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Song Parodies for Fountains of Wayne

Original SongParody SongParody Author
"Hackensack" "Hipsters" "Abbott Skelding"
"Stacey's Mom" "Abbey's Dad" "Katie"
"Stacey's Mom" "Blurpy's mom (ode to RPG)" "Omega8"
"Stacey's Mom" "Charlie Mom" "BronxBomber100"
"Stacey's Mom" "Chucky Cheese" "Conna&Jessica&Johnhancock"
"Stacey's Mom" "Clay Has Got It Going On" "Carissa"
"Stacey's Mom" "Jesus' Mom" "Ace of Spades"
"Stacey's Mom" "Kristin Is Stuck In A Puddle" "Kristin Hutkin and Becca Smulski"
"Stacey's Mom" "Martha Stewart" "Gorillaz87"
"Staceys Mom" "Mickey's Dad" "Make_a_Wish"
"Stacey's Mom" "Nina's Mom" "SGD915"
"Stacey's Mom" "Raina's Beard" "Kaiti"
"Stacey's Mom" "" "EmiLoca"
"Stacey's Mom" "Stacey's Grandma" "London"
"Stacey's Mom" "Stacey's Mom" "LRM"
"Staceys Mom" "Staceys Moms Car" "Brittney DuBreucq"
"Stacey's Mom" "stacey's Toilet" "Kat3"
"Stacey's Mom" "Trent's Brother" "AJ&K"
"Stacy's Mom" "1337 Mom!" "helga"
"Stacy's Mom" "AP calc" "Ten Second Braeden"
"Stacy's Mom" "Arrested Again" "Josh 2"
"Stacy's Mom" "Asian Moms" "RSWSU"
"Stacy's Mom" "Billy's Dad" "Kelly"
"Stacy's Mom" "BMW Mom" "ASHLEYSTVM"
"Stacy's Mom" "Britney's Dog" ""
"Stacy's Mom" "Britney's Shrink" "Kristof Robertson"
"Stacys Mom" "Caseys Dad" "Anna"
"Stacy's Mom" "Charlie's Bro" "Heredit Terry"
"Stacy's Mom" "Chasin' Nuns" "Kristof Robertson"
"Stacy's Mom" "Clinton's Wife" "Mike Armstrong"
"Stacy's Mom" "Drinking Habits" "Major B"
"Stacy's Mom" "Elizabeth is Eva Braun" "Jay"
"Stacy's Mom" "Face it Mom (You Look Like Saddam)" "Joey Lawrence (no, not the actor)"
"Stacy's Mom" "Frodo's Ring" "Squirrel!!"
"Stacy's Mom" "Gordie's Dad" "Major B"
"Stacy's Mom" "Got Saddam" "Joseph Fernandez"
"Stacy's Mom" "Grandpa" "Comedy Guy"
"Stacy's Mom" "Gretchen's Grandma" "Chance Gollnick"
"Stacy's Mom (Has Got It Going On)" "Stacy's Mom (Turned Out to Be a Dom)" "LadySphinx"
"Stacy's Mom (has got it goin on)" "Stacy's Dog (has got it goin on)" "Poochie Fliegelmeister, registered cockapoo"
"Stacy's Mom" "(I don't care about) Stacy's Mom" "John-Paul"
"Stacy's Mom" "(I've Got a Crush on) Mrs. Claus" ""
"Stacy's Mom" "Jason's Mom (Mrs. Voorhees)" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Stacys Mom" "Jeffry Dahmer" "White Trash"
"Stacys Mom" "Just drop the freaking bomb already" "wdh"
"Stacy's Mom" "Justin's Friend" "walrus"
"Stacy's Mom" "Killing Stacy's Mom" "Sorrow Singer"
"Stacy's Mom" "Kyechin Chen" "Ashley"
"Stacy's Mom" "Lacy's Girls" "M.S.G"
"Stacy's Mom" "Lady Bots" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Stacy's Mom" "Laura's Dad" "Kitty"
"Stacy's Mom" "! @l\/l +h3 1 l\l LUV W!+h T.J. $P!l\l[)L3R (I am the one in love with T.J. Spindler)" "1 l\l LUV W!+h T.J. $P!l\l[)L3R (One in love with T.J. Spindler)"
"Stacys Mom" "Maceys Cat" "Vixen Orlodo"
"Stacy's Mom" "Macy's Mall" "Terra and Leah"
"Stacy's Mom" "Macy’s Stomp" "John A. Barry"
"Stacy's Mom" "Marissa's Mom" "Lucy"
"Stacy's Mom" "Mrs. Claus" "Insane Steve"
"Stacy's Mom" "Mrs. R" "Michael"
"Stacy's Mom" "MTV" "Scott No Last Name Given"
"Stacy's Mom" "My Best Friend's Mom" "Spade aka fightclubspartan"
"Stacy's Mom" "My Friend Sean's an Evil Leprechaun" "Below Average Dave"
"Stacy's Mom" "My Front Lawn" "Aaron Dodson"
"Stacy's Mom" "My Grandpa" "Asia Washington"
"Stacy's Mom" "My PS2" "Abbott Skelding"
"Stacy's Mom" "Nathan's Thong" "Mr. Je Ne Sais Quoi"
"Stacy's Mom" "Peeping Tom" "wdh"
"Stacy's Mom" "Peter's Dad" "Marshmellow Triples"
"Stacy's Mom" "Rocky My Dog" "MegZy"
"Stacy's Mom" "Saddam" "John Spoof"
"Stacy's Mom" "Saddam's Mom" "None of ur beezwaxs u nosy WEIRDO"
"Stacy's Mom" "School's Too Long" "Stinky Marshmellow"
"Stacy's Mom" "Shady's Mom" "Eric Sarley"
"Stacy's Mom" "" "T.J. Spindler"
"Stacy's Mom" "" "T.J. Spindler"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Boyfriend" "boscelticsrsocool"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Cat" "The Alpha Waves"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Cat" "Wife of a thug"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Dad" "BigfootTwiggy"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Dad" "Fly Scorpio"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Dad" "iRULZ"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Dad" "Michael Pacholek"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Dad" "Uncle Izzy"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Dog (Is really really bad)" "Sancho Bob"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Dog" "monkeyluvr32"
"Stacy`s Mom" "Stacy`s Friend" "Weird Nick"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Hot" "Immoral Liberal"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Kid" "Reverend Flash"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Mom Has Got A Deadly Bomb" "Scrawny Johnny"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Mom (Has Got a Dirty Bomb)" "Charlie Decker"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Mom (is Always Getting Drunk)" "KelC"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Mom is Always in the John" "TJC"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Mom (is dating Cheech and Chong" "Cheezmeister"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Mom (Is Really A Man)" "Nicole"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Mom (Is smokin on the bong)" "Robbie 'Fabio' O'Leary"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Mom (Reverse Edition)" "Kyle B."
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Mom (Stalker Version)" "Rody"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Mom (The Truth)" "S.T.G."
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Mum (has got a giant bum)" "Rex Ungericht"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Pop" "Chris Bodily TM"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Sponge" "spongy bumblebee"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stacy's Thong" "Jared"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stag at Prom" "Robert Rasbaugh"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stake Me, Ron" "John A. Barry"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stephanie" "Static"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stephens Dad" "coolgurl"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stiffler's Mom" "Ghetto John"
"Stacy's Mom" "Stifler's Mom" "Jeremy Otto"
"Stacy's Mom" "Susan's Mom" "Megan"
"Stacy's Mom" "Susie's Dad(is Such A Big Creep)" "crazyandinsane"
"Stacy's Mom" "Teddy's Dad" "John A. Barry"
"Stacy's Mom" "Teflon Don" "deplorableme"
"Stacys Mom" "The Terminator Series (jcs Mom)" "White Trash"
"Stacy's Mom" "This Guy Han (Luke Skywalker's Gay)" "@ssKicker"
"Stacy's Mom" "Tiger's Nike Ad" "Spoof-Man"
"Stacy's Mom" "Tom DeLonge" "Queen Sluggy"
"Stacy's Mom" "Tom DeLonge" "Queen Sluggy"
"Stacy's Mom" "Tracey's Dad" "Marshmellow Trio"
"Stacy's Mom" "Tracy's Dad" "Rebecca Gale"
"Stacy's Mom" "Tracy's Mom (Is Larger Than Taiwan)" "Ethan Mawyer"
"Stacy's Mom" "Trevor's Arm" "Michelle and Julie"
"Stacy's Mom" "Your Mom" "Dylan G. (Silent Nature)"
"Traffic And Weather" "Plastic And Rubber" "Fly Scorpio"
"Troubled Times" "Awkward Times" "Masterofpea"


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