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Handicaps? Hardly, more like handicapable. These performers still make great music even if they are missing one of the senses or a body part.

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Steve Caballero: Scoliosis
The guitarist for The Faction, Odd Man Out and Urethane and skateboarding legend was born with scoliosis, causing his head to tilt slightly toward his right due to his bending spine. This apparently did not impair his skills on both the skateboard and in his career as a punk musician.
Maryellen Larkin
Lewis Capaldi: Tourette syndrome
It's a neurological condition that causes involuntary tics, and I don't know enough about it to say anything else.
Dolly Parton: Endometriosis
It's a very painful condition that causes the lining of the uterus to grow on other organs in your body so she had a partial hysterectomy and therefore, can't get pregnant.
It's a terrible progressive nerve disease that takes someone's ability to walk, talk and even breathe on their own but it leaves the intellectual capabilities completely unaffected.
Neil Young: Red - green colourblind
It's apparently affected his painting hobby, so he needs to ask his friends to make sure the colours don't clash.
Ozzy Osbourne: Dyslexia
This accounted for him dropping out of school in his teens as said condition sadly wasn't treated as well as it is today. It also necessitated him to have his memoirs written on his behalf by a co-author.
Maryellen Larkin
Mitch Ryder: Various throat ailments
He had surgeries on his throat, which forced him to quit the music industry until 1983.
Rock Maninoff
Larry Carlton: Nerve damage that resulted from a shooting
The jazz guitarist also lost one of his vocal cords and feared for his career. Luckily, he is still playing today.
Lance Crackers
Tony Bennett: Alzheimer's disease
He got diagnosed in 2016, so it must be rough on his family. I know how dealing with a family member with dementia is because my grandma is currently living with it.
Bruce Springsteen: Depression
He talks about it in his book called Born To Run and given that he's said his dad also had it and mental illness is partially genetic, it's not really surprising
Kurt Cobain : Irritable Bowel Syndrome
He suffered it through most of his life.
Rock Maninoff
Stevie Wonder: Blindness
He has been blind since infancy, but he wasn't born blind. However, he was born premature so he become blind due to being given too much oxygen in the incubator
Niall Horan: Colour blindness
He claims that he's got trouble telling some shdes of yellow and green apart.
David Byrne: Autism
He's talked about this in interviews, but has not been diagnosed.
Jessica Simpson: Alcohol abuse; sexual trauma
In "Open Book," Jessica Simpson has admitted to trauma from sexual abuse she endured as a girl, from a female friend, and to having become a heavy abuser of alcohol, if not a full-blown alcoholic, to attempt to dull the trauma from which she still suffers. Her alcohol abuse is in remission; her sexual trauma still remains less than fully resolved.
Parker Gabriel
Neil Young: partial parasylsis
He can't feel much in his left hand due to a childhood case of polio.
LeAnn Rimes: Psoriasis
It's a chronic and apparently very painful skin disease.
Hank Williams: Spina Bifida
He was born with a mild case of the condition but it never got diagnosed, which caused him chronic pain and led to his drug and alcohol abuse
Jonnie Ray: Partial deafness
He was deaf in his left ear from the age of 12 due to an accident during a Boy Scout trip and wore a hearing in there for the rest of his life
Gene Johnson (Diamond Rio): Diminished Dexterity
Gene was involved in a carpentry accident months after Diamond Rio was signed to Arista Nashville. The injuries were severe enough to question whether or not he was able to play the mandolin. Within a matter of months, Gene was able to play and Diamond Rio recorded their first #1 hit with "Meet In The Middle."

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