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A spoonerism occurs when the first letters or syllables of two or more words get swapped. The term spoonerism is named in honor of the Reverend William Archibald Spooner whose students used to write down all the instances of spoonerisms that he made. This page focuses on spoonerisms made with band names.

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Entries Beginning with K

A.T. Coslin originally K.T. Oslin
Sand Cass originally Kansas
Rocky Roccoco-Cola
Where In Kite originally Karyn White
Natalie Portmanteau Word
Wherein Kite originally Karyn White
Natalie Portmanteau Word
Wearin' Kite originally Karyn White
Bait Cush originally Kate Bush
Blake DeKalb
Nate Cash originally Kate Nash
Buffalo Bill Codependent
Kirby Stone Four originally Kathy Kirby
Burr Keystone Four
Sally Kedoula
Kathy Burr-Key originally Kathy Kirby
Sally Kedoula
Perry Katy originally Katy Perry
Sex change by name reversal.
Kay P. Terry originally Katy Perry
Cape Canaveral Lavigne
Ray Key Petty originally Katy Perry
Cape Canaveral Lavigne
Paty Kerry originally Katy Perry
No comments.
Mickey D.
Paty Carrie originally Katy Perry
A more accurate spoonerizing.
Mr. Bump
Cozy Rate originally Katy Rose
Reese Witherspoonerism
Stay Car originally Kay Starr
Don't turn into something else, other than a car.
Kerianne Hopkins
KC and the Bun Shine Sand originally KC and the Sunshine Band
That's the way I like it! -:)
Lady Kang originally KD Lang
Heath Camp Shire originally Keith Hampshire
Cape Canaveral Lavigne
Sheath Camp Hire originally Keith Hampshire
Natalie Portmanteau Word
Pelly Kickler originally Kellie Pickler
Kellie Lick Purr originally Kellie Pickler
How can one lick a sound made by cats?
Candace Troy Powers
Killie Peckler originally Kellie Pickler
Lois Teem
Pillie Keckler originally Kellie Pickler
Janice Ferrell
Jenny Key originally Kenny G
Wendy Torrance
Guinea Collins originally Kenny Loggins
Daphne Hughes
Lenny Coggins originally Kenny Loggins
Daphne Hughes
Lenny MacCain originally Kenny MacLean
Tess O. Gosset
Many Lack Cane originally Kenny MacLean
Tess O. Gosset
Ninny Colon originally Kenny Nolan
Margaret (less massive than my name backwards)
Penny Christ originally Kenny Price
Renny Codgers originally Kenny Rogers
Hilly Care Son originally Keri Hilson
Likes Rhino originally Keri Hilson
Carmen Nunki
Is Hornilke originally Keri Hilson
Carmen Nunki
Harry Killson originally Keri Hilson
Blake DeKalb
Merry Kills originally Kerry Mills
Cotton Lorraine
Kelly Tester originally Ketty Lester
Stephanie Craddock
Let It Go originally Keyshia Cole
Get It Low
Renee Keener
Rid Cock originally Kid Rock
Dee Key Key originally Kiki Dee
Candace Mercer
Hill Canna originally Kill Hannah
A canna flower growing on a hill
Mary Byram
The Lickers originally The Killers
Jim Class
Billing Coy originally Killing Boy
Lefty Lucy
Kidding Highly originally Killing Heidi
Hannah Bullecter
Hiding Kellie originally Killing Heidi
High King Liddy originally Killing Heidi
Unusual name for a king.
Lydia Helton
Hiking Liddy originally Killing Heidi
Liddy is quite a hiker.
Lydia Helton
SkillWitch Engage originally KillSwitch Engage
Terror Reid
Engage Witch Kills originally KillSwitch Engage
Carolyn Morgenstern
SwillKitsch Engage originally KillSwitch Engage
Terror Reid
Cam Kirnes originally Kim Carnes
She Lazy
Dim Car Cash, Ian originally Kim Kardashian
Nutmeg Ryan
Limberly Cock originally Kimberley Locke
Lou Quilson
Rim Key Odes originally Kimmie Rhodes
Erica Tetralix
Sing, Miss Kyle originally King Missile
Ashley Nicole Hendershot-Wetherington
Sing "Kiss Mile" originally King Missile
Is there such a song?!?
Ashley Nicole Hendershot-Wetherington
Lings Of Keon originally Kings Of Leon
Logs of Kevin originally Kings of Leon
Kings Love Eon originally Kings Of Leon
Alan Toyce
The Ming's Kin originally The Kingsmen
Relatives of a Chinese dynasty
Lydia Idyl
Burr Keystone Four originally Kirby Stone Four
[correction to previous post]
Sally Kedoula
Kirby Phone Store originally Kirby Stone Four
Margo Gram
Sick originally Kiss
Surprised no one thought of this yet.
Pissing The Kink originally Kissing The Pink
Natalie Merchant's Millpond
Catty Killin' originally Kitty Kallen
Marlene L. Ram
The Bicker Knockers originally The Knickerbockers
Job Lowe
Ghoul & Key Thang originally Kool & The Gang
Anita Grade
Nork originally Korn
Not really a spoonerism, but it sounds funny.
Red Ruffcorn
Court Cur Bane originally Kurt Cobain
Burt Cocaine originally Kurt Cobain
Blurt "Kiss Toe" originally Kurtis Blow
Natalie Portmanteau Word
Dial Ann Cruise originally Kyle Andrews
D. Melody Dole, MD
Dial Ann Cruise originally Kyle Andrews
D. Melody Dole, MD
Miley Kinogue originally Kylie Minogue
And you thought Cyrus was the only one.
Papa Roach Clip

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