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This is a list of names of famous people, who have changed their real name. I'm only looking for music performers, not actors or other famous people. Below are the most recent entries.

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Entries Beginning with S

Original Name
Submitted by:
S. Flavius Mercurius Jimmy Page The pseudonym was used for contractual reasons when Page played on Roy Harper's 'Stormcock' album. pickle*
SA Martinez Douglas Vincent Martinez SA Martinez from 311!! J-Ro
Saafir Reggie Gibson Info from Bobo
Sadat X Derrick Murphy  Bobo
Sade Helen Folsade Adu  stone
Sadistica Kymmee O'Donnell Drummer/vocalist of Green Jelly.  Mickey D.
Saffron Samantha Sprakling Lead singer for Republica. newdance
Salman Gita Sam Dodson  Bobo
Salt-N-Pepa Cheryl James and
Sandy Denton
Sam & Dave Samuel David Moore/David Prater Their biggest hit was "Soul Man". duo
Sam Car Sami Kaario drummer of Mystery Crue Punkgod
Sam Cooke Sam Cook Also known as Dale Cook. oldsoul
Sam Phillips Leslie Phillips Recorded five Christian albums under her real name.  deep
Sam Sever Sam Citrin Info from Bobo
Sam Sneed Sam Anderson Info from Bobo
Sam The Sham Domingo Samudio Founder of Sam The Sham and The Pharoahs, whose hit was "Wooly Bully". oldsongs
Sam Washboard Robert Brown  blues
Samantha Sang Cheryl Gray "Emotion"-al one-hit wonder. aussie
Samantha Sang Samantha Sang Actually, "Cheryl Gray" was a pseudonym used by Sang when she was 8 and performing with her parents. correction
Samira Amanda Perez Amanda Perez  NuGGaH
Sammi Smith Jewel Fay Smith  Candy Welty
Sammy Luke Wood/Jesse Hartman New York based "lo-fi" duo. duo
Sammy B Samuel Burwell Info from Bobo
Sammy BoDean Sammy Llanas Co-founder of The BoDeans. blue
Sammy Cahn Samuel Cohen  oldtimer
Sammy Fain Samuel Feinberg Also known as Sammy Fein. song
sammy kershaw samuel cashat  norman k
Sammy Kershaw Sammy Cashet  Country
Sammy Turner Samuel Black He had five hits, 1959-60. Candy Welty
Sananda Maitreya Terence Trent Howard He is most famously known as Terence Trent D'Arby. And I have no idea (other than religion) why he changed his name again. Reggie Pillbox
Sandi Patti Sandi Patty Why she just changed one letter? I don't know. Christian
Sandi Patti Sandi Patty Her name was printed incorrectly on first album; she stuck with it until recently when she went back to maiden name "Patty" Laney Mills
Sandi Thom Alexandra Thom Alexandra uses Sandi as her nickname because it is less of a mouthful to say. Also, Sandi is the name of her father. A7X4LyF
Sandie Shaw Sandra Goodrich  David Harrison-Jeil
Sandra Sandra Ann Lauer This Sandra is THE Sandra who also is in Enigma, she is also a famous pop singer in Europe, she had a big no.1 hit in 21 countries called "Maria Magdelena" in 1985. She was once the singer for a famous girl trio in the late 70's to early 80's called Arabesque. Alana
Sandy Dean Sandy Yaguda Backup singer for Jay and the Americans Barry Disbrow
Sandy Dean Sandy Yaguda An original back-up singer for Jay and the Americans barry disbrow
Sandy Posey Martha Sharp  name
Sandy Posey Martha Sharp According to MGM Records and biographical sources. Sandy Posey was not actually named Martha Sharp, the person who was given writing credit on Posey's first two records. John Hock
Sandy Stewart Sandra Galitz  obscure
Sanford/Townsend Eddie Sanford/Johnny Townsend Duo that witnessed "Smoke From a Distant Fire". oldsong
Santoo Govi Giovani Govi this is what i have read was his name, today, i find he is called santoo, which is right?
Sara Beth Sarah Bettens She did 2 songs under this name: Hank William's "I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry" and Ry Cooder's "Why Don't You Try Me" with Frankie Miller.  Rad
Sarah Connor Sarah Levis She's a german pop star. Spooky
Sash Sascha Lappessen  Bobo
Sasha Alexander Coe  Bobo
Sassy C Michelle Franklin Info from Bobo
Sauce Money Todd Gaither Info from Bobo
Saukrates Amani Wailoo  Info from Bobo
Scam Abram Escamilla Scam is part of the Group Called Da Starderz. Abram Escamilla
Scan 7 Lou Robinson  Bobo
Scarface Bradley Jordan  Bobo
Scary Spice Melanie Brown The mixed race girl in Spice girls! Wit da curly hair and how is mad! ( acts crazy)  Miz_Bootylicious
Scatman Crothers Benjamin Sherman Crothers Jazz artist before his work in "Chico and The Man" and "The Shining". jazz
Scatman John John Larkin  mads.
Schoolly D Jesse B. Weaver Jr.  Bobo
Scorn Mick Harris Also a group under the same name with Nicholas James Bullen. Bobo
Scott LaRock Scott Sterling  Bobo
Scott MacKenzie Philip Blondheim  Bobo
Scott Phillips Thomas Phillips Though he hasn't literally changed his last name, he goes by his middle name, Scott instead his first name, Thomas. Interesting, eh? Jordan
Scott Smith Donald Scott Smith Bassist for Loverboy. backup
Scott Stapp Anthony Scott Flippin This was his birth name. He changed his last name to Stapp after his mother got remaried. He switched his first and middle names because his initials would have been A.S.S. Jessica
Scott Stapp Anthony Scott Stapp The lead singer of creed originally had another last name before his mom remarried. He changed his name to Scott to avoid the initials A.S.S. Matt
Scott Walker Noel Scott Engel Scott Walker wrote his solo material under his real name Dr Jimatha o' Boogie
Scott Weiland Scott Kent Kent was his father's last name STP fan
Screamin' Jay Hawkins Jalacy Hawkins  blues
Screaming Lord Sutch David Edward Sutch With his band The Savages (and a coffin), he preceded Alice Cooper with a horror-themed stage show by at least a decade. Unsuccessfully stood for over 40 elections in Britain, representing The Monster Raving Loony Party! A genuine character! deebee
Seal Sealhenry Samuel  wave
Seal Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel Yes, that's his full name. Mother Popcorn
Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Samuel   britrock
Seals & Crofts Jim Seals/Dash Crofts  oldtimer
Sean Paul Sean Henriques his middle name is paul leon witton
Seb Sebastien Lefebvre  dum dum
Seb Sebastien Lefebvre He doesn't have a middle name =( Selina
Sebastian Bach Sebastian Bierk Former lead singer for Skid Row. rocky
Selena Selina Quintanilla Perez Latin singer murdered in 1995. ole
Sen Dog Seyen Reyes 1/3 of Cypress Hill, born in Cuba Bobo
Senator Bobby James Voight Also known as Chip Taylor, his version of the Troggs' "Wild Thing" went to #20 on Billboard in 1967. He is the brother of Oscar winning actor (and current nominee) Jon Voight. rock
Sense Frank Krostag Jr.  WilliBZ
September Petra Marklund Swedish pop-dance singer. Her birthday is in the month of September, hence her pseudonym. Joe
Serge Gainsbourg Lucien Ginzburg  Bobo
Seth Matheson Seth Lokison He always thought it sounded stupid, and the fact he changed it is an insult to his stepfather, Jake Lokison, who abused him as a child. Emma
sex bom Holly  Sharnie
Sexy Rexy Sextraphocil Rextraphocil Believe it or not, Sexy Rexy is an actor, small but still an actor! memphis gersh raines
Shabba Ranks Rexton Ralston Gordon  Hakim
Shaddoe Stevens Terry Ingstad Former disc jockey. jock
Shaggy Orville Richard Burrell  Bobo
Shaggy 2 dope Joseph Utsler Utsler is his last name teri! 4FuzZy2Faygo0
Shaggy 2 Dope Joey Ulster From Insane Clown Posse. rapper
Shagrath Stian Thoresen Singer of Dimmu Borgir. Beast
Shagrath Stian Thoreson he his the lead singer for dimmu borgir md
Shakey Graves Alejandro Rose-Garcia  soph
Shakin' Stevens Michael Barratt
Shakira Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll  latino
Shana Shana Petrone She had the hit "I Want You" in 1990. Candy Welty
Shane West Shannon Bruce Snaith  i dont know much, but he is in a band called jonny was. Lynn
Shania Twain Eilleen Regina Edwards This is her birth name. She was adopted by Jerry Twain. Country
Shania Twain Eileen Twain Eileen Twain changed her first name after the Nashville record company wanted her to change her last name. Shania is an ojibwe name meaning "I'm on my way."  Celeste
Shania Twain Eileen Twain Producers wanted to change her last name, but she wanted to keep it in rememberance of her father who had died, so she changed her first name from Eileen to Shania which means "on my way," or something to that matter, in an Indian language - her father was Native American. Alyssa
Shania Twain Eilleen Twain  New Country
Shania Twain Irene Twain Changed her name after she scored a recording contract. She insisted on keeping her father's last name. Shania is an Ojibwa name that means "I'm on my way." Celeste
Shanice Shanice Wilson  soul ii
Shannon Marty Wilde Used for 1969 hit "Abergavenny". Smoky Joe
Shannon Shannon Greene One-hit wonder who told the band to "Let the Music Play". disco
Shannon shannia miller She is Murphy lee's irlfriend and they are going to have a baby for the first time.  Shannia
Shannon (male) Marty Wilde (male ) The Marty Wilde who recorded "Abergavenny" as Shannon is a male. His name does not belong next to the female Shannon, who recorded "Let The Music Play". Different performers. Cleftonefan
Shantel Stefan Hantel As in S.Hantel. Bobo
Sharam Shram Tayebi Half of Deep Dish Bobo
Shaun Morgan Shawn Morgan Welgemoed During an Interview with Shaun, he was asked how to pronounce Welgemoed. Someone has posted that it is pronounced Vel-ge-mo-de and that's wrong according to Shaun's own words below.. darkstar: How exactly do you pronounce Shaun’s real last name [Welgemoed, which he changed to Morgan because people had trouble pronouncing the former]? Shaun: Vel-heh-mut. It’s Dutch. It’s German and Dutch. The “g” - it’s kinda like you have to clear your throat, you know?  Teresa
Shaun Morgan Shaun Welgemoed  (vel-ge-mo-de) Shaun(really that's my name)
Shavo Odadjian Shavarsh Odadjian Bassist from System of a Down. Basically he just shortened it, but it sounds kinda cool joe
Sheb Wooley Shelby F. Wooley Country music parodist also known as "Ben Colder". oldcountry
Sheena Easton Sheena Shirley Orr
Sheila B. Devotion Annie Chancel French singer who had a few disco hits in the late 70's, including "Spacer" from 1979. Dylan Baranski
Sheila E. Sheila Escovedo
Sheila MacCrae Sheila Margot Stevens  old
Shelby Lynne Shelby Lynn Moorer  Country
Shelley Fabares Michelle Fabares Her aunt was Nanette Fabray. groove
Shep Jim Shepherd Recorded "Daddy's Home" with his band, The Limelites. singer
Sherrie Austin Sherrie Veronica Krenn Up-and-coming country singer who was on the show "The Facts Of Life". Countryboy
Shifty Shellshock Seth Brooks Binzer  Ifer
Shifty Shellshock Seth Binzer Member of Crazy Town. raprock
Shinizzle Mike Shinoda Shinizzle is the nickname of Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park. Denise
Shinya Shinya Terachi/Terauchi Drummer from Japanese rock band Dir En Grey. Lee
Shirley Shirley Goodman Her group, Shirley & Company, had only one hit, and that's a "Shame, Shame, Shame". one hit
Shirley MacLaine Shirley Beaty Her brother is Warren Beatty. movie
shirley manson shirley ann manson  shiver
Shirley Owens Shirley Alston Lead singer for The Shirelles. oldsoul
Shirley Strachan Graeme Strachan Late leadman of 70s Aussie favourites "Skyhooks" rusty
Shizuo David Hammer  Bobo
Shock-G (Humpty Hump) Gregory E. Jacobs  Formed the rap group Digital Underground. "The Humpty Dance," which was rapped by Shock-G's alter ego Humpty Hump, climbed all the way to number 11 on the pop charts, peaking at number seven on the R&B charts.  JoC
Shooter Jennings Waylon Albright Jennings Son of "Outlaw" Waylon Jennings Martha Hankins
Shortee Shannon Burke Although more a producer than a performer, she did release one album in late 1999 Bobo
ShortKut Jonathan Cruz  Bobo
Shorty Jerome Washington Formerly with Da Lench Mob. rapper
shorty long emidio vagnoni there were 2 shorty longs norman k
Shorty Long Frederick Earl Long His hit: "Here Comes the Judge".  soul
Shorty Rogers Milton M. Rajonsky   jazz
Shpitz Elad Aaron The vocalist of the Israeli thrash-metal band "The Lonely Redheads" (Hajinjim Habodedim). jinji
ShyFX/Undercover Business Andre Williams  Bobo
Shyheim Shyheim Franklin Youngest member of Wu-Tang Clan. Nicholas Thompson
Si-{Cut}.db Douglas Benford  Bobo
Sib Hashian John Hashian Former drummer for 70's hitmakers Boston Shannon
Sick Boy Joel Madden his last name used to be combs until he had it legally changed to madden ariel
Sick Boy Joel Madden  Singer in Good Charlotte Katya
Sickboy Joel Madden  heather
Sickie Wifebeater Eric Carlson Guitarist of The Mentors. Allegedly used to abuse his first wife. rob noxious
Sicness Corey Taylor aka #8 from slipknot chris
Sid Vicious John Simon Ritchie The ex-Sex Pistols lead guitarist who O.D.ed in 1979. under
Sid Vicious John Simon Richie Before becoming a member of the Sex Pistols, Richie was a huge fan of the band, and friends with the members, who would often get drugs from him cheap. Just before he was let in the band, while visiting Johnny Rotten, he was bitten by Johnny's "vicious" hamster Sidney. The name stuck, and was appropiate, as he stabbed his junkie girlfriend to death with a hunting knife, and OD'd while on bail. KingofCanada
Sid Vicious John Simon Ritchie well, there was no such person as steve cook in the sex pistols, steve JONES was the guitarist, paul COOK was the drummer. The sex pistols had to use the name spots as they were banned from playing in or around London at the time. Darrell
Sid Vicious John Simon Ritchie John Lydon (bka Johnny Rotten) gave him this name. Sid after his pet hampster Sidney, and Vicious as a joke. Regarding Sid, Rotten was quoted as saying "He couldn't fight his way out of a bag of crisps!" SadieSwitchblade
Sid Vicious John Simon Beverley The guy above got it wrong James
Sid Vicious John Simon Ritchie he was not the Sex Pistols lead guitarist, he was the bassist, and also former drummer for the punk band Siouxie and the Banshees Miles Goode
Sid Vicious John Simon Ritchie As above, but he replaced Glen Matlock on bass guitar, not lead. Steve Cook was the guitarist. chas
Sil Austin Sylvester Austin He took a "Slow Walk" in the 50s. jazz
Silicone Baby Tassa Deez Her chosen Adult Film Star name. Her real first name is Natasha (Tassa is short for Natasha in Russian language) Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Silk The Shocker Vyshon Miller  Brandon Bell
Silkie Sylvia Tatler Re-did the Beatles' "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away". brit
Silkk The Shocker Zyshonne Miller  Bobo
Simon Dupree Derek Shulman Simon Dupree and the Big Sound was a 60's british pop group with a few hits. Derek Shulman then went on to form Gentle Giant with his brothers Ray and Phil phil
The Singing Nun Jeanine Deckers The late Belgian born nun better known as Sister Luc Gabrielle. Her hit was "Dominique". older
Single Cell Orchestra Miguel Angelo Fierro  Bobo
Siouxsie Sioux Susan Dallion Lead singer for the punk band "Siouxsie and the Banshees". newave
Sippie Wallace Beulah Thomas   blues
Sir Mick Mick Jagger Mick got knighted a few years ago. In the 1980 Stones hit "Emotional Rescue" Mick sings "I will be your knight in shining armo(u)r......" Now, he is exactly that - a KNIGHT! Uh Uh Uh-Uh Uh-uh-uh-uh
Sir Mix-a-lot  Anthony Ray  The baby got back guy  Billy Florio
Sir Walter Scott Walter Notheis Lead singer for Bob Kuban & The In-Men, who recorded "The Cheater" in 1966. Ironically, Scott was murdered by his wife and her lover in 1983(?) rock
Sisqo Mark Althavan Andrews NOPE Danielle
Sisqo Mark Andrews  Mark Pippin
Sisq Mark Andrews Not many may have recognized his name, but his voice was no doubt familiar, since he was a member of the massively successful '90s R&B group Dru Hill. In 2000, though, Sisqo finally became a household name thanks to his debut solo album, Unleash the Dragon.  Bobo
Sister Rosetta Tharpe Rosetta Nubin   gospel
Sister Souljah Lisa Williamson Controversial female rapper. sherap
Sizzla [Kalonji] Miguel Collins Reggae superstar Mick Mox
Skatha Rose James Gail Rosa James Lead singer of the metal/punk band Perox!de. Decided to change her name at age 12. babycake666
Skee-Lo Antoine Roundtree  rapper
Skeeter Davis Mary Francis Penick Her big hit was "End Of The World". oldsong
A Skillz Adam Mills member of DJ Breakbeat duo "A Skillz and Krafty Kuts" AJ
Skin Deborah Anne Dyer Former lead singer of Skunk Anansie British Bullcrap
Skinz Colin Skinner He's a drummer...hits the skins...the Z just makes it look different/better! NoName
Skip and Flip Clyde Batten and Gary S. Paxton  Barry Disbrow
Skitch Henderson Lyle Russell Cedric   bandleader
Skitch Henderson Lyle Henderson  band
Skoob Willie Hines From the rap duo Das EFX. "Skoob" is "books" spelled backwards. u
Skrillex Sonny Moore  Julie
Skullz Gbenga Akinwale  gbenga akinwale
Skunk Baxter Jeff Baxter Guitarist for The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan. oldrock
Sky Saxon and the Seeds The Seeds The singer is Sky Saxon, originally Richard Marsh. Mr. Farmer II
Sky Saxon, Sky Sunlight Saxon, Sunstar, etc. Richard Marsh He usually went by the moniker "Sky Saxon" but some of his albums were released under the other names above. Starpunk
Slash Saul Hudson He is the legendary guitarist of Guns n Roses J.T.
Slash Saul Hudson  rich perry
Slash Saul Hudson  Bobo
Slash Saul Hudson He was given the nickname "Slash" by family friend Seymour Cassel, according to whom Saul "was always in a hurry, zipping around from one thing to another. Meehan
Slash Saul Hudson Slash of Guns N' Roses
SLASH Saul Hudson The one and only curly haired lead guitarist of the long gone guns -n- roses and vow of Velvet Revolver. ROCK ON SAUL Dizzy Milligan
Slick Rick Ricky Walters
Slide Hampton Locksley Wellington Hampton Underrated jazz artist. indyhick
Slim Shawn Stockman Of Boyz II Men. cool
Slim Harpo James Moore He had two hits: "Rainin' In My Heart" in 1961 and "Baby Scratch My Back" in 1966. Candy Welty
Slim Jim Phantom Jim McDonnell Drummer for The Stray Cats. rocker
Slim Pickens Louis Bert Lindley, Jr. Singer/actor/ex-"Hee-Haw" regular/ex-rodeo clown. Country
Slim Shady Marshall Mathers  George
Slim Thug Stayve Jerome Thomas  PayDay
Slim Whitman Ottis Dewey Whitman, Jr. Much maligned "record offer" singer. fatboy
Slimkid Tre Hardson  Bobo
SlipMatt Matthew O'Brien An early chart hero during the early-'90s rave explosion and the leader of the growing happy hardcore nation later in the decade, Slipmatt changed the course of hardcore techno towards a serious artist-oriented direction. Bobo
Slo Down Corey Edwards Masked member of Nelly's rap group, the St. Lunatics Bo 'Ice' Bielefeldt
Sly Fox Gary Cooper/Michael Camacho Cooper was also known as "Mudbone". one hit
Sly Stone Sylvester Stewart Founding member of Sly and The Family Stone. soul
Smelly Erik Sandin NOFX drummer. This is only one of his names. He changes his name on every album. He was "Smelly" on "So Long and Thanks For All the Shoes." Others of his names include Groggy Nodbeggar, Erik Ghint, and Erik Shun. Nikhil
Smiley Burnette Lester Alvin Burnette  old country
Smokey Robinson William Robinson  Bobo
Smoky Babe Robert Brown A shadowy figure from the early days of the '60s folk-blues revival.  Bobo
Sniff Paul Roberts Lead singer of Sniff 'N' the Tears, who put himself in the "Driver's Seat". brit
The Snoo Frank Edwin Wright III This is Tre's cover name when he plays in the band "The Network" Chess Owen
Snooky Lanson Roy Landman Regular on T.V.'s "Your Hit Parade" in the 50s. oldtimer
Snooky Pryor James Edward Prior  Bobo
Snoop Dogg Calvin Broadus He was given the name snoop dogg by his mom who said he was so skinney and he walked like Snoopy the dog Stobes
Snoop Dogg Cordozar 'Calvin' Broadus  Ifer
Snoop Dogg Calvin Broadus  porkchop
Snoop Doggy Dogg Calvin Brodus  Keon
Snoop Doggy Dogg Calvin Broadus
Snoop Doggy Dogg Cordozar Broadus thats what it really is... also, Syreeta Wright used to be married to Stevie Wonder, FYI ninasimona
Snow Darrin O'Brien  Canadian rapper and convicted "informer". rapper
Solange Solange Knowles Solange Knowles is the wonderful sister of Beyoce` Knowles and are the daughters of the clothing desighner Tina Knowles and their father Michael Knowles their singing career manager.Solange was playing the part of the oldest daughter in Johnsons Family Vacation and is the lead singer of the Proud family theme song. Ahjahnae
Solange Solange Knowles Solange Knowles is the wonderful sister of Beyoce` Knowles and are the daughters of the clothing desighner Tina Knowles and their father Michael Knowles their singing career manager.Solange was playing the part of the oldest daughter in Johnsons Family Vacation and is the lead singer of the Proud family theme song. Ahjahnae
Solex Elisabeth Esselink dutch 'collage' musician on the Matador label. the name comes from a brand of motorized bicycle. Vanessa
Son of a Plumber Per Gessle  Steven Hammes
Soni Jim Sonefeld Member of Hootie and The Blowfish. folk
Sonny Paul Joshua Sandoval Lead singer of P.O.D. Christian
Sonny Bono Salvatore Bono  oldtimer
Sonny Boy Williamson Aleck Ford Miller The better known of two blues artists with the same pseudonym is alson known as Rice Miller. blues
Sonny Boy Williamson Aleck Ford   Bobo
Sonny Boy Williamson John Lee Williamson The lesser known of two blues artist with this pseudonym. Also known as Willie Williamson. blues
Sonny James James Loden His big hit was "Young Love". Countryboy
Sonny Knight Joey C. Smith His hit was "Confidential". oldtimer
Sonny Rollins Theodore Walter Rollins Jazz saxaphonist. jazz hot
Sonny Terry Saunders Teddell  blues
Sonny/Sun Ra Herman Blount  jazz
Soopafly Priest Brooks  Bobo
Sophie Sophie Xeon  Lola
Sophie Tucker Sophia Abuza  oldest
Soulja Boy Tell 'Em DeAndre Ramone Way  dxman
Soulside Anthony R Grant The name speaks for itself Anthony
Souniq Eric Sablan  Vinyl Masseuse Hip Hop
South Park Mexican Carlos Coy  Bobo
South Park Mexican SPM  Jian
Southside Johnny John Lyon Founded Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes in 1974. jazzy
Spanky Elaine McFarlane She took the stage name from George "Spanky" McFarland of "The Little Rascals". oldperson
Sparkle Moore Barbara Morgan Know in the 1950's as the "Female Elvis" for her stage gyrations. Recorded for "Fraternity Records" (they claim five sides, but that doesn't come out even???). Her biggest hits were "Skull and Crossbones' and "Rock-A-Bop." Some of her music is still available on "ACE Records," title: "Good Girls Go Bad." Barbara passed away in about 2003. Ward Evol
Speech Todd Thomas Lead Singer/Rapper for the group Arrested Development Hakim
Speedo Earl Carroll Earl Carroll and the Cadillacs singing group also recorded a hit song in 1955 with the same name. The song contained the line; "They often call me Speedy but my real name is Mr. Earl."  PawPaw Walt
Speedo Frazier Joe Frazier Recorded "Sorry (I Ran All the Way Home)" with his goup The Impalas. soul
Speedy J Jochem Paapen  Bobo
Spice 1 Robert L. Jones   rappa
SpiceLab Oliver Lieb Also known as LSG Bobo
Spider One Michael Cummings Rob Zombie's Little Brother shaun
Spike Jones Lindley Armstrong Jones  older
Spike Milligan Terence Alan Milligan   funnybrit
Spike Wilbury  George Harrison Credited as "Nelson Wilbury" for production, lead and backing vocals, madolin, sitar, and guitar parts on the Traveling Wilburys Volume 3 LP.  Tina
Spinderella Deidra Muriel Roper The often forgotten middle woman to the hit group Salt N Pepa, (she is also sometimes referred to simply as Spin). Salt 'N ' Pepa do not leave her out, but she is the music mixer in a lot of the songs and does back-up vocals. Below Average Dave (
Spinderella Dee Dee Roper
Spinderella Deedee Roper Deejay for Salt-N-Pepa. rap
Spoonie Gee Gabe Jackson  Bobo
The SPOTS The Sex Pistols This was actually a temporary acronym for Sex Pistols On Tour Secretly, because for a brief period during their career, they couldn't perform overseas as "The Sex Pistols." The Skuz
Springfields Mary and Dion Springfield The brother and sister duo are better known as Dusty and Tom Springfield. brit
Spyder 1 Michael Cummings rob zombie's brother and lead singer of powerman 5000 panther
Spyder McCombs Jeff McCombs He is the lead singer of Dark Chamber Spyder McCombs
Spyder Turner Dwight Turner Redid Ben E. King's "Stand By Me". soul
Squarepusher Tom Jenkinson Also performed as Rumble Tum Tum and Chaos A.D, this was his most famous pseudonym Bobo
Squirrel Craig Taylor Part of the rappin' rock group Crazy Town. raprock
Squirt Wanya Morris Of Boyz II Men. blaque
St. Germain Ludovic Navarre Also recorded under his real name before converting to this pseudonym Bobo
St. John Geoff St. John Trance/house artist, and DJ on the Bay Area's Wild 94.9 FM. Glowstick Chick
St. Paul Paul Peterson He had the hit "Stranger To Love" in 1990. Candy Welty
St. Vincent Anne Erin Clark She also goes by Annie Clark. Sheila Oh
Stacey Q. Stacy Swain  disco
Stan Getz Stanley Gayetzsky   jazzy
Stan Kenton Stanley Newcomb  old
Stan Laurel Arthur Stanley Jefferson Got to number 2 in the U.K. charts in 1975 alongside Oliver Hardy with " The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine"  Big Al
Stanley Chris Stann The former (and allegedly homeless) singer of Life, Sex, and Death. hardrock
stanley david bales private organs david bales is this crazy drummer and he got stoned one time and started calling his balls stanley. flavio
Stars On, Star Sound, etc. Stars On 45 The big "Stars On 45" phenomena in the early 80s spawned many dance medleys and remixes under the name of this Dutch studio band. However, due to record label and broadcasting regulations around the world (and this group topped the charts in SEVERAL countries) the hits were released under various "band" names. For example, the group name in New Zealand was "Star Sound". That's the Politics of Dancing.  Baby I'm a Star
Stasis Steve Pickton  Bobo
Stat Quo Stanley Benton New D12 member. Lil' Gangsta
Steady B Warren McGlone  Bobo
Stef Stephen Carpenter  i dont know
Stephan Jenkins Stephen Douglas Jenkins  Stephan Jenkins is the lead singer of third eye blind. he changed the "e" in his name to an "a" when he turned 19 I believe Annie
Stet Howland Stanley Hayward Stet is one of W.A.S.P.'s former drummers Chandra
Steve Lawrence Stephen Leibowitz  jazz
Steve Lawrence Sidney Liebowitz I got this version from an old celebrity pseudonym book. MOR
Steve Took Steve Peregrine-Took Late guitarist for T. Rex. brit
Steve, Righ? Steven Montano Guitarist for Mindless Self Indulgence. He got his name when someone approached him and said, "You're Steve, Righ?" Travis
Steven Feline Joseph C. Becker, Sr.  Singer-songwriter, actor, producer from the early 70's to today. Also known under various additional pseudonyms, with this one being the most commonly used.  Doll Face
Steven Tyler Steven Tallarico He was going to call himself Tyler Britt until someone told him to drop the Britt part and just incorporate Tyler with his real first name. Whiskey Chick
Stevie B. Steven B. Hill The one who sang "Because I Love You". oldsound
Stevie Nicks Stephanie Lynn Nicks She renamed herself Stevie @ age 5 because she couldn't say Stephanie. Her grandfather was a c&w singer & he used to take her with him when he performed. Delia
Stevie Nicks Stephanie Nicks Former vocalist of Fleetwood Mac, she has a successful solo career Sydney
Stevie Nicks Stephanie Nicks Former singer with Fleetwood Mac and still an accomplished solo artist. mac
Stevie Wonder Steveland Morris Why did he change his name? Maybe it was not his idea, but his managemnet's? Stevie Wonder was, like Mozart, Judy Garland, Erich Wolfgang Korngold a wonderkid in the music business. So maybe his management had that wonder permanantly established as his name.  Bernhard Hausner
Stevie Wonder Steveland Morris why did he change it sheryl
Stevie Wonder Stevland Morris
Stevie Wonder Steveland Judkins  Rumpleteazer
Stevo 32 Steve Jocz From Sum 41. Computer program name, ha. Sdik
Stevo32 Steve Jocz He got the name stevo32 because people with the number 32 are good at sports and he sucks. This is from the mouth of Bizzy D. Cone
Sticky Fingaz Kirk Jones  rap
Sting Gordon Sumner
Sting Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner Having played in jazz/rock bands like "Last Exit" and other various groups, including a dixieland jazz group, where he got the name "Sting" from a yellow/black striped shirt. Meehan
sting Gordon Sumner  rich perry
Sting Gordon Sumner  Bah Humbug!
Sting Gordon Mathew Sumner The nick 'sting' came from a sweater Sting wore at school. It had black and yellow stripes that made him look like a wasp (or a bee, for what matters). And wasps sting. Peltio
Stiv Bators Stivin Bator Late guitarist for Dead Boys and many others. punkrock
Stockard Channing Susie Channing 'Grease' fame Janet Trent
Stokley Stokley Williams   R & B
Stonewall Jackson Stonewall Jackson This country singer, who had a crossover hit with the saga "Waterloo" (not the later ABBA song) in '59, had no pseudonym: "Stonewall" was his given name! jonaco
Stormzy Michael Ebenezer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr. UK-based drill rapper, pciked up the name because he thought it sounded cool and conveyed power Jay
The Streets Mike Skinner  Tarquin
Strictly Kev Kevin Foakes  Bobo
Stringbean Dave Akeman  Former "Hee-Haw" regular murdered in 1973. Countryhick
Stu Pid Stuart Donovan "Stu Pid" is actually "stupid" split in two. Brown-Houston_3333
Stu Sutcliffe Stuart Fergusson Victor Sutcliffe Beatles bassist who died of a brain hemmorhage in 1962. Beegles
The Subsonikbioik Steve Austin I came up with this name whilst listening to the sub base of a track in which Derrick may was playing, I said to a friend "thats f***in Bionik, he said no thats sonik and I then said thats f***ing subsonikbionik. I write techno and study film making and are now using all these ideas. James Kearnie Beaton
Substance Peter Kuschnereit  Bobo
Sugar Blue James Whiting  Bobo
Suge Knight Marion Knight  rappa
Suggs Grahm McPherson Suggs is the frontman for Madness
Sugizo Sugihara Yasuhiro Guitarist for Japanese band Luna Sea. kira
Sully Erna Salvatore Paul Erna Sully Erna is the singer in the Rock band Godsmack Sarah
Sun Ra Herman Poole Blount Jazz keyboardist & bandleader with a strong interest in Egyptology and the cosmos. Todd W. Zimmerman
Sunny Sunny Ozuna Recorded "Talk To Me" with his Sunglows in 1963. old
Sunnyland Slim Albert Luandrew  Bobo
Supa Deejay Dmitry Dmitry Brill One of the DJs in Deee-Lite Naomi
Super Cat Dmitri Hakim He always thought of himself as "a new and improved Cat Stevens." Therefore, he called himself "Super Cat." So far, his biggest hit is "A Dog Is Better Than A Gun."  Dog
Super DJ Dmitry Dmitry Brill Member of the trio Deee-Lite. electronic
Superhunk Tarrell P Shea Acoustic artist who has collaborated with musical greats John Ranger (JDR) and Jens Nielsen. Terry Shea
Superman Lovers Guillaume Atlan Had a 2001 hit with the single Starlight Bobo
Surface 10 Dean DeBenedictis Surface 10 acknowledges numerous and electic influences, such as Tangerine Dream, Steve Roach, Autechre, and Aphex Twin. (Look up these artists for more information.) Bobo
Susie Luchsinger Martha Susan McEntire Sister of country singer Reba McEntire. Christian
Suzanne Shaw Suzanne Crowshaw Singer from 'Hear'Say' Sez
Suzi Quatro Suzi Quatrocchio "Happy Days" singer/actress. oldrock
Suzy Bogguss Susan Kay Boggus  Country
Sven Seven Steven Shenar Guitarist of Green Jelly. Mickey D.
Swed Carnifex Kath Bainbridge swed was her school nick name after she changed sweed(another word for head)to swed.she also guffed on't swed of another kath who later died. john bowness
Sweet Tee/Suga Toi Jackson old school female emcee bori love
Swift Ondre Moore D12 Member. Rax
SWV Cheryl, Tamara, Leann SWV, had originaly chose the name TLC for their initials. But the other TLC came out with it first. Nikki
Syd Barrett Roger Keith Barrett Guitarist and vocalist for Pink Floyd. united
Syd Barrett Roger Keith Barrett As most of you will know he was a founder- member of Pink Floyd and the creative force behind the band on their first album. He wrote or co-wrote all but one track on their classic Piper At The Gates Of Dawn album. He also wrote both sides of their first two hit singles, Arnold Layne and See Emily Play and their third 45, Apples And Oranges. All of these recordings are essential artefacts of British psychedelia. A rumor said that he took syd from acid but its false he began take acid after the first album Nicolas Bastien McCallum
Syd Barrett Roger Keith Barrett He used to go to this jazz club, where a musician named Sid Barrett played. When they realised they had the same surname, Roger adopted the nickname "Syd", changing the way that the name was spelt. From then on it stuck. queen crimson
Sydney Youngblood Sydney Ford His hits include "I'd Rather Go Blind" and "If Only I Could" Candy Welty
Sylvain Sylvain Syl Mizrahi  Formerly with The New York Dolls. punker
Sylvia Sylvia Vanderpool Robinson This veteran R&B singer/guitarist/producer was half of Mickey and Sylvia ("Love Is Strange"). Nearly 20 years later, she had her own million-seller with soft-soul tune "Pillow Talk". With husband Joe, she helped put hip-hop on the map as producer of the Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight".  jonaco
Sylvia Sylvia Hutton Best known for the song "Drifter". Country
Sylvia Sylvia Hutton Sylvia is best known for her #1 hit, "Nobody".  Wade
Synester Gates Brian Hener Lead guitarist for Avenged Sevenfold brittany
Synyster Gates Brian Elwin Haner, Jr Lead guitarist and backing vocals for Avenged Sevenfold. Travis
Synyster Gates Brian Haner Jr He made up this name before the band Avenged Sevenfold began. He was totally drunk, in the back of a car. He screamed "I am Synyster F***ing Gates!" He plays lead guitar in Avenged Sevenfold, but he also plays in Pinkly Smooth with Jimmy Sullivan (The Rev- A7X) and two other people from Ballistico. jenny!!!!!!
Synyster Gates Brian Haner Jr. Guitartist for the band Avenged Sevenfold. sara
Synyster Gates Brian Elwin Haner, Jr  Travis
Synyster Gates Brian Haner, Jr.  Leslie Mathison
Synyster Gates Brian Haner Jr. Lead guitarist for Avenged Sevenfold. Born July 7, 1981.  Andrea
Synyster Gates Brian Haner, Jr. Lead guitarist for Avenged Sevenfold. Haner is spelled with an A, not an E. Jezza
Synyster Gates  Brian Haner, Jr. Guitarist, Avenged Sevenfold. His dad, Brian Haner Sr., played the acoustic solo at the end of A7x's track "Sidewinder", from the album, "City of Evil". Kameron
Syreeta Rita Wright Famous for the duet "With You I'm Born Again" with Billy Preston. soul ii

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