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Some bands don't wait around for Weird Al to parody one of their songs, and take a pre-emptive strike and write a silly song of their own.

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Entries Beginning with A

"Achtung Baby liner pictures," U2
One of the many pictures in the album booklet shows bassist Adam Clayton standing nude. His privates are covered up by an "X" or a shamrock (U2 is an Irish band). Get 2 copies of the classic "Achtung Baby" album and you may see the difference.
Achtung, He's Got No Clothes On!
"Alabama Song," The Doors
The Lizard King holds court for this jaunty but sinister salute to debauchery, written by Kurt Weill & Bertolt Brecht.
"Album - Minute By Minute," The Doobie Brothers
Inside the album there is a big picture of a half-smoked doobie (marijuana joint). This is a DOOBIE Brothers album. How about that?
San Francisco Rocker
"Album titles LOW and BOWI," Nick Lowe
In early 1977 David Bowie released his classic album "Low". Later that year Nick LOWE released his debut solo EP, he named it BOWI (no E at the end). Geddit?
Du U Get The Joke Here?
"Alex's Song," Blur
The sessions for the End of a Century B-sides must of been really obscure, because they are humours. Alex's Song has high pitch "blade like" vocals. Kind of like a chipmunk song, as people keep calling songs with high pitch vocals.
"Alex’s Song," Blur
It’s a normal song except the fact the vocals are Alvin and the chipmunks collab
Clever Name
"All By Myself," Green Day
I was alone... I was all by myself... nobody was looooking... I was all by myself... oh you & me had... such wonderful times... when i was all by myself...
Optimus Lime
"Another Postcard," Barenaked Ladies
It was originally written as a joke song about receiving many postcards with pictures with monkeys on them, which spawned from a line in "If I Had $1,000,000".
"Another Postcard," Barenaked Ladies
The song is about them getting sick of postcards with pictures of chimps on them caused by a line in "If I Had $1,000,000".
"Ariel," Dean Friedman
This song has some humorous moments such as I said "Hi" and she said "Yeah, I guess I am".
Paul Warren
"At The Zoo," Simon & Garfunkel
This song represents a humorous side of Simon and Garfunkel when they mention about what animals represent and a drunk zookeeper.
Paul Warren
Their fine new album "Aufheben" has the same picture on the message-to-aliens LP disc that the Voyager I and II spacecraft have on them. The pictures shows our solar system and its planets, the location of our sun in approximate distances from certain pulsars, a nude man and woman and more.
Long Distance Voyager II

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