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Some bands don't wait around for Weird Al to parody one of their songs, and take a pre-emptive strike and write a silly song of their own.

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Entries Beginning with B

"Badmotorfinger album," Soundgarden
The title of that 1991 album is a reference to the Montrose (this band featured Sammy Hagar) song "Bad Motor Scooter". The "motor finger" is a reference to speedy guitar playing, like in punk rock. Look at the album title - you thought this might've been a veiled referral to the street phrase "BAD MF", didn't ya? Guess again ; )
Bad Spoonman
"The Ballad of the Decomposing Man," Steve Hackett
"A campy yet cool number that bundles together the fate of the English working class, and some potential "Darwin Award" material. It's cheeky and dark, and not something you would expect to be presented along-side Tigermoth, and Spectral Morning's
"Be My Yoko Ono," Bareneked Ladies
On their 1992 debut album "Gordon", The Barenaked Ladies made a lot of songs with witty humor in it. One of the songs 'Be My Yoko Ono' has the humor spoof of John Lennon's wife, Yoko.
Paul Warren
"Beans," Nirvana
Found on the With The Lights Out box set. It is actually Kurt Cobain getting goofy with his home tape recorder, sounding like a demented chipmunk.
"Benny the Bouncer," Emerson Lake and Palmer
An obvious "B-side" to Jeremy Bender, this song functions as the calm before the storm (that is Karn Evil 9), but still turns into a great cut thanks to the up-right piano playing in one of the great English Music Hall performances this side of the last world war.
"Berkshire Poppies," Traffic
This song is about drugs and you even hear the band laughing throughout!
Paul Warren
"Big Balls," AC/DC
They take the music more seriously than the lyrics.
"Bite The Bullet," Motorhead
Phil Campbell plays the opening guitar line, but stops in the middle. Mikky Dee can be heard shouting "Carry on, for f***s sake!"
Jakko Wakko
Blood, blood, gallons of the stuff, you give them all that they can drink & it'll never be enough...
Optimus Lime
"Blood, Sex & Booze," Green Day
The title explains it all!
Optimus Lime
"Blue Jean," David Bowie
The lengthy video/short movie for Michael Jackson's 1984 hit "Thriller" was an astounding MTV success. So for the hit "Blue Jean" later that year, Bowie made a 20 minute+ "mini-film" titled "Jazzing For Blue Jean". One of the main characters in this short film is a glam rocker named "Screaming Lord Byron". That name is a reference to two real life people: the UK cult star Screaming Lord Sutch, 3rd Earl of Harrow and famous British poet Lord George Gordon Byron, who lived an adventurous, stormy life.
Major Ziggy Stardust
"Born In the U.S.A. ," Bruce Springsteen
That iconic album came out in 1984, like most albums at the time in LP and cassette form. However, a new format was slowly gaining ground. Japanese sonic engineers had been experimenting with sound/music 'compression' onto small encoded disks that get read by laser beams. The audio is encoded as a series of zeros and ones on a digital format and laser beam 'reads' this and you get better sonic clarity than anywhere else. That's right, it's the Compact Digital Disk. They first came out in 1981 and the following year became more available for popular artists. Some acts like Stevie Wonder and ELO also were starting to use digital tape recordings for even better quality. At first all 'CDs' were manufactured in Japan. Makes sence since the CD was invented by Japanese sonic engineers. Soon enough the first CD pressing plant opened up in America as the market widened. The first album to be manufactured in an American CD plant ironically enough 'Born In the U.S.A.' by Bruce Springsteen. That's right folks, the first US CD format issues of 'Born In the U.S.A.' were truly BORN IN THE U.S.A. and were not imported from Japanese factories like all the previous titles on CD. This was a historic first.
I Saw Bruce 4 Times
"Brown Sugar," Rolling Stones
During the week before the Stones would play at OSU stadium I saw an ad on TV for some brown sugar that goes with oatmeal. Near the end of the ad someone sings, "Brown sugar! How come you taste so good?". I got a really good kick out of that. I leaned over on the couch and laughed my butt off! Funny thing is, I just kind of KNEW the song would come into this. I just knew it.
I Got Stoned At Ohio State University
"Brown Sugar," Rolling Stones
few years ago I saw the Sunday paper sale ads and I saw some female models (of various races) wearing some rock'n'roll T-shirts of many bands, on sale. For the Target AND the Wal-Mart ads there was a young black woman (same one both ads), yes - a "brown sugar" and she wore a light blue Rolling Stones T-shirt in both ads! You tell me that is just coincidental and I have the deed to the Golden Gate bridge to sell you. It cracked me up.
I Got Stoned At Ohio State University
"Bugs," Pearl Jam
Imagine a couple of drunk guys grabbing pots, pans, kazoos and making up lyrics like this at around 5am in the morning: "all these... i got bugs i got bugs in my room bugs in my bed bugs in my ears their eggs in my head bugs in my pockets bugs in my shoes bugs in the way i feel about you bugs on my window trying to get in they don't go nowhere waiting, waiting... bugs on my ceiling crowded the floor standing, sitting, kneeling... a few block the door and now the question's: do i kill them? become their friend? do i eat them? raw or well done? do i trick them? i don't think they're that dumb do i join them? looks like that's the one i got bugs on my skin tickle my nausea i let it happen again they're always takin' over i see they surround me, i see... see them deciding my fate oh, that which was once...was once up to me... now it's too late i got bugs in my on one that's when i had a chance i'll just stop now i'll become naked and with the...i'll become one!" That's "Bugs" by Pearl Jam. (And you thought Eddie Vedder didn't have a sense of humor!)

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