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Some bands don't wait around for Weird Al to parody one of their songs, and take a pre-emptive strike and write a silly song of their own.

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Entries Beginning with L

"Lady Godiva," Peter and Gordon
Peter and Gordon did a song about a Modern-Day Lady Godiva and how she went to become a star and later become forgotten.
Paul Warren
About a guy's encounter with a centipede on a island in Hawaii.
KL Fan
"Last Ride In," Green Day
Track 10 off the album, 'Nimrod.' It's a very laid-back, purely-instrumental piece that's sort of like surf music, but slower and softer (if that even makes sense). It's slightly similar to the beginning of The Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter."
Jonathan S.
"LAX" is a joke song about airports, primarily mutual hatred between airports and Hawk Nelson's Jason Dunn
"Lazin' on a Sunday Afternoon," Queen
For the shortest song on 'A Night at the Opera', Freddie Mercury used the idea of a Music Hall song which is very witty.
Paul Warren
"Lazy Song," Bruno Mars
"Today I swear I'm not gon' do anything. I'm just gonna lay in my bed. Don't feel like pickin' up my phone, so leave a message at the tone, 'cuz today I swear I'm not gon' do anything, nothin' at all"
"Leave Out All The Rest," Linkin Park
At the end of the song, you can hear the band chatting.
"Leopard Skin Phones," Spanky and Our Gang
It's about headphones and it mentions that their neighbors are complaining that they STILL hear the noise. And when Spanky and Our Gang played the song on "Smothers Brothers", they used explosions and neighbors yelling and the band in chior robes.
Paul Warren
"Life Is A Minestrone," 10cc
The verses talks about hanging around famous landmarks, mentioning about Minnie Mouse and the Pope (and a band member even falsettos), and food such as minestrone and lasagna!
Paul Warren
"Life's Been Good," Joe Walsh
Well, I can see the lighter side of this but it can't be very good when you have to sing about trashing a hotel room, doing 185 MPH in a Massarati and loosing your driver's license, and getting so drunk you can't even find your way out of the bar. LOL!
"Like Spinning Plates," Radiohead
"Like Spinning Plates" was born when some members of Radiohead were playing an electronic version of another of their songs, "I Will", backwards. Thom heard it and thought that the reverse melody sounded better than the original one, so he wrote new lyrics to the backward melody. The first four lines of the song were recorded Thom singing backwards and then reversed. As a result, the first four lines have backward-sounding forward lyrics. The original song "I Will" was later rearranged for and released on the album "Hail to the Thief".
"Longview," Green Day
The whole bloody song is about masturbating!
Optimus Lime
"Looking Back, Going Forward Again," Phil Collins
UPDATE - Phil has been doing some voice-overs for movies and such and he is currently touring the UK. All he's really doing is sitting down and singing his hits but it's good to see him back in action again.
Turn It On, Turn It On Again
"Loser," Beck
This song has some strange lyrics like in the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey, and get crazy with the cheese whiz.
"Love Is The Only Law," Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers
Ziggy sings: "Love is the only law
I don't give a **** what anyone says..." The album lyric sheet has it written exactly like this. That means there's a 4-letter word that Ziggy doesn't use and you the listener can fill in the spaces yourself. Take your pick - "d***', "s***'" or "f***".
City Kidd
"Love Song," Alice In Chains
Hidden at the end of Sap, the song goes on for about three minutes. All the band members switched instruments with drummer Sean Kinney singing through a megaphone, and playing piano, singer Layne Staley playing drums, guitarist Jerry Cantrell on bass and bassist Mike Starr playing guitar. Starting off with Sean saying "love song, take one" and very strange crooning along with snorting noises and fart sounds, it turns into what sounds like thrash metal with lyrics like "I love you, I'm not coming back, bitch" and "kiss the midget". Anyone who saw them on the headbangers ball knew they were a bunch of goofballs, this just proves it even more.
Bass Dork

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