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Album cover parody of 808s & Heartbreak by Kanye West
Parody album cover
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This is the most recent information about Kanye West that has been submitted to amIright. If we have more information about Kanye West, then we provide a link to the section where it appears (the actual page whenever possible).



There's a rapper named Kanye West. Is there also a rapper named Kanye East?
Submitted by: Brian Kelly
It's great that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, but Kanye West reckons it should've gone to Beyonce!
Submitted by: Robert D. Arndt Jr.
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Band Name Origins:

  • In Swahili his name means "the only one". Submitted by: Miguel ruiz

Music Performer Nicknames:

Known informally as: Ye, Yeezy. Submitted by: Robert D. Arndt Jr.

Known informally as: Louis Vuitton Don. Submitted by: Robert D. Arndt Jr.

Weird Names of Music Performer's Children:

  • North West - And so Kim and Kanye prove they are capable of cruelly punny names. (Note: I'M the first one submitting this? Really?) Submitted by: Brian Kelly

New Band Names:

New Name
Why It's Better
Submitter Name
Kanye EastHe was born in Atlanta, which is East.Reggie Pillbox
Kanye WorstHis antics are the worst!Larcen Tyler
Kanye PestIf we had change letter for artists, this'd work.Reptone
Kray-Z-NessHis antics...Robert D. Arndt Jr.

New Song Names:

Original Song Name
New Song Name
Submitter Name
"Threw The Wire""Through The Wire"Mae Beam
"Through The Lyre""Through The Wire"Mae Beam
"Frogger""Stronger"Kaylie L
"Finger Licker""Golddigger"Bridgette
"Money Maker""Golddigger"Manda

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Literally Impossible Song Titles:

Submitter Name
"Touch the Sky,"You can't touch the sky, and it's not solid eitherDongquan
"Touch the Sky,"The sky is just air so technically you can't.Ricky

Use a Song Title to Answer a Different Song:

Song & Band Name
Song & Band Name
"American Capitalist," Five Finger Death Punch"Gold Digger," Kanye West
"How Do You Sleep?," Jesse McCartney"Eyes Closed," Kanye West
"Flashing Lights," Kanye West"Police Car," Cockney Rejects
"Flashing Lights," Kanye West"Blinded By The Light," Manfred Mann's Earth Band

Remove a Letter From a Song Title:

"Don't Look Don" originally "Don't Look Down"
Candy Welty
"Jess Walks" originally "Jesus Walks"
Daryl Hannah Montana

Add a Letter to a Song Title:

"Swagger Like Gus" originally "Swagger Like Us"
Daryl Hannah Montana

Change a Letter:

"Don't Loop Down" originally "Don't Look Down"
Naomi Swanson
"Don't Lock Down" originally "Don't Look Down"
Naomi Swanson
"Won't Look Down" originally "Don't Look Down"
Candy Welty
"Jesus Talks" originally "Jesus Walks"
"Stagger Like Us" originally "Swagger Like Us"
editors note: his name is KaNYe not KaYNe.
Miranda Turner

Song Parody Lyrics:

Original Song Name
Parody Song Name
Parody Author
"I Love Kanye""I Love Sundaes"the_conqueror_of_parodies
"The New Workout Plan""The New "Get Out" Plan"the_conqueror_of_parodies
"Slow Jamz""Ancient Showz"Z-Police Productions, Inc.
"Gold Digger""Grave Digger"the_conqueror_of_parodies
"Bohemian Rhapsody""Glastonburian Rhapsody"Phil Alexander
"Gold Digger""Golf Swinger"Matthias

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Songs for Commercials, That Haven't Been Done Yet:

Song Name
StrongerBowflex Gym EquipmentTravis
StrongerWeights/ Work Out MachinesAngelina Rose
Workout SongHealth Club IndustriesBooBoo Kitty

Bad Choices for On Hold Music:

Song Name
Jesus WalksAtheist GroupBobyBird 7:18
Jesus WalksSynagogue Or MosqueRory

Songs for Duets, That Haven't Been Done Yet:

First Band/Song Name
Second Band/Song Name
New Song Name
   Kanye West
Frozen Water
Otherwise known as ice.
Once You Had Gold
   Kanye West
Once You Had Golddigger
Britney Spears into pruning hooks
Jesus Is Just Alright
   The Doobie Brothers
Jesus Walks
   Kanye West
Jesus Just Walks Alright
Bob Oldhart
Love Story
   Taylor Swift
Love Lockdown
   Kanye West
Love Story Lockdown
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If Groups Combined, Their Names Might Be:

Easton West
Sheena Easton combined with Kanye West
A wordplay on "east and west", a pair of opposite cardinal directions.
Submitted By: Thomas
Katy West
Katy Perry combined with Kanye West
It would work out! Kanye rapped on Katy's song ET.
Submitted By: Katycat
Cashman & Kanye West
Cashman & West combined with Kanye West
Submitted By: Crystal Paisley
Go Kanye West
Go West combined with Kanye West
Submitted By: JeReMy

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Misheard Lyrics:

Misheard Lyrics:
Let's get lost in the aisle
Original Lyrics:
Let's get lost tonight
"Use This Gospel"
Misheard Lyrics:
Blindfolded on this road, watch me faith walk
Just hold on 'til your brother win his fairy floss
Original Lyrics:
Blindfolded on this road, watch me faith walk
Just hold on to your brother when his faith lost
Misheard Lyrics:
Demon stuff. Deep, deep, dumpin’ stuff.
Original Lyrics:
Deep inside. Deep, deep down inside.
Misheard Lyrics:
You know what it means to have all that power
Original Lyrics:
No one man should have all that power
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Misheard Lyrics Stories:

"Gold Digger"
Misheard Lyrics:
But she ain't messin' with no Chrono Trigger (I got a Wii)
Original Lyrics:
But she ain't messing with no broke n****s (I gotta leave.)

Story about this misheard lyric by: Not Telling


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Funniest Song Lyrics:

"All Falls Down"
The Funny Lyrics:
She had hair so long that it looked like weave
Then she cut it all off, now she look like Eve
Why They're Funny:
Haha...Eve has short hair, no doubt!
Submitted by: sXe LeXi 5X2
"Everything I Am"
The Funny Lyrics:
People talk so much about me in barber shops, they forget to get they hair cut.
Why They're Funny:
Image of people all coming in, talking, time turning late and they're all forced to go home...real clever.
Submitted by: Davus
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Nonsensical Song Lyrics:

"Thru the Fire"
The Nonsensical Lyrics:
The doctor said I had blood clots
But I ain't Jamaican man
Why They're Nonsensical:
The Jamaican phrase is "blood clawt," not "blood clot." In Jamaica, "clawt" means "cloth," not clot. A blood clawt is a feminine sanitary pad or tampon. Usually not something a doctor can diagnose you with...
Submitted by: Brandon

Misrhymed Song Lyrics:

The Misrhymed Lyrics:
Lock yourself in a room doin' five beats for five summers
That's A Different World like Cree Summers
I deserve to do these numbers
Why They're Misrhymed:
First off, the actress's name (that she usually goes by) is Cree Summer, not Cree Summers. Secondly, summers and numbers look like they rhyme, but they don't.
Submitted by: Penny Jones
"All Falls Down"
The Misrhymed Lyrics:
She so precious with the peer pressure
Couldn't afford a car so she named her daughter Alexis
Why They're Misrhymed:
Hey, my name is Alexis and I know for a fact that it doesn't rhyme with 'pressure'!
Submitted by: sXe LeXi 5X2

Song Lyrics That Name Check Celebrities:

The Lyrics:
You can be my black Kate Moss tonight
Who They Mention:
Kate Moss
Submitted by: dxman
"Gold Digger"
The Lyrics:
Jennifer Lopez's four kids
Who They Mention:
Jennifer Lopez
Submitted by: dxman
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How to Pronounce a Band Name:

"CON-yay West
Submitted by: Mark Richardson

Song Lyrics That Mention Brand Name Products:

"Wouldn't You Like To Ride "
The Lyrics:
Would you like to ride shotgun in the Escalade
"So why don't you and your friends get with me and my friends"
"My friends, my friends, my friends, my friends"
Like a cloud in our sky, grab your things let's fly away
"So why don't you and your friends get with me and my friends"
"My friends, my friends, my friends, my friends"
Product Brand Name:
Cadillac Escalade
Submitted by: Lucky Luciano
"Gold Digger"
The Lyrics:
Cutie the bomb
Met her at a beauty salon
With a baby Louis Vuitton
Under her underarm
Product Brand Name:
Louis Vuitton it's stupid how people are getting their babies dressed in labels. it reminds me of when people put clothes on their dogs. it's insane.
Submitted by: Michelle

Song Lyrics That Mention Other Songs:

The Song Lyrics:
You wanna check into the Heartbreak Hotel, but sorry we're closed
Song They Mention:
"Heartbreak Hotel" by Elvis Presley.
Submitted by: nally

Songs That Open With Their Titles:

"Good Morning"
Opening Lines:
Good morning (x4) Wake up, Mr. West.
Submitted by: Brian Kelly
Opening Lines:
It's amazing, I'm the reason.
Submitted by: Brian Kelly

Made Up Words in Songs:

The Made Up Words:
... He has a history of making up words, lol.
Submitted by: Jay
"Can't Tell Me Nothing"
The Made Up Words:
The lyrics are: Don't ever fix up your lips like collagen Say somethin' where you gon' end up apologin'. Instead of "apologizing".
Submitted by: Marissa
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Boasting in Song Lyrics:

The Boasting Lyrics:
Bow in the presence of greatness
Cause right now thou has forsaken us
You should be honored by my lateness
That I would even show up to this fake s***
Bow In The Presence Of Greatness? You Should Be Honored By My Lateness? That I Would Show Up To This Fake S***? Bow To Kanye The Boastful!
Submitted by: Sbing2

Band Name Anagrams:

West Kenya Submitted by: Genevieve
the western portion of the African country Kenya
Kenya Stew Submitted by: Joanna Hawthorne
Taken Yews Submitted by: Mick E.
Nasty Week Submitted by: Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Sweaty Ken Submitted by: Robert D. Arndt Jr.

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Song Title Anagrams:

"Weird, No?" originally "I Wonder"
Submitted by: Yvette Bristle
"Ride Now" originally "I Wonder"
Submitted by: Yvette Bristle
"Red Wino" originally "I Wonder"
Submitted by: Yvette Bristle
"Dire Now" originally "I Wonder"
Submitted by: Yvette Bristle
"Now Ride" originally "I Wonder"
Submitted by: Yvette Bristle

Songs That Are Banned:

"Gold Digger"
In radio airplay, the n-word is replaced every time by the word "broke"; other inappropriate words are censored during radio broadcast and MTV plays as well.
Submitted by: dxman

Crime Records:

When Kanye West visited Hawaii recently, he threw a paparazzi's camera. The paparazzi called for the police, but West said there was no police. Well eventually, West did get arrested.
Submitted by: Paul Warren

Backwards Messages:

"New God Flow (featuring) Pusha-T"
The title of the song functions as a palindrome--that if you read it in reverse, it can say "Wolf Dog Went--Ah Sup". The chorus of the song in reverse is a back masked "Get off that. Gotta get off that. Get off that. Gotta get off that. Get off that. Money? Y'all sick on that sh*t".
Submitted by: Nosilla

What A Band is Best Known For (aside from their music):

"Interrupting Other People's Acceptance Speeches "
Well Kanye not only flips out when he doesn't win but he also flips out when someone else doesn't win.
At the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards a drunken Kanye West jumped up on stage and interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech to say that "Beyoncee Knowles had the best female video out there."
Beyoncee would later hand the microphone over to Taylor so that she could finish her speech.
Submitted by: Celeste
"Being a d*** at the VMA Awards"
Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 VMA's, causing huge controversy. He apologized the next day on the Jay Leno Show.
Submitted by: dxman
"Flipping out"
At the 2006 European Music Video Awards, after not winning an award for "Touch The Sky," he sweared and said "My video cost a million dollars, and had Pamela Anderson in it! If I don't win, the whole awards ceremony loses all credibility."
Submitted by: dxman

Bad Ringtone Choices:

"Gold Digger"
The Lyrics:
Look out, she's a gold digger
But she ain't messin' with no broke n****rs
Imagine this going off at the reception of a wedding of a particularly wealthy groom...
Submitted by: Raphael

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