKap Damon Cole Info from Bobo
Madonna Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone  Pretty much the same..but I would also go by Madonna if I had that long of a name sparklingrain678
Madonna Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone
Madonna Wayne Gacy Stephen Bier Marilyn Manson's keyboardist. Madonna comes from the singer/actress (obviously), and Wayne Gacy was the murderer of 33 boys. Gacy (The real one) often worked as a clown at children's parties, and went by the name of "Pogo The Clown". The Manson keyboardist is also sometimes referred to as Pogo. Tam
madonna wayne gacy Stephen Bier keyboardist for marilyn manson, dont call him steve..... and his name isnt spelt with a V theimposter
Madonna Wayne Gacy (Pogo) Stephen Gregory Bier Jr. Pogo is Marilyn Manson's keyboardist. He follows the tradition of the band of first name famous actress/artist and last name serial killer (Madonna the singer, John Wayne Gacy, serial killer of 33 boys). His other name (Pogo) comes from Pogo the Clown (who I heard was also John Wane Gacy). InvaderHankie
Mae West Mary Jane West  older
Maestro Fresh Wes Wesley Williams Info from Bobo
Mafer Anedmafer Mattos Fernandes  MAFER MATTOS
Maggot Andrew Majors He's from the hip hop band 'Goldie Lookin' Chain'. Patricia Gale
Magic Aywood Magic Johnson Info from Bobo
Magic Dave David Therault Kick ass harp player that gave Magic Dick his name zz
Magic Dick Richard Salwitz Former harp player for The J. Geils Band.  rocknroll
Magic Mike Michael Hampton Info from Bobo
Magic Sam Samuel Maghett  Bobo
Magic Slim Morris Holt  Bobo
Magic Wond MGW  Nick
Magnus Rosen Magnus Rosengraven Magnus is the bassist in Swedish power metal band HammerFall. He changed his last name, probably because most non-Swedish fans cannot pronounce Rosengraven Ms. C.
Magoo Melvin Barcliff Info from Bobo
Majesty R. Wiggins Info from Of Da King 'n' I. Bobo
Makaveli Tupac Shakur  teresa
Malik B Malik Abdul Basit-Smart Info from Of The Roots. Bobo
Mama Cass Elliot Ellen Naomi Cohen Late singer from The Mamas and the Papas. oldsongs
Mama Yoke Janet Jackson Used to be her nickname in lesbian circles. Scott M
Mamus Nicholas Currie Scottish-born singer/songwriter Bobo
Mana Satou Manabu Guitarist for Japanese group Malice Mizer. kira
Mandy Doubt Kirsty MacColl She used this pseudonym as a member of The Addix, before signing to Stiff Records as a solo artist. Pickle*
Mandy Moore Amanda Leigh Moore  pop
Mandy Moore Amanda Leigh Moore I think it might been a nickname for her and plus there another Amanda on "What I like about you" Margaret
Mandy Patinkin Mandel Patinken Played Che in the Broadway musical "Evita". t.v.
Manfred Mann Manfred Lubowitz  brit
Mani Gary Mounfield  Bobo
Manitas de Plata Ricardo Baliardo This French gypsy guitar maestro was nicknamed by painter Pablo Picasso. It means 'little hands of silver'. Tom Cruisemissile
Mannie Fresh Byron Thomas  mburmy
Mantovani Annunzio Paolo Mantovani  classic
Mantronik Kurtis Karleel  z
Mantronik Kurtis Karleel  Bobo
Marc Anthony Marco Antonio Muniz Marc was named after singer Marco Antonio Muniz, who's known as the "king of Bolero music". He changed his name to avoid confusion with the famous Mexican singer, Marco Antonio Muniz. As "Marc Anthony" he was the first salsa singer to sell out Madison Square Garden. Darla Maria
Marc Anthony Marco Antonio Muñiz Actually Marc was named after singer Marco Antonio Solis, who's known as the "king of Bolero music". He changed his name once he began his musical career to avoid confusion with the famous Mexican singer.  Scarlett Blaise
Marc Anthony Marco Antonio Muniz He changed it because he was starting to sing more English-Anglo mainstream music but with a Latin beat.  Mark Pippin
Marc Bolan Mark Feld Marc Bolan of T-Rex Bobo
Marcella Detroit Marcy Levy Formerly with Shakespeare's Sister.  pop
Marcie Blane Marcia Blank  crazydon
Marco Hietala Marko Tapani Hietala  Chandra
Marco Pirroni Mark P. Roney Adam And The Ants guitarist
Marcy Joe Marcy Rae Sockel She had the hit "Ronnie" in 1961. Candy Welty
Mare Winningham Mary Megan Winningham Did cut an album a couple of years back. movie
Margaret Dumont Margaret Baker Singer better known as the foil of the Marx Brothers. comical
Margie Ganser Margie Dorste Late singer for The Shangri-Las. oldsongs
Maria Muldaur Maria Grazia Rosa Domenica D'Amato The "Midnight At The Oasis" lady. disco
Mariah Carey Maria Nunez   lylap
Mariah Carey Maria Nunez Mariah's grandfather is from Venezuela and his last name was Nunez. When he came to America he changed his last name to Carey to gain cultural immunity. She didn't actually change her name, but this is what her name would have been. Azya
Marie Brennan Marie Ni Bhraonein Enya's sister and lead singer for Clannad, which also includes her brothers PolBrennan (Pol i Bhraonein) and Ciaren. one
Marie Osmond Olive Marie Osmond  t.v.
Marijana Flego Odeurre Fajina  Country and western singer, from Croatia. Originally started out at Croatian kareoke bars was discovered by Hierrey Fajina (her late husband a.k.a Dj Faj of Lebannon) currenty working on her second album ' Do you like it, Hierrey??' in memory of her dear husband who died in 1990 during a routine botox opperation.  Claire Oneill
Marillion Peter Robinson
Marillion Simarillion They were wrong on that. Marillion is a BAND name baed on the Tolkien book "The Simarillion" Thanks! Rob V.
Marilyn Manson Brian Hugh Warner His middle name is his father`s first name. (Hugh). missmikey612
Marilyn Manson Brian Werner  patchy
Marilyn Manson Brian Warner It's combining two opposites together - IE Marilyn from Marilyn Monroe and Mason from Charles Manson. Jase
Marilyn Manson Brian Hugh Warner Here's a quote from him about his name: Marilyn Manson--I picked that as the fakest stage name of all to say that this is what show business is, fake. Marilyn Monroe wasn't even her real name, Charles Manson isn't his real name, and now, I'm taking that to be my real name. But what's real? You can't find the truth, you just pick the lie you like the best. As long as you know everything's a lie, you can't hurt yourself. Charlotte
Marilyn Manson Brian Warner  Hunter
Marilyn Manson Brian Hugh Warner  Ifer
Marilyn Manson Brian Warner He got the name Marilyn Manson from the two names Marilyn Monroe and Charles manson Roxanne
Marilyn Manson Brian Warner Manson's real name Chris M
Marilyn manson Brian Hugh Warner  p bart
Marilyn Monroe Norma Jean Baker (Mortenson)  old
Marilyn Monroe Norma Jean  JennS
Marilyn Scott Mary DeLoatch She had the hit "God Only Knows" in 1978. Candy Welty
Marina and the Diamonds Marina Diamandis  Zani
Mario Mario Dewar Barrett  Brad Hole
Mario Lanza Alfredo Arnold Cocozza  opera
Marion Worth Mary Ann Ward She had a dozen country hits between 1959 and 1968, including "Shake Me I Rattle (Squeeze Me I Cry)" in 1963. Loree Dare
Mark Anthony Marco Antonio Muniz  chico
Mark Dinning Max Dinning I only learned this during the man's funeral. Zoseph
Mark Drown Malik Andrews  Franchize Playa
Mark E Mark Mark Walburg  Alien7
Mark Hoppus Markus Allen Hoppus Vocals/Bassist for Blink 182 bLiNk
Mark Hoppus Markus Allen Hoppus  blink_fan
Mark Mizzark Marlis Pugh Formerly with Another Bad Creation. soul ii soul
Mark Morton Mark Duane Morton His middle name is cited on various albums and was theorized to be a 3rd guitarist. He hides the middle because of embarrassment. ShadowStep
Mark St. John Mark Norton  Sandi
Mark Vannoyce Wolfgang Medlitsch Mark Vannoyce - Lead Vocalist of LUXOR Andy
Marky Mark Mark Wahlberg It's just a correction to the spelling (of both the real and pseudo names) presented by Alien7 Mark
Marky Mark Mark Wahlberg both names were spelled incorrectly on your page. jayme abbajay
Marky Ramone Marc Bell  Bobo
Marky Ramone Thomas Erdelyi  Bobo
Marlena Shaw Marlena Burgess She had the hit "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" in 1967. Candy Welty
Marlene Dietrich Maria Magdalena von Losch  older
Marley Marl Marlon Williams  Bobo
Marquee M. Furgeson Info from Bobo
Mars Bonfire Dennis Edmonton Steppenwolf. Bobo
Marshall Tucker Doug Gray Okay, maybe not a pseudonym per say, but that's what fans of The Marshall Tucker Band call him. rocker
Martay Melanie MacKenzie Info from Bobo
Martha Reeves Martha Lavaille  soul ii soul
Marti Pellow Mark McLaughLin  Matt
Martie Maguire (dixie chicks fiddler) Martha Elenor Erwin Martie is her childhood nickname, and she married Garth MaGuire. Hence the name, Martie MaGuire  Lindz
Martika Marta Marrero Martinez   Cuban
Martin Sheen Ramon Estevez Charlie and Emilio's daddy and the fake prez thatbrunettegirl
Martina McBride Martina Mariea Schiff  Countryboy
Marty Balin Martyn Jerel Buchwald Lead singer of Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship. Greg G.
Marty Robbins Martin David Robinson The late,great country crooner.  fame
Marty Sanders Marty Kupersmith Guitarist and vocalist for Jay and the Americans Barry Disbrow
Marty Wilde Reginald Smith Singer and father of 80's pop icon Kim Wilde. brit
Marvelous Marvin Berryman Info from Of Cash Money & Marvelous Bobo
Marvin Gaye Marvin Pentz Gay, Jr. He added the 'e' onto his last name because he was self-conscious about having the last name of "gay." Novac
Marvin Gaye Marvin Pentz Gay, Jr.  motown
Marvin Hamlisch Andy Renko Hamlisch   entertainer
Marvin Rainwater Marvin Karlton Perry Swore he would find himself a bluebird. native
Mary Ford Colleen Summers  Country
Marylin Monroe Norma-Jean Baker She's an actress really but she's well known for her singing. leo
Mas'T Josh Telo Originally In The Fatal-Fourway, Just Signed On To The Majestics Calaborating With Kay-Z, Fai-C And Kani Killa
Masta Ace Duval Clear  Bobo
Masta Killa E Turner  Bobo
Mastamind Gary Reed 1/3 of the Detroit Based rap group NATAS. Contrary to popular belief NATAS is not satan spelled backwards. NATAS stands for a Nation Ahead of Time And Space.  andre1127
Master Bimbo Woman Judy Gola Crazy at religous stuffing.  Mike Berry
Master G. Guy O'Brien 1/3 of the rap trio The Sugarhill Gang. rap
Master P. Percy Miller  Bobo
Matt Collins Karlo Metikos International rockabilly star from 50-ies, but he is from former Yugoslavia, today Croatia. Also possible partial Hungarian origin... However, his surname should be read as, if i'm right, "Metyckosh"... Now you see why pseudonym... DeadManTodor
Matt Jay Matt Willis aka Matt from Busted. Not sure why he used this name. Evil Squirrel Of DOOM!
Matt Monro Terry Parsons The British Sinatra. Major star of pre-Beatle UK pop. Sang original versions of classic movie themes "Born Free" and "From Russia With Love". "My Kind of Girl" was his only American hit. Also played Vegas regularly. The former London truck driver died young (53); his stylish renditions of great standards are worth checking out if you're a Sinatra/Bennett fan. jonaco
Maurice Mansfield Doug Owen Nashville based songwriter for Kenny Rogers, Tanya Tucker etc. who finally tired of being asked if he was kin to Buck Owens. Chose name of relatives(Maurice ie: Morris) & town where both sets of grandparents were raised(Mansfield, AR.) Jackson Destry
Maurizio Moritz Von Oswald  Bobo
Max Cavelera Massilliamo Antonio Cavelera Massilliamo is actually the full version of Max! This goes for pretty much every one called max despite popular belief its just the name itself. James Hayes
Max Collins James Maxwell Stuart Collins III Lead singer/bassist for the now defunct band Eve6. Rachel
Max Martin Martin Sandberg Famous producer and songwriter for Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and others Tee Wee
Maxi Kim Wuletich One of the Mary Jane Girls. white soul
Maxi Priest Max Elliott Pop/reggae artist; best known for hit songs "Close To You" (1990) and "That Girl"--duet with Shaggy (Orville Richard Burrell) R.S.K.
Maynard James Keenan James Maynard Keenan Don't know why, but he just flip-flopped the two names. FadedReality
Maynard James Keenan Herbert James Keenan  Tia
Maynard James Keenan James Herbert Keenan Lead singer of Tool and A Perfect Circle. Keighty
Maynard James Keenan James Herbert Keenan  Aymie
Maynard Keenan James Keenan  Vanya
Mayte Mayte Jannell Garcia  Back-up singer and wife of Prince. back-up
MC 900 Ft. Jesus Mark Griffin  Bobo
MC Ad-Rock Adam Yauch  Celeste
MC Ad-Rock Adam Horowitz Someone on here put that Ad-rock is Adam Yauch's pseudonym, sadly it ain't. Clark
MC Breed Eric Breed  Bobo
Mc Eiht Aaron Tyler First off im ah big fan of his,I have almost every album by him or have something to do with him,except "straight checkin em". I have a album coming out ( 3 weeks) I was tryin to mail him a copy. If you have any questions,answers,ect e-mail me AT thank you. David Davis
MC Eiht Aaron Tyler  rapster
Mc Face Tom Green  Daniel Rainey
Mc Face Tom Green  Daniel Rainey
MC Hammer Stanley Kirk Burrell  Bobo
MC Honky Mark Oliver Everett AKA Mr. E or just E, lead singer of The Eels. Unproven, but likely. Often, costumed help will come dressed as MC Honky when E must be onstage as well. phase one skeith
MC Lyte Lana Michelle Moorer  Hakim
MC Maxim Reality Keith Palmer Member of the group (The) Prodigy. electronic
MC Ren Lorenzo Patterson  Bobo
MC Ren Lorenzo Patterson  Bobo
MC Ricky D. Ricky Walters  Also known as Slick Rick. rappa
MC Serch Michael Berrin  Bobo
MC Shan Shawn Molkte  Bobo
MC Shy D Peter Jones  Bobo
MC Solaar Claude M'Barali Born in Senegal Bobo
MC Tee Touré Embden  Bobo
MC Trouble Latasha Rogers LA's first solo female emcee,to break out,tragically passed away in 91 . bori love
MCA Adam Yauch  Bobo
McFadden & Whitehead Gene McFadden/John Whitehead Duo who recorded "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now". duo
McGuinness Kurt Liekens  Bobo
Meat Loaf Michael Lee Aday His birth name was Marvin Lee Aday, but due to a scarred childhood he later changed it to Michael. The name "Meat" was from his father's abuse about his weight as a child. The "Loaf" was later added by classmates. Note: The initials are the same- Meat Loaf (ML); Marvin Aday (ML); Michael Aday (ML). That's the reason that he stuck with the name, although its origin is insulting. Eric D.
Meat Loaf Marvin Lee Aday  Mike Hack
Meat Loaf Marvin Lee Addy He used the name "Meat Loaf Addy" in the credits of the movie "The Fight Club". rocky
Meatloaf Marvin Lee Aday I think it's something from when he played football in high school. alice_cooper_fan
Meco Meco Menardo Famous for "Star Wars (Cantina Band)". electric
Meegs Miguel Rascon hes the guitarist for coal chamber and i believe the story goes a kid used to always call him "meegs" (taking the long "i" from MIguel, and spelling it with two e's for emphasis) and it stuck gitarkid
Meg Myers Janice Sue Meghan Myers  Sheila Oh
Meire Brennan Marie Ni Bhraonein  irish
Meisenmann Steve Petersen  Oskar Schulz
Mekon John Gosling  Bobo
Mel & Tim Mel Hardin/Tim McPherson Recorded the hit "Backfield In Motion". duo
Mel B./Scary Spice Melanie Janine Brown  brit
Mel Blanc Melvin Blank The legendary king of cartoon-character voices was also a sometime recording artist. Made many records in the early '50s as Bugs, Daffy, Tweety and all the other Looney Tunes- his "I Tawt I Taw A Pussy Cat" was a million-seller! jonaco
Mel C./Sporty Spice Melanie Jayne Chisholm  united
Mel Tillis Lonnie Melvin Tillis  Country
Mel Torme Melvin Howard Torme The singer nicknamed "The Velvet Fog". jazzy
Mel Torment John Lennon Recorded the piano for his song, "Scared" under this pseudonym. Tina
Mel Torment John Lennon Used on the track Scared. Noah McKelvie
Melanie Melanie Safka  groove
Melba Moore Melba Hill  old soul
Mellow Man Ace Ulpiano Sergio Reyez Brother of Cypress Hill's Sen Dog. Bobo
Melvin Franklin David English  Singer for The Temptations. soul
Memphis Bleek Malik Cox  ShaMeka Edmonds
Memphis Minnie Lizzie Douglas Female blues guitarist. Bobo
Meredith Willson Robert Merediith Willson Correct spelling is with two Ls. From the Mason City, IA, Visitors and Convention Bureau Peg
Meredith Wilson Robert Meredith Wilson  composer
Merle Haggard Merle Ronald Haggarerd   Country
Merry Clayton Mary Clayton She had five hits, 1970-88. Candy Welty
Merzbow Masami Akita Japanese 'noise-music' pioneer. Bobo
Messiah Marcolin Bror Jan Alfredo Marcolin Messiah is best known as the vocalist for the Swedish doom metal band, Candlemass. He also had a band called Memento Mori while on hiatus from Candlemass Kyle
Method Man Clifford Smith  Bobo
Mia X Mia Young  Bobo
Mica Paris Michelle Wallen She had the hit "My One Temptation" in 1989. Candy Welty
Michael Angelo Michael Batio greatest guitarist ever, double guitar is baffling..... gitarkid
Michael Barrywhoosh Mike Stokes DJ, 1/2 of Bentley Rhythm Ace Bobo
Michael Berrin Mc Serch member of 3rd bass ANDY IN PCB
Michael Blessing Robert Michael Nesmith Later became Michael Nesmith of the Monkees, origionally used the stage name Blessing, because he didn't like the name Nesmith, so he looked through the phonebook starting at A, and stopped at the name Blessing, because he liked it luc
Michael Bolton Michael Bolotin He changed his name to sound "less Russian" Martin
Michael Bolton Michael Bolotin It is not much of a change to alter Michael Bolotin to Michael Bolton, but this is more American and easier to pronounce. I do own one album by Michael Bolton he got out as Michael Bolotin. Either he was about 16 when he did that or his age was also altered - about 5 years deduced? The Bolotin album is great, Allman Brothers style! There are some Bolton albums which feature thank yous to the "Bolotin"-family in the smallprint. Bernhard Hausner
Michael Crawford Michael Patrick Dumbell-Smith Is there any wonder why this Broadway "phantom" changed his name? brit
Michael Damian Michael Damian Weir Singer and soap star. t.v.
Michael Jackson Michael Joseph Jackson Joseph is his father's name That's why his label is called MJJ records. Julia
Michael Monroe Matti Fagerholm Singer of Hanoi Rocks Emma
Michael Nesmith Robert Michael Nesmith Guitarist for The Monkees. monkee
Michael Schock Michael Ertmer His family and friends were SCHOCKed about him Frontman of Schock Stinky
Michael Stipe John Michael Stipe Frontman for REM. rock
Michael Tummers Michiel Tummers Guitarplayer of Mondyn the 13th. Hes dutch and sum people couldnt pronounce his first name so its changed to Michael Flellis
Michele Lee Michele Lee Dusiak Was a singer before she became a full time actress. opinion
Michelle Phillips Holly Michelle Gilliam Formerly of The Mamas and The Papas. oldtimer
Michelle Shocked Karen Michelle Johnson  Jan
Michelle Williams Tenitra Michelle Williams destiny's child member & gospel artist glitter4579
Michelle Williams Tenitra Michelle Williams Tenitra was a little too "ghetto" for Destiny's child, so the used her middle name instead. Kind of like Kelly because her real name is Kelendria Trene Rowland. Saider Eiegle
Michelle Williams Denetra Michelle Williams From destiny's child super1
Mick Flaire Michael Ralston Jones I am the leader of the San Francisco "true underground" band Dog Beaver and created my stage name in 1986 as a hybrid of Mick Jagger and Ric Flair! Mick Jones
Mick Jagger Michael Philip Jagger  stoned
Mick Mars Robert Anthony Deal He plays for Motley Crue along with Nikki Sixx. Travis
Mick Mars Bob Deal Member of Motley Crue. hehateme
Mick Mars Bob A. Deal Don't know what the A stands for but its important because the initials become B.A.D that's why he changed his name. For better luck... Ka-Boom
Mick Mars Robert Allan Deal Changed name to Mick Mars 'cause he concidered his initials B.A.D. bad luck! Shaun
Mickey & Sylvia Mickey Baker/Sylvia Robinson Their hit was "Love Is Strange". duo
Mickey Bradock George Michael Dolenz (Mickey) Was called this in a tv show called "Circus Boy". Janet Trent
Mickey Dolenz George Michael Dolenz Guitarist and main vocal for The Monkees. monkee
Mickey Dolenz George Michael Dolenz His dad was an actor called George Dolenz. Janet Trent
Mickey Newberry Milton J. Newberry, Jr. Country legend. songs
Mickey Rooney Joe Yule, Jr.  old
Micki Harris Addie Harris One of the Shirelles. ideal
MickPick winston conrad  mike Pickett
Micky Dolenz George Michael Dolenz, Jr. Drummer for The Monkees. Sang lead rarely, that job held by Davy Jones. mike d
Micky Dolenz George Michael Dolenz He was the drummer! NOT the guitarist! Ms. Roelofs
Midge Ure James Ure British glam rock star. brit
Midge Ure James Ure The name Midge was derived from the shortened version of James, which is Jim. His fellow band members during the days of Slik and the Rich Kids reversed the name to 'Mij'. Eventually this was re-spelt as Midge. Bruce Chant
Midge Ure James Ure The name Midge was derived from the shortened version of James, which is Jim. His fellow band members during the days of Slik and the Rich Kids reversed the name to 'Mij'. Eventually this was re-spelt as Midge. Bruce Chant
Miguel Miguel Jontel Pimentel  Yvette Bristle
Miike Snow Chris Karlsson, Pontus Winnberg, and Andrew Wyatt Ironically, there is no real Miike Snow, nor is there a Mike Snow - in fact, there is no one named Mike in the entire group. The Swedish band's self-titled debut garnered a bit of media attention and is worth a look. JC Foster
Mike D Mike Diamond Member of The Beastie Boys. dj deege
Mike Dirnt Michael Prichardt Used to walk around school saying "Dirnt, Dirnt, Dirnt" to practice his bass licks, so when he turned 18, he changed it. snowburton
Mike Dirnt Micheal Pritchard Green Day's bass player. Morten Bendix
Mike Dirnt Michael Pritchard Mike was originally given this name by a member of the band Screeching Weasels, because he always imitated the "dirnt" sound of a bass guitar, and it just stuck. Mike is now the bass player for Green Day, the biggest punk rock band in the world. Courtney Tolson
Mike Dirnt Michael Ryan Pritchard Bassist of Green Day. Dirnt is the surname of his foster parents. emily
Mike Douglas Michael Dowd, Jr. Famous singing talk show host. Joy
Mike Ink Wolfgang Voigt Also performed under the pseudonyms Gas, Love INC, M:I:5, Vinyl Countdown, Klar, All, Audio One and Dextro NRG Matt
Mike McGear Michael McArtney  Michael J. Clentworth
Mike Nesmith Robert Michael Nesmith Before performing in The Monkees he went by the pseudonyn "Michael Blessing" which he found in a phone book Ms. Roelofs
Mike Pender Michael Prendergast  Singer and guitarist for the British Invasion group, The Searchers. brit
Mike Reno Joseph Michael Rynoski Lead singer for Loverboy. oldrock
Mike Tramp Michael Trempenau Mike was the singer for the popular 1980's hair metal band White Lion. Sandi
Mikey Michael Way Bassist for My Chemical Romance. Gee
Mikey Way Micheal James Way  Olivia
Mikey Way Michael James Way Bassist of My Chemical Romance. emily
Miley Cyrus Destiny Hope Cyrus "Miley" was a nickname given to her by her dad, "Billy Ray", because her smile was "a mile wide". She
Millie Millicent Small  Erin
Millie Small Millicent Smith She sung "My Boy Lollipop" and "Sweet William". Barry Disbrow
Milton Berle Milton Berlinger  t.v.
Mina Mina Mazzini She had the hit "This World We Love In" in 1961. Candy Welty
Mince Fratelli Gordon McRory  soph
Mindy McCready Malinda Gayle McCready  Countryhick
Mink Lee Mink  Chris Chendo
Minnie Pearl Sarah Ophelia Colley Famous for her "Hee-Haw" appearances. Countryboy
Minnie Pearl Sarah Ophelia Cannon According to Country
Minnie Riperton Minnie Riperton Rudolph  Her daughter is Mya Rudolph, who is a regular on "Saturday Night Live". soul ii
Miriam Makeba Zensi Makeba South African born singer who hit big with "Pata, Pata". soul
Mish Bondage Michelle Miller Lead vocals and lyricist from 82 - date for Sado-Nation, Mish added a new harder edge to the band and could physically as well as vocally hold her own against her male counterparts from the same era of US hardcore punk, helping to blaze the trail for outspoken defiant women in underground music.  Lulu
Missy Eliott Mellisa Eliott rapper/hip-hop artist/producer also is also known as Missy "Misdomeanour" Eliott. Ifer
Missy Elliot Melissa Elliot Missy is now the hottest female rapper there is. Lisa Sohan
Missy Misdemeanour Elliot Melissa Eliot  Bobo
Mitch Miller Mitchell William Miller Bandleader noted for the series "Sing Along With Mitch". old band
Mitch Ryder William Levise, Jr. Founded Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels in the mid 60s. ride
Mitsou Mitsou Gelinas French-Canadian singer. French
Mitzi Gaynor Franceska Mitzi Marlene de Charney von Gerber  oldtimer
Mixmaster Mike Michael Schwartz  Bobo
Mixmaster Morris Morris Gould Also performed as Irrisistible Force. Bobo
MJG Marlon Jermaine Goodwin Southern Rap pioneer Bobo
Moby Richard Melville Hall He is a descendant of Herman Melville, writer of 'Moby Dick.' Jimmy J.
Moby Richard Melville Hall He's related to the writer of "Moby Dick" moose
Moby Richard Melville Hall  Bobo
The Modernist Jörg Burger  Bobo
Moe Bandy Marion Bandy  Country
Mojo Nixon Neill McMillan, Jr. Song parodist who was on MTV too often. funny
Moka Only Daniel He's the guy whose in some of Swollen Members songs-also does solo singing Michelle
Moms Mabley Loretta May Aiken  Bobo
Mondo Cozmo Joshua Keith Ostrander Singer from Philadelphia now living in Los Angeles Open Mike Knight
Money Mark Mark Ramos Nishita Famous keyboardist, and unofficial fourth Beastie Boy. Bobo
Monica Monica Arnold  pop
Monie Love Simone Wilson  sherap
Monifah Monifah Carter  soul ii
Monk Steve McClure Famous producer. Bobo
Monkey Mafia Jon Carter Also performed under his real name, but this was the more famous name he used. Bobo
Monoxide Child Paul Barbalo Methric twiztid rules  errin
Monoxide Child Paul Methric from the rap group Twizted Sugar Bear's Baby
Montsho Eshe  Temelca Garther Member of Arrested Development. soul ii
Moody Boyz Tony Thorpe Also performed under his own name, Moody Boyz produced some of the first English acid records and is widely credited with helping inspire both jungle and "intelligent techno" artists by combining elements of dub, hip-hop, electro, and traditional African musics within a dancefloor-friendly techno framework.  Bobo
Moon Martin John David Martin 80's singer and songwriter from Oklahoma. Rock Maninoff
Moondog Louis Hardin  Bobo
Moongoose McQueen Chris Irvine As some of you may know, Irvine also wrestles for the WWE as Chris Jericho. Only recently has he "admitted" that Y2J and McQueen are the same person- before, McQueen would claim Jericho was a stalker. Stu M
Moronic Dicktator William Manspeaker Lead singer of Green Jelly.  Mickey D.
Morris Albert MaurĂ­cio Alberto Kaisermann Singer of the infamous one-hit wonder "Feelings" (born in Sao Paolo, Brazil.) old
Morrissey Steven Patrick Morrissey Ex-lead singer for The Smiths and also a solo artist. newave
Mos Def Dante Smith  Peanutbutta
Mos Def Dante Beze  Bobo
Mother Bernadette Mary Sinead O'Connor Singer who became a priestess of an offshoot of the Catholic Church. ex
Mother Eucker Joseph Russo Bassist of Green Jelly. Mickey D.
Mother Maybelle Carter Maybelle Addington The mother of country's Royal Family. oldcountry
Mouth & MacNeal Willem Duyn/Sjouke Van't Spijker Asked "How Do You Do" in 1972. Van't Spijker was better known as Maggie MacNeal. dutch
Move D. David Moufang  Bobo
Moya Brennan Mᩲe Ní ‚hraoná©® Mᩲe Ní ‚hraoná©® is pronounced Moya Nee Vren-an (near enough) Jay
Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  12
MPLS Prince Rogers Nelson Released a single under this name. Seba
Mr 'C'; The Singing Barber Perry Como The nickname Mr. 'C' was given to Perry Como by his friends , stood for Mr. Calm, Mr. Cool and Mr Casual. JP Reed
Mr 151derful Mike Hebert  Linda Sarazin
Mr Mojo Risin' Jim Morrison It's an anagram of The Doors frontmans real name, he used it in a song, and booked concerts in small halls under this name so that only true fans would turn up. Jon Ellis
Mr. Acker Bilk Bernard Stanley Bilk Took "Stranger On The Shore" all the way to #1 in 1962. old
Mr. B Larry Blackmon Lead singer of Cameo. soul ii soul
Mr. Brett Brett Gurewitz Presumably, the other guys in Bad Religion couldn't pronounce "Gurewitz" Tim Kelby
Mr. C Richard West  Bobo
Mr. James Barth/Braincell/Vector Cari Lekebusch He began DJing professionally and organized parties around the area during the late '80s. Several years later, Lekebusch began producing records part-time as well, after assembling his gear to found Hybrid Studios. He recorded for labels like Planet Rhythm, Loop, Plumphouse, R&S, ffrr, Svek, Proper NYC, Drumcode and Harthouse, later forming his own labels — Hybrid Productions, Audio Pollution, Trainspotters Nightmare — with Planet Rhythm owner Glen Wilson.  Bobo
Mr. Mojo Risin Jim Morrison Mr Mojo Risin is "Jim Morrison" if you switch the letters around. Rain
Mr. Oizo Quentin Depieux The man behind that yellow puppet thing behind that Flat Beat song back 1998. Bobo
Mr. Safety Corey Williams  Rachel
Mrs. Miller Elva Miller Untalented elderly singer who covered Petula Clark's "Downtown". bad
Ms.Melodie Ramona Scott female mc Krs-Ones ex-wife bori love
Muddy Waters McKinley Morganfield  Bobo
Muff Winwood Mervyn Winwood Bass player with The Spencer Davis Group and brother of Steve Winwood. old band
Mungo  Ray Dorset Lead singer for "Mungo Jerry". brit
Munky James Randal Shaffer The guitarist from koRn got his name from his feet. "I spread them(toes) out and they look liek Monkey hands." Evil Munky
Munky James Schaffer Head says his nickname comes from his feet, when he spreads them out they look like a monkeys hand. Tyler
murdoc niccals jamie hewlitt murdoc from gorillaz is jamie hewlitt, creator of tank comics flavio
Murph Patrick Murphy Formerly of Dinosaur, Jr. alt
Murphy Lee Tohri Harper Youngest member of Nelly's rap group, the St. Lunatics Bo 'Ice' Bielefeldt
Murray the K Murray Kaufman Late radio disc jockey noted for being the first to play The Beatles. jock
Mushroom Adrian Vowles 1/3 of Massive Attack Bobo
Music Giles Perry Richardson  paul
MUSICIAN Robert Michael Nesmith  Michael Nesmith
Musiq Taalib Johnson  Musiq Soulchild
Musiq Talib Johnson  Cocoa
Mutley Tony Matthew Former engineer for Brit group Soul II Soul, now remixer and producer, and musician. recudorp
Mutt Lange Robert John Lange Famous rock and country producer and husband of Shania Twain. Country Yank
Mya Mya Harrison  yo
Mylène Farmer Mylène Gauthier Farmer is an hommage to Frances Farmer. eau
Mystikal Michael Taylor  Jenay
Mystikal Michael Tyler  yo

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