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This is a list of names of famous people, who have changed their real name. I'm only looking for music performers, not actors or other famous people. Below are the most recent entries.

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Entries Beginning with T

Original Name
Submitted by:
T-Bone Terry Gray Formerly of Da Lench Mob. rap
T-Bone Burnett Joseph Henry Burnett  Bobo
T-Bone Walker Aaron Walker  blues
T-Boz Tionne Watkins she is the T in TLC Charmae
T-Boz Tionne Watkins 1/3 of TLC Bobo
T-Quest Tim McClard Well known club-head dj in DC dclister
T. Graham Brown Anthony Graham Brown The "T" stood for "Tony". Countryhick
T.I a.k.a T.I.P Clifford Harris  Nikki from 212
T.I. Clifford Harris Shouldn't his stage name be C.H. or something? Rachel
Tab Hunter Arthur Andrew Gelien   movie
Taboo Jaime Gomez from the Black Eyed Peas  tg
Taco Taco Ockerse The "Puttin' On The Ritz" guy, born in Indonesia. electric
Taffy Danoff Kathleen Nivert Member of Starland Vocal Band and wife of lead singer Bill Danoff. MOR
Taj Tamara Johnson 1/3 of SWV (Sisters With Voices) Bobo
Taj Tamara Johnson 1/3 of SWV - Sisters With Voices Insane
Taj Jackson Tariano Adaryll Jackson Eldest member of the 3T-brothers Jori
Taj Mahal Henry Saint Clair Fredericks  jazz
Taka Boom Yvonne Stevens Sister of Chaka Khan, she had dance hits on her own and with producer Joey Negro Allyson Detrino
Tamia Tamia Washington Canadian born singer. soul ii soul
Tamiko Jones Barbara Tamiko Ferguson She had the hit "Touch Me Baby (Reaching Out For Your Love)" in 1975. Candy Welty
Tammi Terrell Thomasina Montgomery  soul
Tammy Faye Bakker Tamara Faye LaValley  Christian
Tammy Wynette Wynette Pugh  crazydon
Tammy Wynette Virginia Wynette Pugh According to, her real name. Countryboy
Tampa Red Hudson Whittaker  Bobo
Tantrum Tommy James Played with the Almighty and then dropped off of the face of the Earth in 1992. T-Dawg
Tarquin Jonathan Pipe Here's the story of how Jonathan got his name Tarquin: Back when he was 11, he was on holiday with my mum, his mum had a dream where he was on a quiz show, but in that dream, his name was Tarquin not Jonathan. He still has that emory up to this day, so when he became a popstar, he decided to call himself Tarquin. That's how he got his name. sonikal
Taryll Jackson Taryll Adren Jackson Middle member of the 3T-brothers Jori
Tatyana Ali Tatiana Reyes Like little Ashley from Fresh Prince Tatiana Reyes
Taylor Dane Leslie Wonderman  Amy
Taylor Dayne Leslie Wundermann
Taylor Dayne Leslie Wonderman It's no lie! Her name was originally Taylor Dayne! Leslie Wonderman was only the name given to her by her demanding father. The name Taylor Dayne was given to her by her mother when she was born. The name Leslie Wonderman didn't come until after Taylor's mother and Father were married, six months after Taylor was born. Then on March 7, 1980, when she turned 18 years old, Leslie shocked the world when she legally changed her name to Taylor Dayne! In the statement she made to the court officials she said, "I will now go back to using the name my mother gave me when I was born, instead of this Leslie Wonderman name that was given to me by my demanding father. This name change will be done as a means for me to gain the popularity that I once dreamed of, the popularity that I so deserve, and to free myself from all undesirable relationships." Then, in a recent interview with The Jamaican Star Entertainment Magazine, Taylor was given the inevitable statement and question, "But I thought your name was Leslie Wonderman. Isn't your name Leslie Wonderman?" To which Taylor replied, "No no, it's not somebody's imagination, and it isn't just an idea in anybody's head. I truly am Taylor Dayne! Yep, Taylor Dayne! That's really my name now, I changed it a long time ago!" Annabelle Morison
Taylor Hanson Jordan Taylor Hanson One of the boys from Hanson. pop
Taylor Hawkins Oliver Taylor Hawkins Drummer from Foo Fighters  foof
Techno Toli apostle mamakas Swam with the drummer from Iron Butterfly at the Hotel El Greco in Nassau, Bahamas during the summer of 1995 ( where Techno Toli and Sebastian Bach of Skid Row, his former classmate were born )and bought Wyclef Jean a beer at Systems night club in NYC back in 1997. Toli
Teddi King Theodora King Her hit was "Mr. Wonderful". jazz
Teddy Riley Edward Theodore Riley Vocalist with Guy. soul ii
Teena Marie Mary Christine Brocker Sang "Lovergirl" and other pop/funk hits. white soul
Tennessee Ernie Ford Ernest Jennings Ford  Countryboy
Terence Hill Mario Girotti don`t know, why he changed it, maybe he thougt, he wouldn`t be successfull with an italian name Lilli
Teresa Brewer Theresa Breuer 50s vocalist who had pre-rock era number one hits with "Music! Music! Music!" and "Till I Waltz With You Again".  Evan L. Heller
Terminator X Norman Rodgers  Bobo
Terry Chimes Terry Chimes It sure sounds like a made up name, but this is his real name. Tim Horrigan
Terry Gilkyson Hamilton Henry Gylkyson One of the 50's original "easy riders".  oldrock
Tex Beneke Gordon Beneke  orchestra
Tex Ritter Maurice Woodward Ritter Famous singing cowboy and father of actor John Ritter. Cowboy
Thalia Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda Mexican singer. ...
Thalia Thalia D. DaCosta  MTV vee-jay. vee-jay
theglamgod J. Ronald Day Eventually became known as Ron Mael, prime songwriter and producer from ageless wise-cracking art pop duo Sparks.  dario western
Theon McInsane Torsti Makinen The lead singer of Lovex, a popular Finnish rock band. Selo
Thomas Dolby Thomas Morgan Dolby Robertson
Thomas Dolby Thomas Morgan Robertson  al
Thomas Dolby Thomas Morgan Robertson  Thomas' friends gave him nickname "Dolby," after the laboratory that developed the Dolby noise reduction system Linn Pletcher
Thomas Wayne Thomas Wayne Perkins Recorded "Tragedy", then became one. rockabilly
Thug Life Sam  Trouble
Thumper Jones George Jones George recorded two rare sides as rocker Thumper Jones for Starday records before becoming a country music legend. www.GeorgeJones.Us
Tia Tia Bocker She had the dance hit "Boy Toy" in 1987. Candy Welty
Tich Rachel Furner  Weast Weasel
Tico Torres Hector Torres Drummer for Bon Jovi! Branny
Tico Torres 'the Hit man'  Hector Samuel Juan Torres Drummer from the greatest band on earth BON JOVI Branny
Tiffany Tiffany Renee Darwisch  Sandi
Tiger Norman Jackson  Bobo
Tiger Footsteps Volker Neunz  Califax
Tiger Joanie Scott Joan Koplan  Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Tim Dog Timothy Blair  rapper
Tim McGraw Lester Timothy Smith Tim was unaware that his biological father was former Major League pitcher Frank "Tug" McGraw until he was 12, before that Tim thought that Horace Smith was his father until coming across a birth certificate that said Tug was the natural father, after meeting Tug, Tim legally changed his surname to McGraw Catch
Tim McGraw Timmy Samuel Smith Where did the Lester come from? Sadie
Tim McGraw Timothy Lester Smith  catch
Tim McGraw Tim Smith Changed his last name after learning his birth father was the late baseball player Tug McGraw. Martha Irvin
Timbaland Tim Mosley  Bobo
Timi Yuro Rosemarie Timothy Aurro Yuro She had eleven hits, 1961-65. Her biggest was the #4 hit "Hurt". Candy Welty
Timmy T. Timmy Torres 80s one-hit wonder for "One More Time". oldsongs
Timmy T. Timmy Torres One-hit wonder for "One More Try", which was early 90's (1991, to be precise). t.v.
Tin Titty Caroline Jester Drummer/vocalist of Green Jelly. Mickey D.
Tina Arena Filippina Lydia Arena   aussie
Tina Turner Annie Mae Bullock
Tina Turner Anna Mae Bullock  Mike Hack
Tina Weymouth Martina Weymouth Formerly of Talking Heads. hay
Tiny Tim Herbert Khaury  Bobo
Tish Hinojosa Leticia Hinojosa   Country
Tito Jackson Toriano Adaryll Jackson  soul
Tito Puente Ernesto Antonio Puente, Jr.  ole
TJ Jackson Tito Joe Jackson Youngest member of the 3T-brothers Jori
TM Revolution Takanori Nishikawa  Beryun
TNT Terrance Jones 1/3 of the Detroit Based rap group NATAS. Contrary to popular belief NATAS is not satan spelled backwards. NATAS stands for a Nation Ahead of Time And Space.  andre1127
Toby Keith Toby Keith Coval Country singer/songwriter Trevor
Toby Mac Toby McKeehan A member of dc talk Steve
Tom & Jerrio Robert Tharp/Jerry Murray They had the hit "Boo-Ga-Loo" in 1965. Loree Dare
Tom & Jerry Paul Simon/Art Garfunkel They used this before they became Simon & Garfunkel, probably because they might be confused for a Jewish band. duo
Tom Angelripper Thomas Such Vocalist, bassist, founder and main composer for the German thrash metal band, Sodom, and Onkel Tom Angelripper, a band that plays metal renditions of drinking songs. Kyle
Tom DeLonge Thomas Matthew Delonge Jr. Vocals/Guitarists for Blink 182 bLiNk
Tom Delonge Thomas Matthew Delonge  Sam
Tom G. Warrior Tom Gabriel Fischer Lead singer/guitarist for thrash/death/black metal band, Celtic Frost. Kyle
Tom Jones Thomas Jones Woodward  crazydon
Tom Springfield Dion O'Brien Brother of Dusty Springfield, member of The Springfields. Also wrote and produced for The Seekers. Bobo
Tom T. Hall Thomas Hall  oldcountry
Tom Zé Antônio José Santana Martins  Bobo
Tomita Isao Tomita  electronic
Tommy James Thomas Jackson Pop singer who, with the Shondells, had big 60s hits with "Hanky Panky", "Mony Mony", "Crimson and Clover" and "Crystal Blue Persuasion". Had solo hit with "Draggin' The Line" in 1971. Evan L. Heller
Tommy Johnson Thomas Johnson  Tony Condero
Tommy Lee Thomas Lee Bass  Ifer
Tommy Lee Tommy Bass Drummer for Motley Crue. heavymetal
Tommy Ramone Thomas Erdelyi It's listed that Marky Ramone's name was Thomas Erdelyi, but Thomas Erdelyi is TOMMY Ramone. The clue's in the first name. :) He changed his name back after leaving the band to become their producer. Joe Whiteley
Tommy Ramone Thomas Erdelyi  Bobo
Tommy Roe Thomas David The singer who did "Sheila" and "Dizzy".  sing
Tommy Roe Thomas Jackson The singer who did "Dizzy". sing
Tommy Smothers Thomas Bolyn Smothers III   brother
Tommy Steele Thomas Hicks  brit
Tommy Tucker Robert Higginbotham Recorded "High Heel Sneakers" in 1963. old
Tommy Tucker Robert Higginbotham  Bobo
Tommy Tucker Robert Higginbotham  Recorded "High-Heel Sneakers" in the 60s. oldsongs
Tommy Tutone Thomas Heath The guy that enraged anyone who had the phone number 867-5309. MovieTech
Tomy Wilkerson Tomy Lee Wilkerson, III Guitarist/vox for the Namonia Crew. Ben Dover
TONE-E Tony Snyder Bassist for grunge/goth/deathmetal band VOID.  S.T.G.
Tone-Loc Anthony Smith His stage name is derived from his Spanish nickname Antonio Loco (Anthony Crazy). rapper
Toni Arden Antoinette Aroizzone She had six hits in the 1950s. Candy Welty
Toni Basil Antonia Basilotta
Tonio K Steve Krikorian  Bobo
Tony Banks Anthony George Banks Keyboardist for Genesis Gus
Tony Bennett Anthony Benedetto  Micky
Tony Bennett Anthony Benedetto  Cara Miles
Tony Kakko Toni Kristian Kakko Tony is the singer for Finnish power metal band Sonata Arctica. Chandra
Tony Kaye Anthony John Selridge Member of the band Yes. rocknroll
Tony Lommi Anthony Frank Iommi Guitarist for Black Sabbath. blaque
Tony Martin Alvin Morris  older
Tony Orlando Michael Anthony Orlando Cassavitis Renowned night club singer who, with Dawn, had six top ten hits during the early and mid 70s, including number ones "Knock Three Times", "Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree" and "He Don't Love You (Like I Love You)". Evan L. Heller
Tony Randall Leonard Rosenberg  He is classified as a singer in (Remember his "Tonight Show" guest host appearances?) t.v.
Tony Vincent Anthony Vincent Strascina  Evenness
Too $hort Todd Shaw Despite what his entry says Too $hort is NOT from LA, he's from Oakland in the Bay Area, and being that he was a first in many ways he's a real point of pride for us, so please fix that error. Elijah
Too $hort Todd Shaw LA rap artist Bobo
Toody Kathleen Cole, born Kathleen Conner Toody is the bassplayer/singer of Portland-based band Dead Moon. Married to singer/guitarist Fred Cole for -say- 40 years, she's without any doubt the coolest rocking grandma in the world! Eric
Toots Thielmanns Jean Baptiste Thielemans Belgian harmonica player. jazzy
Topi Sorsakoski Pekka Tammilehto  Tango
Topol Chaim Topol The man known for "Fiddler On The Roof". musical
Topper Headon Nicky Headon Original drummer for The Clash. punker
Tori Amos Myra Ellen Amos A friend of a friend of Tori's thought she looked like a Tori than a Myra Ellen. BreakingBenAlways
Tori Amos Myra Ellen Amos  Bobo
Torky Baby Peter Halston Thorkelson Peter Tork's REAL name Torkie Baby
Torri Brett Toni Louise Hiles Was in famous californian band in 1995 Victoria fielding
Tory Crimes Terry Chimes Drummer for The Clash. punker
Tory Crimes Terry Chimes See The Clash's UK debut Angry Muskrat
Toshiya Toshimasa Hara Bassist from Japanese rock band Dir En Grey. Lee
Total K-Oss Anthony Stewart  Bobo
Towa Tei Doug Wa-Chung a member of Deee-Lite Naomi
Toy Jackson La Toya Jackson According to an article by Michael Paoletta on MSNBC on 10th August, 2004 La Toya changed her name to "Toy". Aussiegirl
Toyah Toyah Ann Willcox   soul
TQ Terrance Quaites  Lauren Hendricks
Tracey Dey Nora Ferrari She had three hits: "Teenage Cleopatra" in 1963, and "Here Comes The Boy" and "Gonna Get Along Without You Now" in 1964. Candy Welty
Tramaine Hawkins Tramaine Davis Wife of Walter Hawkins and sister-in-law of Edwin Hawkins. gospel
Travis & Bob Travis Pritchett/Bobby Weaver Their hit was "Tell Him No". oldrock
Travis & Bob Thomas Wayne Perkins Recorded "Tragedy", then became one. oldrock
Travis Barker Travis Landon Barker Love him Sam
Travis Barker Travis Landon Barker Drummer for Blink 182, Boxcar Racer and The Transplants bLiNk
Tre Cool Frank Edwin Wright III Green Day's drummer. Morten Bendix
Tre Cool Frank Edwin Wright, III  natalie
Tre Cool Frank Edwin Wright III When he was 12 his neighbor, Lawrence Livermore, recruited him to join The Lookouts as the drummer and gave him the name of Tre Cool (which mean 'very cool' in French). Lizzy
Tre Cool Frank Edwin Wright III He's Green Day's drummer (he's really cool). This nickname was actually given to him by a friend before he joined the band. blinknut
Tre Cool Frank Edwin Wright the third The name 'Tre Cool' was originally a joke made by former Green Day drummer, Al Sobrante, which basically meant 'Very Cool'. (Sorry, I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to Green Day) alreadydead
Treach Anthony Criss
Trent Reznor Michael Trent Reznor That's right... the almighty Trent Reznor wasn't always (and still is not) actually named Trent at all!!! Trent's birth name is indeed Michael Trent Reznor, his parents (Michael Reznor and Nancy Clark) always reffered to him by his middle name to distinguish him from his father, Trent just kinda stuck with him all these years. But we wouldn't have it any other way. Renholder
Trent Reznor Michael Trent Reznor  hardrock
Trevor Dark Baby Trevor Friedrich Drummer of Eighteen Visions Beryun
Trey Anastasio Ernesto Giuseppe Anastasio III  Lead singer for Phish Morton
Trey Songz Tremaine Aldon Neverson  Yvette Bristle
Trick Daddy Maurice Young Songs include "I'm a Thug" and "Take It To Da House" o-king
Tricky Adrian Thaws  Bobo
Tricky Sam Joe Nanton Trombonist for The Duke Ellington Band. jazz
Tripp Eisen Tod Rex Salvador He was in Static-X most recently, and his name was given to him when he joined Dope. Sick Grave
Trisha Yearwood Patricia Lynn Yearwood  Country
Trouble Anthony Lawrence Valli Guitar player for the rock band "Crazy Town". krista miller
Troy Shondell Gary Shelton This rockabilly singer from Fort Wayne had a giant hit with an Elvis-style ballad, "This Time", in '61. Although the name was inspired by Troy Donahue, the "Shondell" part wound up in two later Midwest acts: Tommy James' band and the Chicago act that evolved into the Ides of March. jonaco
Trugoy the Dove David Jolicoeur
Tré Cool Frank Edwin Wright III When Frank was of the age of 12, Lookout! Records owner Lawrence Livermore recruited Tre to join The Lookouts, and that's when Livermore gave him the name of Tré Cool (which means Very Cool in French). However, to this day, the name-changing of Frank Edwin Wright to Tré Cool is NOT legalized, contrary to popular belief. Green Day's drummer's name is still legally Frank Edwin Wright III. NeSseR
Tung Twista/ Twista Carl Mitchell The tightest Chi-Town (Chicago) Hip/Hop artist also claimed fastest rapper since 1992
Tupac Shakur Lesane Parish Crooks  He started out as a second-string rapper and dancer for Digital Underground.  JoC
Tupac Shuker Lesane Crooks  rap city
Tupilaq Krister Linder  Bobo
The Turtles Flo & Eddie They are known by both names, even though they usually perform as The Turtles. Oldsongs
Twiggy Lesley Hornby 60's British waif who sang, acted and modeled. brit
Twiggy Ramirez Jeordie Francis White  I thought you morons should learn to spell it right, and you call yourself fans -snort- Jessica
Twiggy Ramirez Jeordie Francis White Twiggy - a famous model from the 60's, Ramirez- a serial killer (The Night Stalker). Bassist for shock-rocker Marilyn Manson. cat_inthehat
Twiggy Ramirez Jeordie White Guitarist/bassist of Marilyn Manson Linzi
Twiggy Ramirez Jeordie Frances White ok i know its already on there but i had to give the story:his name comes from Twiggy,a famous model from the 60's and Richrd Ramirez, a serial killer also known as the Nightstalker.Twiggy did play bass for Marilyn Manson but he left and now plays bass for a band called A Perfect Circle. Twiggy was replaced by Tim Skold. evil mcdeathmonster
Twiggy Ramirez Jeordie Frances White  RedDiva
Twiggy Ramirez Jeordie Frances White Another Beauty/beast names from the manson clan. Twiggy (well that's obvious), and ramirez comes from the serial killer 'Richard Ramirez' who is said to have enjoyed breaking into houses and calmly killing his victims. he was also a satanist. lala
Twiggy Ramirez Jeordie White A member of Marilyn Manson's band. weird
Twiggy Ramirez Jerodine White Former bassist for Marilyn Manson, Recently joined A Perfect Circle. Zophia
Twiggy Ramirez Jeordie Frances White Yeah, it's already there, but just thought I'd add the middle name... rbirsrock
Twiggy Stardom Brittany Lahm She's 1/5th of the girl group Huckapoo. Nicole
Twinkle Lynne Ripley  brit
Twista Carl Mitchel known as toung twista aka the fastest rapper laila
Twista Keneth Jones  Anthony Atkins
Twista Cavalier Mitchell  Peanutbutta
Tyrese Tyrese Gibson  soul

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