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A spoonerism occurs when the first letters or syllables of two or more words get swapped. The term spoonerism is named in honor of the Reverend William Archibald Spooner whose students used to write down all the instances of spoonerisms that he made. This page focuses on spoonerisms made with band names.

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Entries Beginning with P

Dee Piddy originally P. Diddy
Crab Poe Lose originally Pablo Cruise
Zodma Kitten
Crablo Poos originally Pablo Cruise
Gamey Winehouse
Lamb Tip Us originally Pam Tillis
Tess O. Gosset
Tam Pillis originally Pam Tillis
Banned A Pear originally Panda Bear
Ingrid McCannless
Banned A Pair originally Panda Bear
Ingrid McCannless
Pa Approach originally Papa Roach
Olivia Tame
Harris Pilton originally Paris Hilton
Jessica Childress
Cirrus Pesters originally Paris Sisters
As in cirrus, type of clouds
Anna Faris Wheel
Dark Way Prive originally Parkway Drive
Rhonda Hindle
Fart Ridge Pam Lee originally Partridge Family
Ridin' Big originally Pastor Troy
Biden Rig
Regina Haniger
Bat Ten-a-par originally Pat Benatar
Pat Tend-a-bar originally Pat Benatar
Bat Pen-a-tar originally Pat Benatar
Rockin' B****
Tat Pen-a-bar originally Pat Benatar
Clasty Pine originally Patsy Cline
Joe Haynes
Batty Lapel originally Patti LaBelle
Arlene Titshaw
Pagey Pat originally Patti Page
Slowpoke Rodriguez
Pagey Pat originally Patti Page
Slowpoke Rodriguez
Page Patty originally Patti Page
Fatty Grippin' originally Patty Griffin
Candace Mercer
Brawl Pet's Sage originally Paul Brett's Sage
Jane C. Moore
Brawl Sets Page originally Paul Brett's Sage
Jane C. Moore
Saul Brett's Page originally Paul Brett's Sage
Jane C. Moore
Dall Pave Us originally Paul Davis
Help! Don't let that Dall Sheep bury us in asphalt
Salvador Dali Parton
Paul Card Hassle originally Paul Hardcastle
Salvador Dali Parton
LOL Pinned originally Paul Lynde
Mall Kick Art Knee originally Paul McCartney
Auntie Gen
Mall Cook Part Knee originally Paul McCartney
Bruce Curb
Wall McPartney And Kings originally Paul McCartney And Wings
Tiffany Furlong
Paul McWartney And Kings originally Paul McCartney And Wings
Tiffany Furlong
All Pokin' Fold originally Paul Oakenfold
Allison O'Silla
Sill Pawman originally Paul Simon
Saul Pie Man originally Paul Simon
He worked at the Scarborough Fair.
Stall Panly originally Paul Stanley
Like a bedpan.
Stan Pauley originally Paul Stanley
Jane's brother?
Rocky II
Polar Hunt originally Paul Thorn
Toni Minot
Harlot Pun originally Paul Thorn
Toni Minot
Call A Pole originally Paula Cole
April Fleming
All O' De Panda originally Paula deAnda
The Quirkfetch Kid
Pal Germ originally Pearl Jam
Dunga Gin
Jearl Pam originally Pearl Jam
We Pee-Hunt originally Pee Wee Hunt
Why hunt for pee? :(
Eva Shortoria
We Pea-Hunt originally Pee Wee Hunt
Better than hunting pee!
Eva Shortoria
He We Punt originally Pee Wee Hunt
Treating someone like a football
Eva Shortoria
Leggy Pee originally Peggy Lee
Joe Haynes
Winnie Pies originally Pennywise
Flora Rolf
Pepper Trent Molly Company originally Peppermint Trolley Company
Lori Tirol
Circe Pledge originally Percy Sledge
Circe = the temptress in 'The Odyssey'
Mae Beam
Fur Pume originally Perfume
Cotton Lorraine
Mary Poco originally Perry Como
Another one.
Carrie Pomo originally Perry Como
Sex change spoonerism
Bet Shop Poise originally Pet Shop Boys
Ned MacCamden
Pet Beast originally Pete Best
Allison O'Silla
Beat Pest originally Pete Best
Original drummer for The Beatles
Argent Tina
Sheet Pelley originally Pete Shelley
Don Amoeba
Seat Town Pend originally Pete Townshend
British Bullcrap
Sheet Pound Ten originally Pete Townshend
Another spoonerism of Pete.
Teat Sound Pen originally Pete Townshend
Wheat Pents originally Pete Wentz
That Guy
Wetey pants originally Pete wentz
Haha we thought of this on top of our heads
Random little grl
Y'eat Porn originally Pete Yorn
Y'eat = contraction for "Ye Eat"
Millie Verst
Creeter Pissed originally Peter Criss
Meter Cook Pan originally Peter McCann
Andy Gibb's Free Energy
Meter Perfy originally Peter Murphy
British Bullcrap
Shitter Peeling originally Peter Schilling
Gad, what a spoonerism to have!
Daryl Hannah Montana
Teeter Pork originally Peter Tork
Olga Ruiz
Teeter Posh originally Peter Tosh
Meter, Maul, And Perry originally Peter, Paul, And Mary
Ursula Turpin
Cletula Park originally Petula Clark
British Bullcrap
Plant 'em, Fan It originally Phantom Planet
Rock Maninoff
Call Fill-Ins originally Phil Collins
The Orkin Man
Kill Fallings originally Phil Collins
Hill Faris originally Phil Harris
Dionne Peacewick
Gil Flip Ass originally Philip Glass
Angelina Laide
Dilless Filler originally Phyllis Diller
Fink Ployed originally Pink Floyd
Herculina Alencar
Lank Piddy originally Pink Lady
Lefty Lucy
Link Pady originally Pink Lady
Lefty Lucy
Punk Minnie originally Pinmonkey
Hannah Bullecter
Bit Pull originally Pitbull
George Hamiltonian
Picky Slot originally Pixie Lott
Ick, Sea Plot originally Pixie Lott
Erica Tetralix
Sickly Pot originally Pixie Lott
Ely Kyle
Lick Sea Pot originally Pixie Lott
Harriet Henderson
VJ Harpy originally PJ Harvey
Kirsten Abercrombie
Plain Tight Wheeze originally Plain White T's
Stan Doff
Wayne Tight Pleas originally Plain White T's
Tight Wane Pleas originally Plain White T's
requests for not-so-tight-fitting T's?
Tame Plight Wees originally Plain White T's
The Slim Poles originally The Plimsouls
Reese Witherspoonerism
DM Pawn originally PM Dawn
Doug Graves
The Toni Pails originally The Poni-tails
Daisy Pappus
Pop Will Seat Its Elf originally Pop Will Eat Itself
Salvador Dali Parton
The Joppin Pays originally The Popinjays
Les More
Oort Pisshead originally Portishead
Another spoonerism previously posted as anagram
The Quirkfetch Kid
Heatis Poured originally Portishead
Electric Boogeyman
Hortis Ped originally Portishead
As in pedestrian.
Electric Boogeyman
Most Parks originally Postmarks
Sir Ron Norris
The Pee Trenders originally The Pretenders
Regina Haniger
Potty Prison originally Pretty Poison
What they get for being a one-note 80's group.
1980's Strike Back
The Fries Pighter Inferno originally The Prize Fighter Inferno
What's a pighter? =]
Muddle Of Pudd originally Puddle Of Mudd
Duff Paddy originally Puff Daddy
Renee Scoggins
Prayer Puree League originally Pure Prairie League
Hilary Morgan

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