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A spoonerism occurs when the first letters or syllables of two or more words get swapped. The term spoonerism is named in honor of the Reverend William Archibald Spooner whose students used to write down all the instances of spoonerisms that he made. This page focuses on spoonerisms made with band names.

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Entries Beginning with T

E-Tara originally T-ara
Regina Haniger
E-Taura originally T-Ara
Rhonda Hindle
B-Tone originally T-Bone
Carrie Dawn Knight-Lee
B Tones originally T-Bones
Could suggest their music is monotonal?
Natalie Portmanteau Word
Re-Text originally T-Rex
British Bullcrap
Bree Graham Town originally T. Graham Brown
Angie O'Plasty
Saw Tara And The Mean originally Ta Mara And The Seen
Frank Hotdog
Ma Sara and the Teen originally Ta Mara and the Seen
Ma Tara And The Scene originally Ta Mara And The Seen
Britney Spears into pruning hooks
Ah, Mara, Sand The Teen originally Ta Mara And The Seen
Britney Spears into pruning hooks
Madge Towery originally Tahj Mowry
Cal Amari
Tie Crow Ooze originally Taio Cruz
Renee Keener
I Tow Cruz originally Taio Cruz
Renee Keener
Cry "Toe Ooze" originally Taio Cruz
Renee Keener
Cairo Twos originally Taio Cruz
Lefty Lucy
Baka Toom originally Taka Boom
Cotton Lorraine
Baking Tack Sunday originally Taking Back Sunday
Unscrambling a previous confused post
The Quirkfetch Kid
Hawking Teds originally Talking Heads
Shammy Toe originally Tami Show
Sheila Oh
Rap Toot originally Taproot
Me And Mrs. Jones
Kara Temp originally Tara Kemp
Reese Witherspoonerism
Lara Hen Tart originally Tara Lyn Hart
Tracy Frummond
Lara Tin Heart originally Tara Lyn Hart
Tracy Frummond
Haste Of Toney originally Taste Of Honey
What happens while doing the Boogie Oogie Oogie?
Hail Or Ticks originally Taylor Hicks
Salvador Dali Parton
Mailer Thomson originally Taylor Momsen
Marlene L. Ram
Swaylor Tift originally Taylor Swift
Sounds neat, even if not real words.
Axl Sean
Sailor Twift originally Taylor Swift
Staler Whiffed originally Taylor Swift
Knee Tech originally Teaneck
D. Melody Dole, MD
Key Net originally Teaneck
Winter Pepper
Knee Tech originally Teaneck
D. Melody Dole, MD
Key Net originally Teaneck
Winter Pepper
Fears For Tears originally Tears For Fears
Fears Tore Fears originally Tears For Fears
Reese Witherspoonerism
Trek No Tonic originally Technotronic
Regina Haniger
Jed New Tent originally Ted Nugent
Lori Tirol
Nude Ted Gent originally Ted Nugent
What was the question?
Ned Tugent originally Ted Nugent
Meana Taree originally Teena Marie
Nag A Sedna Rat originally Tegan And Sara
Probably no rats on that FAR-out dwarf planet!
Natalie Portmanteau Word
Segan And Tara originally Tegan and Sara
Gretchen Wieners
Tara, Nag Sedna originally Tegan And Sara
Why should Tara nag a dwarf planet?
Natalie Portmanteau Word
Andes Nag Tara originally Tegan And Sara
How does a mountain range nag Tara?
Cal Amari
Yen Tears After originally Ten Years After
Olivia Tame
Ernessee Tenney Ford originally Tennessee Ernie Ford
My mom could never say his name right…
Den Pole Tooter originally Tenpole Tudor
Evil Olive
Ten Toll Pooter originally Tenpole Tudor
Pen Toll Tudor originally Tenpole Tudor
Gary Tibbs originally Terri Gibbs
Salvador Dali Parton
Terry Silky Gun originally Terry Gilkyson
Britney Spears into pruning hooks
Gary Silky Ton originally Terry Gilkyson
Cynthia Avery
Jerry Tacks originally Terry Jacks
Doug Graves
Rest Your Tea Flex originally Test Your Reflex
Whatever a tea flex is
Claire Annette Player
Test Your Flea, Rex originally Test Your Reflex
Fiona Pear
Rest Your Flea, Tex originally Test Your Reflex
Margo Gram
Rex Titter originally Tex Ritter
Marge Pegram
Theory Of A Med, Dan originally Theory Of A Deadman
Natalie Snortman
They Bite Me Giants originally They Might Be Giants
Jacqui O'Day
Lynn Thizzy originally Thin Lizzy
Neat sound, even if unlikely last name.
Drew Scarymore
Dirt Thay originally Third Day
Cotton Lorraine
Bird Thigh Lined originally Third Eye Blind
Leanne Cantrell(not to fret; relling is overrated)
Symptom Swans originally Thompson Twins
Lois Teem
Dee Gray's Thrace originally Three Days Grace
Toni Minot
Tree Thread Doles In A Baggie originally Three Dead Trolls In A Baggie
Chelsea Dunn
Three Tread Doles In A Baggie originally Three Dead Trolls In A Baggie
Chelsea Dunn
Three Dread Tolls In A Baggie originally Three Dead Trolls In A Baggie
Chelsea Dunn
The Greedy Threes originally The Three Degrees
Audrey Ruiz
Knee Dog Thrite originally Three Dog Night
Lefty Lucy
Bee Dollar Thrill originally Three Dollar Bill
Bruce Curb
Bin Tuckley originally Tim Buckley
Lefty Lucy
Bum Tickley originally Tim Buckley
St. Louis Prima Donna Summer Solstice
Grim Took Ma originally Tim McGraw
Linda Radnil
Climb Ex-social Tub originally Timex Social Club
Bungee Jumping Jack Flash Gordon Lightfoot
Nita Charles originally Tina Charles
Eva Cave
Sheena Tarls originally Tina Charles
Cotton Lorraine
Mina Tore originally Tina Moore
Adlai Alda
Nita Moore originally Tina Moore
Adlai Alda
Rena Tobbin originally Tina Robin
michelle (hell in mice)
Bean A-Rottin' originally Tina Robin
Foley Cassid
Turn A Teener originally Tina Turner
Nina Turn Her originally Tina Turner
Wisnu Aji
Tuna Tirner originally Tina Turner
Woo The Tin originally To The Wind
Cotton Lorraine
Woo The Tin originally To The Wind
Cotton Lorraine
Toad Three Sweat Pocket originally Toad, The Wet Sprocket
Sarah Topsian
Stowed Three Wet Pocket originally Toad, the Wet Sprocket
Sarah Topsian
Low Tea Bark originally Tobi Lark
Bark from low on a tea bush?
Lori Tirol
Colby Teeth originally Toby Keith
If you would brush, that cheese wouldn't build up.
Moby Tack originally Toby Mac
Sounds like a whale of a nail.
Regina Haniger
Rod Tundgren originally Todd Rundgren
Boil-it Toys originally Toilet Boys
Bungee Jumping Jack Flash Gordon Lightfoot
Calm Rock Tan originally Tom Cochrane
Calm Talk Ran originally Tom Cochrane
Calm Towelettes originally Tom Kaulitz
Wet Ones are calm?
Rom Taylor originally Tom Lehrer
Sonya Raynos
Pom Teddy originally Tom Petty
Tom Hearty And The Petbreakers originally Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
Adrienne Ramseur
Bomb Hettie And The Partakers originally Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
Party Enema
Pom Heady And The Tartbreakers originally Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
Rocky Roccoco-Cola
Tommy Shames And Johndells originally Tommy James And The Shondells
Penelope Beckinsale
O Knee Tar Den originally Toni Arden
Harry Truman Capote
Boney Tassel originally Toni Basil
Bony Trackston originally Toni Braxton
Lucille Ball sized hail
Boney Talon originally Tony Allen
Bony Tanks originally Tony Banks
Of Genesis fame.
Benny, Tone It originally Tony Bennett
Boney Tenet originally Tony Bennett
Also could work...
Coney Terry originally Tony Carey
Coney = alternate name for a rabbit
Cheryl Jordan
Honey Tatch originally Tony Hatch
Moany Tartan originally Tony Martin
Jessica Bielzebub
Shoe Tort originally Too Short
Lefty Lucy
Gopher Trace originally Topher Grace
Margaret (less massive than my name backwards)
Amy Tore Us originally Tori Amos
Lucille Ball sized hail
Ori Tame Us originally Tori Amos
Bracy Turd originally Tracy Byrd
Tiffany Furlong
Macy Trap Chan originally Tracy Chapman
Ava Rice
Chasey Trapman originally Tracy Chapman
Wade Trends originally Trade Winds
Trevor Overt
Lance Traitor originally Translator
D. Melody Dole, MD
The Raveling Twill Berries originally The Traveling Wilburys
Reese Witherspoonerism
Prick Tony originally Trick Pony
Andrea Greenleaf
Sick Tried originally Trickside
Sonia Rinzaimayor
Ticks Ride originally Trickside
Dogniss Everdeen
Poocher originally Trooper
Not really a spoonerism, but funny.
Jim Class
Truffle Bunk originally Trouble Funk
Bridal Shower Curtain Call Waiting Room
Duff Tarts originally Tuff Darts
Fiona Montrose
Shupac Takar originally Tupac Shakur
Early Rich Turds originally Turley Richards
Olivia Tame
Twenty Pun Islets originally Twenty-One Pilots
Adlai Alda
Cysted Twister originally Twisted Sister
Amanda Svenson
Lighter Joseph originally Tyler Joseph
Toni Minot
Tex's sore arse ran originally Tyrannosaurus Rex (T Rex)
God that's bad!
Jon Goldney
Wry Tone Davis originally Tyrone Davis
Salvador Dali Parton
Wry Tone Wells originally Tyrone Wells
('W' in wry is silent.)
Renee Keener

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