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Using just the letters of a band name, create a sentence using those letters to describe them. It's like an anagram, only there's no limit to how many times you can use a letter.

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Entries Beginning with A

Baa-baa-baa-baa! formed from ABBA
One sheepish entry deserves another.
Rachel Blattington
A bad cat hath a bat bait that'd catch a bat at a cat bath, a bad bat habitat, a bad cat habit. formed from Acid Bath
Drew Scarymore
Bad Tabitha Had A Bad Cat formed from Acid Bath
Linda Radnil
Sal Salted Lili's Salad formed from The Ad-Libs
Amber Wayland
Blithe Ballads formed from The Ad-Libs
Karen Smith
Beth & Seth Babbled At Lib & Bill formed from The Ad-Libs
Amber Wayland
That is sometimes more. formed from Aerosmith
Maharishis' Steamiest Trimester Stammerer's Rotisserie Staterooms' Metathesis formed from Aerosmith
Wow, profound!?!
Rachel Blattington
Anne Gags, As Gene Sang formed from Agnes
Karen Smith
Nadia, Dan, And I Aid Dean Ned in India, And Indiana. formed from Aiden
Lucy Crosland
I Slyly, Prissily, Sip Surplus Ripply Papillary Papyrus Slurry Syrups. formed from Air Supply
Rachel Blattington
Aaaa! Lice sins can chain snails in halls, Al! formed from Alice In Chains
Emma, Marie, & Miriam formed from Amerie
Karen Smith
A Merrier Rococo Ceramic Commerce Career formed from Amy Correia
D. Melody Dole, MD
Aha, My whiney mouse has so many eyes on you. formed from Amy Winehouse
Rosie Finch
My mummy army murmur, "Emu man Ray may marry my merry rumrunner, Amy". formed from Anne Murray
Jessica Childress
Anti-Feminist Minnie Tina formed from Anti-Feminism
A Japanese metal band formed in 1991
Lefty Lucy
Chic Chairs formed from Archies
Angie O'Plasty
Viral Rival formed from Arrival
Nicole Velocin
Viral Rivals formed from Arrivals
Nicole Velocin
Hannah, Tina, Shana, & Anna formed from Ashanti
Karen Smith
This isn't a hint. formed from Ashanti
Living in a real village formed from Avril Lavigne
Viva Rival Lava Grill Engineer formed from Avril Lavigne
Pam Tabor
Oral Sex formed from Axl Rose

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