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A spoonerism occurs when the first letters or syllables of two or more words get swapped. The term spoonerism is named in honor of the Reverend William Archibald Spooner whose students used to write down all the instances of spoonerisms that he made. This page focuses on spoonerisms made with band names.

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Entries Beginning with G

Robbie Gell originally Gabrielle
Ah, a gender change by spoonerism!
Regina Haniger
Al Gary originally Gallery
Rick Rold
Fang Of Gore originally Gang Of Four
Bar Gauge originally Garbage
Bargage originally Garbage
Barth Grooks originally Garth Brooks
Aaron Galley originally Gary Allan
Iris Verna
Airy Gallon originally Gary Allan
Daryl Hannah Montana
Glary Gitter originally Gary Glitter
Annette Oraline Fisher
Jerry Ghouls originally Gary Jules
Salvador Dali Parton
Perry Glue Us And The Layboys originally Gary Lewis And The Playboys
Gary Play Us And The Loo Boys originally Gary Lewis And The Playboys
Salvador Dali Parton
Mary Gooman originally Gary Numan
Regina Haniger
Airy Goo S. Bonds originally Gary U.S. Bonds
Job Lowe
Airy You-guess Bonds originally Gary U.S. Bonds
Job Lowe
Clean Garth originally Gene Clark
Keen Jottin' originally Gene Cotton
As in keenly jotting things down
Reese Witherspoonerism
Keen Jelly originally Gene Kelly
He goes good with peanut butter.
Peen Jitney originally Gene Pitney
Oh, what a front of a taxi will do! -:)
Seen Jim Ons originally Gene Simmons
Harry Georgeson originally George Harrison
Horge Garrison originally George Harrison
My Sweet Lard
Storage Grate originally George Strait
Werard Gay originally Gerard Way
Can be read as: Where are d gays
Michael M
Mergins originally Germans
Lefty Lucy
Gerry Panned The Ace Makers originally Gerry And The Pacemakers
Stan Doff
Gerry Manned The Pace Acres originally Gerry And The Pacemakers
Stan Doff
Teary Giraffe originally Gerry Rafferty
Norman Cornelius
The Get Cup Ids originally The Get Up Kids
Margo Gram
Trashylicious originally Girlicious
The Last Gobble originally The Glass Bottle
Eva Cave
The Last Gobble originally The Glass Bottle
Eva Cave
Esther Gloriafan originally Gloria Estefan
This is what my mum kept calling her
R Bicker
Loria Glenn originally Gloria Lynne
Cotton Lorraine
Moria Gland originally Gloria Mann
The Mole
Barks Gnarley originally Gnarls Barkley
Another one I'm surprised no one thought of.
Woah, Guest! originally Go West
British Bullcrap
Woe Guest originally Go West
Ashley Nicole Hendershot-Wetherington
Lod Gives Wonder Otter originally God Lives Underwater
Lod is a city in Israel
Iris Green
Godley Canned Ream originally Godley And Creme
Britney Spears into pruning hooks
Olden Gearing originally Golden Earring
Toni Minot
Doo Goo Gulls originally Goo Goo Dolls
Warning: Look up above for band when at beach
Doo-Doo Galls originally Goo-Goo Dolls
Politikally Incorrekt Spelling
Wood Gold Ore originally Good Old War
How can gold ore be wooden?
Edyth Bowen
Wood Gold Oar originally Good Old War
Maybe a wooden oar painted gold?
Edyth Bowen
Moredan Rick Gay originally Gordon MacRae
He is?!!!
Roardin Gack May originally Gordon MacRae
Hot Guard originally Gotthard
Salvador Dali Parton
Grace Topper originally Grace Potter
Meredith Corpening
Rand Gunk Failroad originally Grand Funk Railroad
Rand Gunk Frailroad originally Grand Funk Railroad
Retaining another 'r' makes more exact spoonerism
Lydia Helton
Panned Jaw Groans originally Grandpa Jones
Daisy Pappus
Gateful Dread originally Grateful Dead
Herculina Alencar
The Fate Gull Dread originally The Grateful Dead
Regina Haniger
The Dreadful Gate originally The Grateful Dead
Kerianne Hopkins
The Great Dull Fed originally The Grateful Dead
Reese Witherspoonerism
The Date Grow Fed originally The Grateful Dead
Richard Head
The Freight Gull Dead originally The Grateful Dead
Etta James Taylor Swift
Cavity Grills originally Gravity Kills
Lydia Helton
Hasten Grew originally Grayson Hugh
Jimmy Walker Red
Queen Grapple Ick Step originally Green Apple Quick Step
Carrie Dawn Knight-Lee
Dean Bloodied Ground Hogs originally Green Bloodied Hound Dogs
Reese Witherspoonerism
Dean Grey originally Green Day
Not just a spoonerism, but an anagram!
Jonathan S.
Green Orange from the Planet Milk originally Green Milk from the Planet Orange
Lefty Lucy
Keg Bin Grand originally Greg Kihn Band
Beg Kin Grand originally Greg Kihn Band
Bed Kihn Grand originally Greg Kihn Band
Ked Bin Grand
Keg Grin Band originally Greg Kihn Band
Witchen Grelson originally Gretchen Wilson
Hay Ground originally Greyhound
Salvador Dali Parton
Spin Groom originally Grinspoon
The Hess Goo originally The Guess Who
Correct spoonerism, since "W" is silent in "Who".
Brittany James
Wes Goo originally Guess Who
Runs Gin Noses originally Gun 'N' Roses
Run Hill Goad originally Gunhill Road
Regina Olsen
Hun Rill Goad originally Gunhill Road
Regina Olsen
Clem Has Gyros originally Gym Class Heroes
Hymn Class Gyros originally Gym Class Heros
Tess O. Gosset

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