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Some bands don't wait around for Weird Al to parody one of their songs, and take a pre-emptive strike and write a silly song of their own.

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"'Dance Into the Light' album," Phil Collins
Nearly all Phil Collins albums (and some on CDs he's done in Genesis and maybe even Brand X) have drum machines. Phil is a multi-rhythm man - he likes to program a rhythm on a drum machine then top that off with HIS OWN playing on electric drums and of course his trademark SLAMMING on the acoustic drums. On this 1996 CD he does his usual drumming style of course but with heavier emphasize on eastern African rhythm techniques (and it gets frenetic, man!), A disclaimer in the liner notes states one clear thing: Phil literally plays ALL the beats HIMSELF here. It says, 'There's no drum machine on this one!'. Drumming scholars ought to listen to this CD and they'll see that Phil is one of the greatest drummers of all time.
Sussudio's Boyfriend
"'Hu', not 'Who'," The Hu
Late last year the Mongolian hard rock band the Hu (pronounced 'hoo' or 'WHO') played to a full house in my college strip area. They are noted for Mongolian throat singing in their rock'n'roll. Before the show started the crowd chanted, 'HU! HU! HU! HU!' (not 'Who'). After the show ended the PA system was airing 'Won't Get Fooled Again' by (drumroll please - CLASH!) The Who!!!!!! Surely these guys can see the humor and irony between their band name and the name of that British band! LOL
"'No Jacket Required' album," Phil Collins
The liner notes of this classic Diamond-seller lists all the instruments played in the album and by whom. That also includes 'The Odd Keyboard' but the liner notes doesn't say what is. Anyway, at the bottom it tells you what it isn't. It says, 'There is no Fairlight on this record'. So if the album doesn't feature a Fairlight CMI synthesizer then WHAT kind of synthesizers are being used, and where and for what? Your guess.
Sussudio's Boyfriend
"'Planet Earth' album," Prince
The cover of the CD uses an optical illusion. you can see Prince himself pondering over planet Earth (in a red-tinted outer space) and if you hold the CD casing package, the image shifts to the 'Love Symbol' he released albums under from 1993-2000,
Astronaut of Love
"'Planet Earth' album," Prince
The 'Planet Earth' does NOT list the track names anywhere on the CD or the digipack. You have to go to the Internet to find the track listing yourself.
Astronaut of Love
"'SACRIFICE' Liner notes," Motorhead
The 1995 Motorhead CD liner notes has the usual credts, lyrics, list of equipment the band uses, etc. And while the other two Motorhead members give their usual 'thanks to' credits, here's what the singer/bassist/writer Ian 'Lemmy' Kilmeister wrote: "Lemmy Sez: This is a very good album. Put it in your system and your girlfriend's clothes fall off. Yes, friends, get a copy of Proto-rich, stainless, eco-friendly, abestos free, non-toxic, harmless to pots, sincere, re-cyclable, individually wrapped "SACRIFICE" and hordes of huge naked women/men/goats will come round to your house and rub themselves all over you!! In the nicest possible, non-role model, respectful way. One copy of stain-resistant "SACRIFICE" and you increase your bust measurement by 2" or your truss back. Good luck, and go and lie down, quick. V.C.. B.A., D.M.T., BSA, P.M.R.C., L.A.M.F. '" I can't really figure out what all those abbreviations listed at the end mean or refer to. 'PMRC' stands for the 'Parents Music Resource Council' of Senator's wives who have nothing positive to do, led by that lippy snooty sassymouth shrew Tipper Gore. And 'LAMF' is the name of a 1977 album by the American punk band The Heartbreakers with the title standing for "Like a Mother Fucker";. As for the other anagrams your guess is as good as mine.
1996 Motorheadbanger
"12-string bass guitar," Cheap Trick
Bassist Tom Peterson has a custom-designed bass guitar that features 3 thinner strings bunched close together instead of the usual 4 thick strings. He came my way at the edge of the stage and held it out and I ran my fingers down on the strings. Yowch!
I've Seen Cheap trick Live 4X!
"4 (album)," Foreigner
It's the band's 4th album, there were 4 members in the lineup, the first hit "Urgent" peaked at #4, and along with "Waiting For a Girl Like You", "Juke Box Hero" and "Break It Up" - count them, 4 Top 40 hits! - a fifth hit single from the 4 album, "Luanne" also charted in the lower reaches of the Hot 100.
This Entry is Brought to You By the Number 4
"50 year + Anniversary tour," Rolling Stones
In 2012 the Rolling Stones kicked off their 50th Anniversary Celebration Tour and IT HASN'T REALLY STOPPED. They've been touring almost constantly, in legs. I caught them in 2015 on the Zip Code leg. Right now they are playing in Ireland and will be touring Europe this summer and fall. They've also been releasing 2 CD / 1 DVD sets of several shows out the yinyang, including the show in Havana that the Cuban government allowed them to do. They've also dropped a few new songs on the way and put out the covers album 'Blue and Lonesome' which took 3 days to record! And they've been touring on and on and on - they keep on rolling, rolling, rolling,...
I Got Stoned at Ohio State University 2X

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