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Song Parodies for Four Seasons

Original SongParody SongParody Author
"Big Girls Don't Cry" "Big Birds Don't Fly" "Jeff "Dr Chordate" Moran"
"Big Girls Don't Cry" "Big Fight In School" "Fitu Petaia"
"Big Girls Don't Cry" "Harddrives, Mine's Fried" "Wolverine"
"Big Girls Don't Cry" "Hillary Don’t Cry!" "Linda Terhune"
"Big Girls Don't Cry" "Pig Girls Don't Cry" "Michael Pacholek"
"Big Girls Don't Cry" "Pin Curves? Must Drive" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Big Girls Don't Cry" "Tree Squirrels--Good Fried!" "Agrimorfee"
"Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" "Can't Take More Lies, W." "Alvin Dover & Bill Tong"
"Dawn" "Don" "John A. Barry"
"Dawn" "Drawn" "John A. Barry"
"Dawn (Go Away)" "Dawn™ (Make This Pay)" "Fiddlegirl and Tommy Turtle"
"Dawn (Go Away)" "Don, Go Away" "Melanie Lee"
"Dawn (Go Away)" "Drumpf (Go Away)" "eeL deaL"
"Dawn" "Gone" "Parody Pair"
"Dawn" "Lawns" "James HH. Masonry"
"Dawn" "Ron" "Ana Fana An' A Pair O' Paro' Pals"
"Dawn" "Tom" "2Eagle"
"December 1963" "Oh, What a Day" "Glynn Leaney"
"December, 1963 (Oh What A Night)" "Can't Sleep At Night" "Below Average Dave"
"December 1963 (Oh What A Night)" "December 1941 (Oh What A Morn)" "Hu's On First"
"December 1963 (Oh What A Night)" "December 1994 (Oh What A Bitch)" "Mikey Squirrel"
"December 1963 (Oh What a Night)" "Denver to NYC (Oy What a Flight)" "Michael Pacholek"
"December 1963 (Oh What a Night)" "Got Caught Getting Net Friendly (Oh What a Fight)" "Arwen"
"December 1963 (Oh What A Night)" "I'm Scared Of Heights" "lebeiW15"
"December, 1963 (Oh, What A Night)" "June, 1951 (Oh What A Night)" "Duc4AmIRight"
"December 1963 (Oh What A Night)" "The Other Night" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"December '63 (Oh What A Night)" "What's In A Byte?" "Guy DiRito"
"Grease" "Geese" "Malcolm Higgins"
"I've Got You Under My Skin" "I've Gotten Into Your Shell (Turtle-Love)" "Tommy Turtle"
"Let's Hang On" "Bush Hangs On" "William Tong"
"Let's Hang On" "Let's Blame Don" "Michael Pacholek"
"Let's Hang On" "Let's Hang John" "Alvin Rhodes"
"Let's Hang On" "Let's Hang Mom" "Rick Duncan"
"Let's Hang On" "Lott Hangs On" "Alan"
"Let's Hang On" "Lott Hangs On" "William Tong"
"Let's Hang On" "We All Work (with what we got)" "Rick Duncan"
"Let's Hang On!" "Your Farewell" "Ashley"
"Oh What A Night" "Oh What A Dwight" "Alvin Rhodes"
"Oh, What a Night" "Oh, What a Fright" "2Eagle"
"Oh, What a Night" "Oh, What a Line" "Walt Conner"
"Oh, What a Night" "This Movie Sucked" "2Eagle"
"Opus 17 (Don't You Worry 'Bout Me)" "0-for-17 (Lots of Furry 'Round Me)" "Michael Pacholek"
"Rag Doll" "Drag Call" "Guy DiRito"
"Rag Doll" "Gag Doll" "eel deal"
"Rag Doll" "Quagmire" "William Tong"
"Rag Doll" "Short Stuff" "C.S. Notwen"
"Ronnie" "Donnie" "Michael Pacholek"
"Ronnie" "(Mitt) Romney" "Jeff in Richmond VA"
"Save It For Me" "Shave It For Me" "MasonR"
"Sherry Baby" "Cheney & Bush Baby" "William Tong"
"Sherry Baby" "Merry Baby" "Malcolm Higgins"
"Sherry" "Barry" "Rick Duncan"
"Sherry" "Hairy Baby" "Alvin Rhodes"
"Sherry" "Hillary" "2Eagle"
"Sherry" "Jerry" "John A. Barry"
"Sherry" "Jerry's" "Blaydeman"
"Sherry" "Sherry" "John A. Barry"
"Silence Is Golden" "Silent Is Calvin" "Michael Pacholek"
"Silence Is Golden" "Sinus Is Moldin'" "Guy DiRito"
"Stay" "Ney" "POW (Parliament Of Whores)"
"Stay" "Pay" "John A. Barry"
"Stay" "Pray" "John A. Barry"
"Stay" "Pray" "Melanie Lee"
"Tell It To the Rain" "Tell You, You're a Pain" "Michael Pacholek"
"Walk Like a Man" "A Tchotchke Fan" "John A. Barry"
"Walk Like a Man" "Blocked Despite Bran" "John A. Barry"
"Walk Like A Man" "Bomb Like A Man" "Kenton Ngo"
"Walk Like a Man" "’cause I Just Can" "John A. Barry"
"Walk Like a Man etc." "Sing Like a Man etc." "Lifeliver"
"Walk Like A Man" "I Won't Eat Spam" "David Chrenko"
"Walk Like A Man" "Mocked, Then They Ran" "Adagio"
"Walk Like a Man" "Sing Like a Man" "2Eagle"
"Walk Like a Man" "Sing Like a Man (Now I Don't)" "Rick Duncan"
"Walk Like a Man" "Squawks Like a Duck?" "Royce Miller"
"Walk Like a Man" "Talk Lite from Rand" "John A. Barry"
"Walk Like A Man" "The Philesplitter Song" "Jayenkai"
"Walk Like a Man" "Walk Like a Can-" "John A. Barry"
"Walk Like A Man" "Walt Was The Man" "Alvin Rhodes"
"Who Loves You" "Who Loathes You?" "William Tong"
"Will You Love Me Tomorrow" "Will You Love Me Tomorrow (If I'm Broke Tonight)" "Michael Pacholek"


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