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Song Parodies for The All-American Rejects

Original SongParody SongParody Author
"Dirty Little Secret" "A Mean Dog by Nature" "Wolfie"
"Dirty Little Secret" "Cast that Sectumsempra" "Mr. Sally"
"Dirty Little Secret" "Dirty Filthy Big Mess" "Emi"
"Dirty Little Secret" "Dirty, Filthy, Toilett" "Smarty"
"Dirty Little Secret" "Dirty Little Secret" "Ali"
"Dirty Little Secret" "My Baby's Placenta" "Shaun Chinen"
"Dirty Little Secret" "Nerdy Little Secrets" "Matthias"
"Dirty Little Secret" "Number One on MySpace" "Ragdoll"
"Dirty Little Secret" "Piece Of Mouldy Tissue" "Panini Twins"
"Dirty Little Secret" "Ryan Seacrest" "Josh Bain"
"Dirty Little Secrets" "Crappy Little Ballads" "Joel Martinez"
"Dirty Little Secret" "Shady Little Dealer" "Jessica T"
"Dirty Little Secret" "Shorty Ryan Seacrest" "Joebeastyg78"
"Dirty Little Secret" "Stupid Little Ticket" "Weily Coyote"
"Dirty Little Secret" "Who Has Mad Cow Diesase?" "Spaztastic Spaz"
"Dirty Little Secret" "You're Request" "Robot Rebel Ranch"
"Drive Away" "Your Cow's Gay (Mine Is cool)" "Stinky Marshmellow"
"Gives You Hell" "An Ode To Fast Food" "Broabetes"
"Gives You Hell" "Call the Enderman" "Darius Whitehead"
"Gives You Hell" "Gives You Hell" "Fangs"
"Gives You Hell" "Gives You Help" "Taylor R. Smith"
"Gives You Hell" "Gives You Help" "Taylor Smith"
"Gives You Hell" "Heather Gives You Hell" "SideshowJazz"
"Gives You Hell" "(Hope It) Will Not Smell" "Lon"
"Gives You Hell" "It Won't Sell" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Gives You Hell" "Ne'er Do Wells" "DJ Blaze"
"Gives You Hell" "Prison Cell" "Abbott Skelding"
"Hope It Gives You Hell" "We're The Pissed Off Elves" "Matthias"
"It Ends Tonight" "I Penned This Tripe?" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"It Ends Tonight" "It's Amiright" "Jeremy Otto"
"It Ends Tonight" "The Pants are Tight" "Ian_Cheah"
"It Ends Tonight" "We Need To Fight" "J- No"
"Move Along" "All Alone" "Robot Rebel Ranch"
"Move Along" "Don't Prolong(The Song About People With Problems)" "FiFi"
"Move Along" "Hitler's Dong" "Hu's On First"
"Move Along" "Make Me Strong" "The Piano Minstrel"
"Move Along" "Moe The Lawn" "Chester Limewood"
"Move Along" "Mow The Lawn" "Bbb"
"Move Along" "Mow The Lawn" "Daniel L"
"Move Along" "Mow the Lawn" "Joel Martinez"
"Move Along" "Mow the Lawn" "Macaroni Man"
"Move Along" "Mow the Lawn" "Supermeat2005"
"Move Along" "Mow The Lawn" "Xxemosaurusxx"
"Move Along" "Piss Along" "Adam Wolf fo'sho"
"Move Along" "Play Along" "Ragdoll"
"Move Along" "Proven Wrong" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Move Along" "Spoof A Song" "wannabemustangjockey"
"Stab My Back" "Stab My Back" "Michael Dutcher"
"Swing Swing" "Bling Bling" "Derek Aguilar"
"Swing, Swing" "Bling, Bling" "Ethan Mawyer"
"Swing, Swing" "Bling, Bling" "John Spoof"
"Swing Swing" "Bling Bling(The Vanilla Ice Song)" "Monica-The Good Witch of Washington"
"Swing, Swing" "Buzz, Buzz (went the table saw)" "M.S.G"
"Swing, Swing" "French Fries" "me"
"Swing, Swing" "Ring, Ring (a.k.a. The Obsessive Ex-Boyfriend, Now Friend Song)" "Jammin' Jeff"
"Swing Swing" "Ring Ring Ring" "Troublemakr22"
"Swing Swing" "Sing Sing (of God's Love)" "JD1611"
"Swing Swing Swing" "Guys as friends" "Light x Dark"
"Swing Swing" "Swing Swing Gone Wrong" "NeonPaul"
"Swing Swing" "Swing Swing (the Execution by Hanging Song)" "Dave and the Daves"
"Swing, Swing" "Swing, Swing (what a loser)" "Teresa"
"The Last Song" "The Last Bong" "Neuroticly Yours"
"Time Stands Still" "You on the Hill" "SOCCERCCHICKY"


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