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Song Parodies for Ben Pollack

Original SongParody SongParody Author
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "A Press Sec. Replacement" "A Kansan"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "Arby’s Guy Climaxed; D*mn!" "Ving Rhames and the Arby’s Cannonball Experience"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "Artificial Intelligence: A.I. Makes Your Life Right" "The AmIRight-ChatGPT Racing Network"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "Ben Pollack" "Doris Robbins"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "Ben Pollack (The Father of Swing)" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "Boy Scouts in the Moonlight" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "Celebrity Time with Conrad Nagel" "Porfle Popnecker 2024"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "Church Fair in Broad Daylight (2024 Edition)" "Ben Pollack"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "Church Fair in Broad Daylight" "A. Kansan"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "Dish Network in Moonlight" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "Don’t Forget this Broadcast" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "George & Germaine Briant" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "George & Germaine Briant (Reprise)" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "Innovation Refunds" "Take Two Records"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "Kitten in the Moonlight (The Parody Author, revised version)" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "Let’s Go to Lebeda" "A Kansan"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "Let’s Look Back In Hindsight" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "Lord’s Financial Planning" "A Kansan"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "MedAdvantage Max: Med-Ad in the Daylight" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Dancing In The Moonlight" "National Cheesecake Day" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "Naväge" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "Naväge Nasal Care" "Dr. Martin Hoke"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "Red Eye Radio: Sorry, No “Yee-Haw” Here, But Come And Read It Anyway" "Curse You Gary McNamara"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "Red Eye Radio" "Westwood One"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "Red Eye Radio with Gary McNamara and Eric Harley" "Westwood One Radio"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "River Rafting and Challenge Course" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "River Rafting and Challenge Course (Reprise)" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "Small Business Saturday" "Small Business Saturday 2023"
"Dancing In The Moonlight" "Stay Inside This Weekend!" "A Kansan"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "The Home Depot" "Ben Pollack"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "The Home Depot: How Doers Get More Done" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "The Kansas Farm and Ranch Radio Network" "A Kansan"
"Dancing in the Moonlight" "This Morning with Gordon Deal" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Goin’ To Heaven On A Mule" "300 Boy Scouts Can’t Be Wrong" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Goin’ to Heaven on a Mule" "Dish Network Inside From the Pool" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Goin’ To Heaven On A Mule" "George & Germaine Briant" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Goin’ to Heaven on a Mule" "Let’s Find a Lost Show; Here’s the Rules" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Goin' To Heaven On A Mule" "Seein' Two-Thousand Voting Mules" "A Kansan"
"Goin’ to Heaven on a Mule" "Young Kids at Work; Don’t Break the Rules" "ChatGPT"
"Got the Jitters" "All Star Kia of Baton Rouge" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Got The Jitters" "Call The Fixers" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Got the Jitters" "Church Fundraiser" "A Kansan"
"Got The Jitters" "Don’t Buy Twitter" "Hilton “Nappy” Lamare"
"Got the Jitters" "Got Dish Network" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Got The Jitters" "Got The Fitters" "Nappy Lamare"
"Got The Jitters" "Got The Pictures" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Got The Jitters" "Got The Pictures (The Nightmares of a “Beat the Clock” Show)" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Got the Jitters" "Got the Refunds" "Howard Makler"
"Got the Jitters" "Got the Tickets" "Hilton “Nappy” Lamare"
"Got The Jitters" "Got The Twitters" "Nappy Lamare"
"Got The Jitters" "Labor Day" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Got The Jitters" "Little Passports" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Got The Jitters" "Richard Simmons’ DreamMaker" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Got the Jitters" "Sally Eilers" "The Maryland Center for Public Broadcasting"
"Got The Jitters" "School Room Jitters" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"I’m Full of the Devil" "I Angered the Devil" "One last “Germanfest” parody, and then I’m done."
"I’m Full of the Devil" "I’m Getting Dish Network" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"I’m Full of the Devil" "Let’s Bring 300 Scouts" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"I'm Full of the Devil" "There'll Be a Replacement" "A. Kansan"
"I've Got A Warm Spot In My Heart For You" "A New Month; Find a Show That Can’t Be Viewed" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"I've Got A Warm Spot In My Heart For You" "Roxanne, This Country Had Its Heart For You!" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"I Wanna be Loved" "It’s an A.I. Plug" "ChatGPT"
"I Wanna Be Loved" "I Want This Show Found" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"I Wanna be Loved" "Just Get a Refund!" "Howard Makler for Innovation Refunds"
"Linger a Little Longer in the Twilight" "Look For a Great, White Balloon in the Skylight" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Linger A Little Longer In The Twilight" "Look For A Lost Kinescope In The Attic" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua, Hawaii" "A Lost Kinescope Of A Game Show That's Lost To History" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Night on the Desert" "George Leon Briant" "The Holy Matrimony of Ben Pollack & Doris Robbins"
"Night on the Desert" "Night on a Game Show" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Night on the Desert" "Night with Dish Network" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Sleepy Head" "Germanfest" "A Kansan"
"The Beat of My Heart" "1951" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"The Beat of My Heart" "Show Lost From the Start" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"The Beat of My Heart" "That “Beat the Clock” Show" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Two Tickets To Georgia" "Four Earthquakes In Georgia (the country)" "Nappy Lamare"
"Two Tickets To Georgia" "Three Earthquakes In Georgia" "A Kansan"
"Two Tickets to Georgia" "Three Scouts Times a Hundred" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Two Tickets to Georgia" "Two Tickets for Hundreds" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Two Tickets To Georgia" "(Two Tickets To) Tár" "George&GermaineBriantFan"
"Two Tickets to Georgia" "Two Years That I’ve Known This" "George&GermaineBriantFan"


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