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Some bands don't wait around for Weird Al to parody one of their songs, and take a pre-emptive strike and write a silly song of their own.

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Entries Beginning with P

"Panama," Van Halen
During December 1989 the Cold War had ended peacefully. However, Panamanian strongman Manuel Noreiga had declared that Panama and the U.S.A. were in a state of war. With the memories of the 1979-1981 Iran hostage crisis still pretty fresh and Noreiga threatening the American forces in the Canal Zone the U.S. invaded Panama. Noreiga was soon cornered and holed up in a Vatican embassy. The U.S. Army played loud music in order to have Noreiga come out and surrender. Some of the songs blasted loudly included the Animals' "We Got to Get Outta This Place" and of course, "Panama" by Van Halen. This may be the first use of rock'n'roll as a weapon of war. Manuel Noreiga surrendered to the U.S. Army on January 2, 1990.
Kold Warrior
"Perverse (album)," Jesus Jones'
This is the first album written and recorded on a computer. It's a classic and a masterpiece in every way.
Zeroes And Ones Devil U Know
"Phil Is On Ark 2," Phil Collins
Phil Collins is one of the greatest entertainers of the past 50 years but before he was in Genesis and did solo and other work, he was in a psychedelic band called Flaming Youth and they released one album in October 1969, 'Ark 2'. 'Ark 2' is a space epic about humanity evacuating a dying planet Earth. Black Sabbath later had a song about that with 'Into the Void' and the glam metal band Europe scored a huge hit about the same with 'The Final Countdown' in 1986. Flaming Youth explored that theme in an entire album which was a bit revolutionary in 1969. A few bad words ('balls', 'bastards') and a couple of mature references (and one indirect ribald chant concerning UFOs) were too taboo for pop radio back then..This is not a pop album anyway, it's a ROCK gem that was at least 10 years ahead of its time in various ways. Musically the album would be considered as psychedelic or even 'proto-prog' and it has elements of classical, church hymn music, jazz rhythms, marching chants and pub sing-a-longs (with riverboat casino-style upright piano), 60s garage rock, and even some Beach Boys style guitar rock and BION a little bit of what would later by labeled by pundits as 'proto-punk'. It's a campy amazing musical mishmash and while there are a few lyrical and music style references to the 60s, the songs themselves stand up to the test of time. There's a lot of good albums by good bands in every decade that gets overlooked, sometimes because they are TOO far ahead. Look at what was dominating the Top 40 in 1969, some of it is gone and better left forgotten. After all, the legendary Jimi Hendrix never had a Top 10 hit. As the 60s turned into the 70s which led to the rise in popularity of turgid Muzak and corporate radio formats and butt-rock, this album got a bit overlooked. Another member of that band, Ronnie Caryl is now a guitarist for Phil's touring band. I saw Phil live in October 2018 and as he intoduced Ronnie he mentioned him being in 'my first band, Flaming Youth'. 'Ark 2' can be heard on YouTube, I recently got a UK CD copy from Amazon. It needs a US reissue in the wake of Phil's recent sold out tour. It's an amazing record that was just a bit ahead of its time beings that none of the songs were '45 single ready' nor did they have the usual Top 40 themes of 'love' or the hippy-trend of 'peace'. Epic albums like this would later become more common by mega-selling bands such as Pink Floyd and RUSH. And Phil had already a few films and on stage earlier in his life, yet 'Ark 2' is the first recorded music album where he appeared.
Sussudio's Boyfriend
"Pink Floyd record label, after the band," Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd performed one last time at the Live 8 benefit in 2005. Dave Gilmour, Rick Wright, Roger Waters, Nick Mason had settled all differences from the past and went out in a blaze of glory. The next year Pink Floyd disbanded. The members have played with each other in their various solo ventures, and Dave and Roger have played gigs together to benefit Palestinian war children. Rick died of lung cancer. Roger, Dave, Nick have stood up together to protest Israel's blockade of the Gaza strip and they have worked in the studio to remaster the whole PF catalog. They also have been releasing some compilations and live recordings. All these albums have new pictures and art inside. Now they are being released on a new label - PINK FLOYD RECORDS. A band self-titled record label, folks. Don't bands usually do that while they're active and together? Rolling Stones records, Grateful Dead records, Cheap Trick records, Apple records (Beatles), Face Value records (Phil Collins) anyone?
Pink Crane
"Piss On The Wall," J. Geils Band
This song is the last track on Freeze Frame and the title says it all
Tim Hall
"Poor Man's Moody Blues," Barclay James Harvest
Barclay James Harvest was always criticized by being a Poor Man's Moody Blues. So they made a song that's a style-parody of "Nights in Whits Satin".
Paul Warren
"POW! (Theme to "What's up, Tiger Lilly")," The Lovin' Spoonful
Being the theme song for a 1965 Woody Allen film by overdubbing a Japanese film, The Lovin' Spoonful made a witty theme song and even guest starred in the film.
Paul Warren
"Powdered Milk Man!," Aquabats
This jumpy ska number starts off with someone saying, "I Am Powdered Milk Man!" in an electronically filtered voice in a lampoon of Ozzy Osbourne's intro in "Iron Man" by the heavy metal band Black Sabbath.
Paranoid War Piggy

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