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A spoonerism occurs when the first letters or syllables of two or more words get swapped. The term spoonerism is named in honor of the Reverend William Archibald Spooner whose students used to write down all the instances of spoonerisms that he made. This page focuses on spoonerisms made with band names.

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Entries Beginning with A

Karen Arter originally Aaron Carter
Daisy/Easy originally AC/DC
Not This One, Jacques
A Stray Chicane originally Acacia Strain
Janis Ian Fleming
Face Railey originally Ace Frehley
Base Of Ace originally Ace Of Base
Natalie Starboardman
Ace 'Bove Ace originally Ace Of Base
'Bove as in short for "Above"
Roxanne Drake
Space Tech Rum originally Ace Spectrum
Etta James Taylor Swift
The Ab-Lids originally The Ad-Libs
Regina Olsen
Duh, Al! originally Adele
Odie Garfield
Safter Ghoul originally After School
Cotton Lorraine
Day Inn originally Aiden
Trevor Overt
Mamie Anne originally Aimee Mann
Karen Moore
Sayer Apply originally Air Supply
Sure Apply originally Air Supply
Yackin' Ellie originally Akinyele
Harriet Henderson
Pal 'N' Arsons originally Alan Parsons
Ingrid McCannless
The Pal In Arsons Project originally The Alan Parsons Project
Sir Ron Norris
Holy Alan originally Ali Lohan
Trevor Overt
Alice Troll Cane originally Alice Coltrane
Candace Mercer
Callous Ol' Train originally Alice Coltrane
Candace Mercer
Cowless Ooper originally Alice Cooper
coolis alper
Dallas E.J. originally Alice Deejay
Dallas Own Nut originally Alice Donut
They only have one?!!
Talus In Shane's originally Alice In Chains
True spoonerism by breaking "Ch" sound into parts
Etta James Taylor Swift
Callous In Hanes originally Alice In Chains
As in Hanes underwear.
Frank Hotdog
Chalice Inanes originally Alice In Chains
Olga Ruiz
Halas In Canes originally Alice In Chains
As in ex-Chicago Bears' coach George Halas
Frank Hotdog
A Sheila's Attic originally Alisha's Attic
Stan Doff
Callison Rouse originally Alison Krauss
Talc Align Rio originally Alkaline Trio
Fiona Pear
Shawl About E originally All About She
Can a letter of the alphabet wear a shawl?
Fiona Montrose
Saul Ain'ts originally All Saints
All Lime Toe originally All Time Low
Amy Grunt
Rall American Ejects originally All-American Rejects
Sal And Herman originally Allan Sherman
John Outhouse
The Brawlin' Mothers Band originally The Allman Brothers Band
Norman Cornelius
The Brawl Men Others Band originally The Allman Brothers Band
Kelly Blythe
A Panda Meet originally Amanda Peet
Robin Anibor
Dame E. Alley originally Amy Dalley
Evil Olive
Grammy Ain't originally Amy Grant
Has she won any Grammys?
Lucinda Blair
Gamey Rant originally Amy Grant
Ingrid McCannless
Gray Me Ant originally Amy Grant
Stan E. Cox-Hyde
Hiney Way Mouse originally Amy Winehouse
Lisa Belle Basil
Whiny Aim House originally Amy Winehouse
Jessica Bielzebub
Dan Drew Okie originally Andrew Coady
Ron N. O'Connor
Dan Grew Old originally Andrew Gold
Janice Ferrell
Kay Drew Ann W. originally Andrew W.K.
Fiona Pear
Candy M. originally Andy Kim
Tori Spelling Bee
Candy Im originally Andy Kim
Sex change switcheroo.
Dean Dairy
Manna Ocean originally Animotion
Daryl Hannah Montana
Lana Bella Win originally Annabella Lwin
D. Melody Dole, MD
Man Array originally Anne Murray
Lenny Annex originally Annie Lennox
Car Aid Fire originally Arcade Fire
Tori Spelling Bee
Car Fade Ire originally Arcade Fire
Andy Gibb's Free Energy
Car Adia originally Arcadia
Rock Maninoff
Larchers Of Moaf originally Archers Of Loaf
Archers Love Oaf originally Archers Of Loaf
Angelina Laide
Larchers Of Oaf originally Archers Of Loaf
Call Me What You Will
Loafers Of Arch originally Archers Of Loaf
Angelina Laide
Loachers Of Arf originally Archers Of Loaf
loachers: Brazillian fish; Arf: dogs help group
The Charries originally The Archies
Cartoon Cartoon
Gart Far Uncle originally Art Garfunkel
Fart Argunkel originally Art Garfunkel
Ben Dunne
Gart Our Uncle originally Art Garfunkel
Art Knew Me originally Art Mooney
Annette Oraline Fisher
Parvo Art originally Arvo Pärt
As I Day Lying originally As I Lay Dying
Lefty Lucy
As Di Lay Eyeing originally As I Lay Dying
Ron N. O'Connor
Simply Ashen originally Ashlee Simpson
Britney Spears into pruning hooks
Dashley Is Tail originally Ashley Tisdale
Flora Rolf
Say Uh originally Asia
The Pass Ownies originally The Ass Ponies
Ah, Yeay, True! originally Atreyu
Margo Gram
Rack Sell O's originally Axl Rose

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