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Album cover parody of All Things Must Pass  by George Harrison
Parody album cover
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As long as you hate, there will be people to hate.

I think the popular music has gone truly weird. It's either cutesy-wutesy or it's hard, nasty stuff. It's good that this has life again with the youth.

I wanted to be successful, not famous.

I'm a tidy sort of bloke. I don't like chaos. I kept records in the record rack, tea in the tea caddy, and pot in the pot box.

Love one another.

The biggest break in my career was getting into the Beatles in 1962. The second biggest break since then is getting out of them.

There's high, and there's high, and to get really high - I mean so high that you can walk on the water, that high-that's where I'm going.

Try to realize it's all within yourself no one else can make you change, and to see you're only very small and life flows on within you and without you.

We were talking about the space between us all and the people who hide themselves behind a wall of illusion. Never glimpse the truth - then it's far too late when they pass away.

When you've seen beyond yourself, then you may find, peace of mind is waiting there.

With our love, we could save the world.

The Beatles exist apart from my Self. I am not really Beatle George. Beatle George is like a suit or shirt that I once wore on occasion and until the end of my life people may see that shirt and mistake it for me.
- George Harrison

'The good thing about them is that you can look at them with the sound turned down. You know what irritates me about modern music, it's all based on ego.
Look at a group like U2. Bono and his band are so egocentric - the more you jump around, the bigger your hat is, the more people listen to your music.
The only important thing is to sell and make money. It's nothing to do with talent. Today there are groups who sell lots of records and then disappear. Will we remember U2 in 30 years? Or the Spice Girls? I doubt it.'
- on on modern music, U2 and The Spice Girls. BBC News online summary of GHs quotes on his death in 2001

He is the one you would least expect something dramatic to happen to.
He has been a recluse in many ways for the last few years. He is still into spiritualism and spiritual things... he doesn't actually go out a great deal.
- Hunter Davies - Harrison biographer - speaking to Sky News after Harrison was stabbed at home in 1999.

I had a little throat cancer. I had a piece of my lung removed in 1997. And then I was almost murdered.
But I seem to feel stronger. I don't smoke any more. I'm a little more short of breath than I used to be, so I don't see myself on stage lasting a full 14 rounds.
- George Harrison - BBC News online summary of GHs quotes on his death in 2001

It was like having diarrhoea and not being allowed to go to the toilet. I think a lot of people were surprised to see, 'Oh, he writes songs, too.'
- George Harrison speaking to Rolling Stone magazine about his relative lack of contribution to The Beatles' song lyrics.

I don't listen to anything, and I don't read the papers, and I don't watch TV, and I don't go to concerts.
And so my music, it doesn't matter if I did it 20 years ago or if I did it tomorrow. It doesn't go with trends. My trousers don't get wider and tighter every six months. My music just stays what it is, and that's the way I like it.
- George Harrison on his own music, after the 2001 reissue of All Things Must Pass.

The music and the personalities of the band were the background of our lives.
I think people will be very sad at his death.
He was not only a great musician and artist, but he did an immense amount for charity as well, and so he will be very, very sadly missed by people right round the world.
- Tony Blair - UK Prime Minister - in tribute to George Harrison on his death 1st December 2001.

The purpose of life is to find out 'Who am I?', 'Why am I here?' and 'Where am I going?'
- George Harrison in 1992.



Q. What’s the difference between George Harrison and Joe Biden? A. Amidst his entertaining legacy of making good music, George Harrison got held responsible for “unconscious plagiarism” of a song made famous by the Chiffons. He was more conscious while leaving his entertaining legacy than while committing plagiarism. Joe Biden’s most entertaining legacy is his 2020 Presidential campaign, in which he was LESS conscious than when committing plagiarism.
Submitted by: Richard Wetfuss

Weird Names of Music Performer's Children:

  • Dhani - Just chiming in about Dhani. "dhani" pronounced dhuh-nee is indeed a Hindi word meaning wealthy. Dhani's name is pronounced "Danny", as others have said, and both meanings (the musical and the financial) appear to be quite apt! Submitted by: Mary
  • Dhani - Pronounced "Danny", as pronounced by Paul McCartney and others in the Concert for George. Submitted by: Cyn
  • Dhani - Pronounced DOH-NI, an English name with a hint of Hindu. I think its such a beautifull name. Submitted by: Lisa
  • Dhani Harrison - Yes, it's pronounced "danny", and the musical scale thing is right (or at least very popularly wrong). I don't know if he has a middle name, but I think I've read somewhere that George's middle name was Harold after his father. Submitted by: another nitpicker
  • Dhani Harrison - As a gigantic George and Dhani Harison fan, I'll just correct a few things for you. 1. It's pronounced "Danny", not "Donnie". 2. George became interested in Indian mysticism in 1966, during the filming of "Help!", not 1965. 3. Dhani's middle name, contrary to popular belief, is not Hare. Both he and George were not given middle names. 4. Dhani's name is rumoured to mean "wealthy" in Sanskrit, not Hindi. Again, this has not been proven. Submitted by: Kay
  • Dhani Harrison - It's pronounced danny, and it means wealthy in Hindi. George did (and probably still does) have an obsession with India; thus Dhani's middle names are Hare which means worship and then all of the existing Hindu gods. He doesn't even know all of these names since there are thousands. Submitted by: a pacifist
  • Dhani Harrison - Pronounced "Donnie". It' s actually an Indian name, because George was obsessed with India from 1965 until his death and probably even after that. Submitted by: correction
  • Dhani Harrison - Pronounced 'dah-nee', it is part of the Indian musical scale (equivilant of the European 'Do-re-me-fa-so-la-te') It goes: 'Ma, pa, dah, ni... ma (mom), pa (dad), dah-ni (Dahni, the son)'. Submitted by: luc
  • Dhani Harrison - Pronounced "Danny". Submitted by: Karla

Singers Who Act:

Notable Acting Credits
Comments & Submitter Name
"Electronic Music Documentary"I was earning my college degree in computer + info science. As a pre-rec for taking classes in computer art, movie making and sound audio manipulating we had to take a course in Art + Music of the Post WWII era. George Harrison of the Beatles narrated a film describing how he and his mates created their records from scratch and how today with computer technology it's mostly "push button, a little too easy". Well, we need to know how it's been done before so we can utilize the technology today. After all, the Beatles were the first to utilize looping and backwards messages (whoooooo, Lord it's the Devil - NOT ; ) ). Also, George released "Wonderwall", an album marrying electronics and Asian instruments (did somebody bring up Peter Gabriel?) and he issued "Electronic Sound" which featured just himself and a synthesizer. He pioneered in these innovations so that makes him as good a narrator for this docu as anyone. Still, everyone seems to think he's just a guit-tahr man. - Beatle Baby
"Shanghai Surprise"Surprise! George plays a cameo role as a pub rocker. Surprise! He saved some songs that weren't used in this flick and put them on the excellent 1987 "Cloud 9" CD. Surprise! George said that working with Sean Penn was no hassel but Madonna was conceited, difficult to work with and self-important. Surprise! The movie did stink big time (it starred Madonna in it - what more needs to be said?). - George is Fab
"All the Beatle movies! (A Hard Day's Night, Help!, Magical Mystery Tour, Let It Be, etc.)"Well, he's not the best actor - jdizzy

Song Titles Not Used as Lyrics:

Song Name
Comments & Submitter Name
"What Is Life?"He sings "What is MY life" instead. - Beegles

New Song Names:

Original Song Name
New Song Name
Submitter Name
"My Suite Lord""My Sweet Lord"D. Melody Dole, MD
"My Sweet Load""My Sweet Lord"princejellyfish

Literally Impossible Song Titles:

Submitter Name
"Fish On The Sand,"Fish can't live out of water - they would DIE!Chowder
"Plug Me In,"Harrison was not that electrical.Peter

Use a Song Title to Answer a Different Song:

Song & Band Name
Song & Band Name
"Not Ready To Make Nice," The Dixie Chicks"I Don't Care Anymore," George Harrison
"Oops, I Did It Again," Britney Spears"That's The Way It Goes," George Harrison
"Time Machine," Ingrid Michaelson"All Those Years Ago," George Harrison
"Last Time I Saw Him," Diana Ross"All Those Years Ago," George Harrison
There are additional songs titles that answer other songs available.

Remove a Letter From a Song Title:

"All Hose Years Ago" originally "All Those Years Ago"
Whatever hose years are
Wendy Torrance
"Red Lad Too" originally "Red Lady Too"
Candy Welty
"Ark Horse" originally "Dark Horse"
Candy Welty
"Isn't It A Pit" originally "Isn't It A Pity"
"Crackerbox Place" originally "Crackerbox Palace"
Bethany Byrd

There are additional song titles with a letter removed available.

Add a Letter to a Song Title:

"Reed Lady Too" originally "Red Lady Too"
Candy Welty
"Red Lady Took" originally "Red Lady Too"
Candy Welty
"Read Lady Too" originally "Red Lady Too"
Candy Welty
"Wake Up My Lover" originally "Wake Up My Love"
Candy Welty
"Blown Away" originally "Blow Away"

There are additional song titles with a letter added available.

Change a Letter:

"Rod Lady Too" originally "Red Lady Too"
Candy Welty
"Red Lady Two" originally "Red Lady Too"
Candy Welty
"Red Lady Woo" originally "Red Lady Too"
Candy Welty
"Bed Lady Too" originally "Red Lady Too"
Candy Welty
"Wed Lady Too" originally "Red Lady Too"
Candy Welty

There are additional song titles with a letter changed available.


Apr 5
a parody of ""Awaiting On You All" " by George Harrison
If you open up your heart - blood will gush right out
YouTube: (YouTube Video)

Song Parody Lyrics:

Original Song Name
Parody Song Name
Parody Author
"Here Comes The Sun""Fear Of The Sun"Plumb Bob
"Give Me Love""Visby Love"Thank You, George!
"Cheer Down""Piss Off"I Rode The ELO Starship in 2019
"Here Comes The Sun""Here Comes The Season"Break Jagger
"Got My Mind Set on You""Worst Things I've Stepped Onto"the_conqueror_of_parodies
"Isn't it a pity?""Isn't it a Pittie?"Rick Duncan
"Give Me Love""Give Me Drugs"Plumb Bob
"Here Comes The Sun""Run Bernie Run"The Offenders
"My Sweet Lord""My Sweet Whores"Fack Sabbath
"I Got My Mind Set On You""This Race Is 400 Miles Long"Joe the Crazy Conch

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Songs for Commercials, That Haven't Been Done Yet:

Song Name
Got My Mind Set On YouDating ServicesJordan Alexander
All Things Must PassEx-Laxsignawaiver
My Sweet LordMel Gibson's The Passion of the ChristMack the Knife
My Sweet LordCatholic ChruchMack The Knife

Bad Choices for On Hold Music:

Song Name
I Got My Mind Set On YouADHD HelplineSteve
Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)Military recruiting officePeter
All Things Must PassProctology ClinicFussBudgetVanPelt
Not GuiltyDA's officeDebbieW
All Things Must PassKidney Stone Hotlineactorman_us
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Songs for Duets, That Haven't Been Done Yet:

First Band/Song Name
Second Band/Song Name
New Song Name
Live To Tell
   George Harrison
Live To Tell You
All These Things
   Joe Stampley
All Things Must Pass
   George Harrison
All These Things Must Pass
Sweets For My Sweet
   The Drifters
My Sweet Lord
   George Harrison
Sweets For My Sweet Lord
Don't Know Why
   Norah Jones
Got My Mind Set On You
   George Harrison
Don't Know Why I've Got My Mind Set On You
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If Groups Combined, Their Names Might Be:

Boy George Harrison
Boy George combined with George Harrison
Submitted By: Candy Welty
Harrison Ford
George Harrison combined with Lita Ford
A really famous actor.
Submitted By: GlamRockNinjaLord

Misheard Lyrics:

"When We Was Fab"
Misheard Lyrics:
Back when we was fowl
Original Lyrics:
Back when we was fab
"Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)"
Misheard Lyrics:
Keep me free from birds
Original Lyrics:
Keep me free from birth
"My Sweet Lord"
Misheard Lyrics:
Really want a Sea-Doo
Original Lyrics:
Really wanna see you
"Got My Mind Set on You"
Misheard Lyrics:
I got my mood sad on you
Original Lyrics:
I got my mind set on you
There are additional misheard lyrics available.

Misheard Lyrics Stories:

"My Sweet Lord"
Misheard Lyrics:
My sweet love
Original Lyrics:
My sweet Lord

Story about this misheard lyric by: Tatiana Deirdre

I was two young to remember

There are additional misheard stories available.

Song Parody Fragments:

"My Sweet Lord"
Better Lyrics:
My Sweet Lord
My Sweet Lord
Ooh my Lord
I really wanna kill you
I wanna stick a knife in you
I really wanna blow your brains out that's the thing to do.
Original Lyrics:
My sweet lord
Hm, my lord
Hm, my lord

I really want to know you
Really want to go with you
Really want to show you lord
That it wont take long, my lord
Submitted by: mouselover
"My Sweet Lord"
Better Lyrics:
I really want to blow you

I really want to snow you

**** With all due respect I don't believe George would've used these lyrics in a song addressed to God. This is a matter of misinterpreting phonetics, that's all : )
Original Lyrics:
I really want to know you

I really want to go with you

Submitted by: Cloud 9 Occupant
"I've Got My Mind Set On You"
Better Lyrics:
Get up or I'll sit on you
Original Lyrics:
I've got my mind set on you
Submitted by: BB Krak

Funniest Song Lyrics:

"Crackerbox Palace"
The Funny Lyrics:
I was so young when I was born
Why They're Funny:
Sounds a bit like stating the obvious here.
Submitted by: Adam Holman

Repetitive Song Lyrics:

"Zig Zag"
The Repetitive Lyrics:
Zig zag...
Why They're Repetitive:
The only words in the whole song are "zig zag", and the occasional, "Oooooohhhh, zig zag".
Submitted by: DeeDee
"Got My Mind Set On You"
The Repetitive Lyrics:
Chorus: I've got my mind set on you (repeat 3 more times)
Why They're Repetitive:
George was definitely short on lyrics here. "Weird Al" Yankovic parodied this song with "(This Song's Just) Six Words Long."
Submitted by: Martha Hankins
There are additional repetitive lyrics available.

Nonsensical Song Lyrics:

"Cheer Down"
The Nonsensical Lyrics:
If your dog should be dead
I'm gonna love you instead
The world loves a clown, cheer down.
I want you around, cheer down
Why They're Nonsensical:
"If your dog should happen to be dead?" You get love from him INSTEAD? What the devil is going on here? That sounds a little bit loopy doesn't it? Also, what does "cheer down" supposed to mean? I thought it was "cheer up". Anyway, it's a great hit from a terrific film (Lethal Weapon 2). George gives his slide guitar a major workout on this number.
Submitted by: Iron Curtain Basher

Song Lyrics That Mention Other Songs:

"When We Was Fab"
The Song Lyrics:
But it's all over now, baby blue.
Song They Mention:
"Baby Blue" by Badfinger
Submitted by: Bob
"When We Was Fab"
The Song Lyrics:
The microscopes that magnified the tears
Studied warts and all
Still the life flowed on and on
Fab - long time ago when we was fab
Fab - but It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Fab - long time ago when we was fab
Fab - like this pullover you sent to me
Fab - And You've Really Got a Hold On Me
Fab - long time ago when we was fab
Song They Mention:
"It's All Over Now" by Bob Dylan; "You've Really Got A Hold On Me" by the Miracles.
Submitted by: Tania WYEP
There are additional Song Lyrics That Mention Other Songs lyrics available.

Songs That Open With Their Titles:

"Isn't It A Pity"
Opening Lines:
Isn't it a pity, now, isn't it a shame
Submitted by: Candy Welty
"Got My Mind Set On You"
Opening Lines:
I've got my mind set on you. I've got my mind set on you. (x4)
Submitted by: Brian Kelly
There are additional spelling lyrics available.

Song Title Space Change:

"Brainwash Ed" originally "Brainwashed "
Submitted by: Peter
"Bra In Wash Ed" originally "Brainwashed "
Submitted by: Peter
"Got My Mindset On You" originally "Got My Mind Set on You"
Submitted by: D. Melody Dole, MD

Bad Grammar in Song Lyrics:

"When We Was Fab"
The Lyrics:
Long time ago when we was fab
It should be "when we WERE fab." The word "was" does not agree with the pronoun "we." The word "was" should only be used with the pronouns "I," "she" or "he."
Submitted by: Elenore

Band Name Anagrams:

Ogreish Groaner Submitted by: Evan
Hero Rigs Orange Submitted by: Alexis
A rather odd headline?
A Rigger Onshore Submitted by: Robert D. Arndt Jr.

Song Title Anagrams:

"My Word: 'Steel'" originally "My Sweet Lord"
Submitted by: Lauren
"My Word: 'Sleet'" originally "My Sweet Lord"
Submitted by: Lauren
"I Felt A Wish" originally "What Is Life?"
...coming true
Submitted by: Alexis
"Sift Awhile" originally "What Is Life?"
Submitted by: Alexis
"A Red One" originally "Dear One"
Submitted by: Lorinda Bale

There are additional Song Title Anagrams available.

Real Places Mentioned in Songs:

"Bluejay Way"
The Lyrics:
There's a fog upon L.A .
L.A. Is the name of a place ( i.e. Los Angeles)
Submitted by: Wayne

Super Short Pop Songs:

"It's Johnny's Birthday" Length: 0:49
A weird song off All Things Must Pass... happy bday, Johnny!
Submitted by: jdizzy

Song Title Acrostics:

WIL: "What Is Life"
Wil: Popular nickname especially for William.
Submitted by: Peter

Song Title Spoonerisms:

"Yell A Goes Are The Ho " originally "All Those Years Ago"
A rare double-entendre song from Harrison?
Submitted by: Peter
"Wee Nare Of Dark Bess" originally "Beware Of Darkness"
Submitted by: Dogniss Everdeen
"We Bare of Darkness" originally "Beware of Darkness"
Submitted by: Sutch
"Lye Meat Sword" originally "My Sweet Lord"
Submitted by: Beegles
"Paul Things Must Ass" originally "All Things Must Pass"
Submitted by: Blake DeKalb

There are additional Song Title Spoonerisms available.

Names as a Word Bank:

Horses' reins erase eggs easier. Submitted by: Julian

Song Lawsuits:

"My Sweet Lord"
In 1970, when George Harrison released "My Sweet Lord", the Chiffon's realized that the song nearly plagiarized "He's so Fine". This was settled in 1976 when the Chiffon's won the case. Ironically, Phil Spector produced songs by the Chiffons but he didn't produce "He's so Fine".
Submitted by: Paul Warren

Lyrics Alliteration:

"Beware Of Darkness"
The Lyrics:
Watch out now, take care
Beware of soft shoe shufflers
Because the repetition of "s"
Submitted by: Oliveira

Band Name Spoonerisms:

Harry Georgeson originally "George Harrison"
Submitted by: Beegles
Horge Garrison originally "George Harrison"
Submitted by: My Sweet Lard

Crime Records:

"Drug Use"
Was caught in the same drug bust that Donovan, John Lennon, Marianne Faithfull and other British rockers were in.
Submitted by: KL Fan

Lighter Side of Serious Bands:

"A Memorial Tree (Not a Song)"
THIS IS NO JOKE, THIS IS A TRUE STORY, IRONY AND ALL! In California, near a home owned by Sir Paul McCartney where his Beatle buddy George Harrison was allowed to stay at so he could die in peace away from the media and ultra-Beatlemaniacs. After he died a memorial tree was planted in George's honor and a plague corremmerrating him was set underneath. This memorial tree was also a reminder that George loved to do landscape gardening as a hobby. There's going to be a new tree planting ceremony soon because the current tree, which was planted in 2001 is dead due to an attack by * drumroll, please! * - # cymbals clash! # - BEETLES! Ain't that a pity?! My Sweet Lord! ; )
Submitted by: Lung Cancer Sucks, So Cheer Down!

What A Band is Best Known For (aside from their music):

"synthesizer music"
in the late 60s George released "Electronic Sounds", one of the first all-synthesizer albums ever. George would later put his Moog synthesizer to use on subsequent Beatles albums and in his solo career.
Submitted by: Pisces Rocker
"planting the seeds of world rock music"
George got a sitar and learned how to make it talk. The Beatles hit "Norweigian Wood" is one of the first uses of a non-Western instrument in a rock'n'roll song. Other artists have been inspired by this (did somebody mention Peter Gabriel?).
Submitted by: Pisces Rocker
"Being the first former Beatle to have a #1 single"
"My Sweet Lord" hit #1 on Billboard's charts in October, 1970.
Submitted by: beegles

Other Artists:

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