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Blame The Ramones, but there have been some very short songs that have made the radio. For the purposes of this page, please stick to songs with lyrics and also aren't interludes. Preferablly songs released as a single.

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Entries Beginning with F

"F*** A Dog," Blink 182 Lenght:1:27
Bonus hidden track, off some versions of Take Off Your Pants And Your Jacket.
"F*** The Kids II," NOFX Lenght:0:05
Super short. Super awesome! LYRICS: "F*** the kids, f*** the kids, f*** the kids!"
"Facemelt," Rita Ora Lenght:1:33
The shortest song on her album Ora
"Falling Through The Ice," The Ocean Blue Lenght:1:25
A completely instrumental track from the band's 1991 album Cerulean. At a little under a minute and a half it's the shortest song and the only song without lyrics on the album. It's a few songs before the last one. It's a nice instrumental piece but I have no idea what the title is about, and I wonder why they named it that. Or why it's the only song on the album without words.
"Family Reunion," Blink 182 Lenght:00:36
A song consisting almost entirely of swear words.
Dylan Baranski
"Famous," Car Seat Headrest Lenght:2:45
"Fastest Song," Dash Rip Rock Lenght::02
The lyrics consist of Bill Davis shouting "OnetwothreefourF****n'A!" accompanied by a single chord. That's it. The spoken intro is actually the entertaining part.
Kieran from Nevada
"Fat Sl*t," Tori Amos Lenght:0:41
By far the worst song from her "American Doll Posse" album, it's so short, it comes and goes before you know it!
"Father Father #2," Super Furry Animals Lenght:1:30
Clever Name
"Fearless Vampire Killers," Bad Brains Lenght:1:07
"Feel Good Hit Of The Summer," Queens Of The Stone Age Lenght:2:47
Leadoff track from their 2000 album "Rated R." The lyrics primarily consist of "Nicotine, Valium, Vicodin, marijuana, Ecstasy and alcohol" over and over, with a couple reps of "C-c-c-c-c-cocaine!" to (presumably) break up the monotony.
Jonathan S.
"Fell In Love With A Girl," The White Stripes Lenght:1:50
The first hit single for The White Stripes, and probably their shortest.
"Field Day For The Sundays," Wire Lenght:0:31
Feels amazingly "complete", despite its brevity
"Filler," Minor Threat Lenght:1:32
"Filler," Slayer Lenght:2:28
"Fingertips ," They Might Be Giants Lenght:21 songs totaling 4:33
Fingertips was released as part of Apollo 18 and has become as a group relatively popular with the general public. Each of the first 20 songs averages about 10 or 11 seconds, culminating with the 61-second "I Walk Along Darkened Corridors".
"Fire" is track #3 on their self-titled album released in 1968. It reaching #2 on Billboard's Pop Chart. Making them their biggest hit single to date.
Wisnu Aji
"Five Iron Frenzy Is Either Dead or Dying," Relient K Lenght:00:28
Dedicated to Five Iron's Passing. They played it at the last show in Denver, CO. A Touching moment.
"Five Percent for Nothing," Yes Lenght::35
This is actually the shortest song that Yes has ever released.
Paul Warren
"Fix Me," Black Flag Lenght:0:55
Covered by Rise Against in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
"Flute Loop," Beastie Boys Lenght:1:54
"For No One," The Beatles Lenght:2:00
"Foreword," Linkin Park Lenght:0:17
The first track on Meteora, an introduction to "Don't Stay".
"Fragment," Angels Of Light Lenght:0:31
track 1 off their album New Mother
"Frank," Squeeze Lenght:0:15
There was no music in this song, only the background studio conversation.
Mickey D.
"Frank's Wild Years," Tom Waits Lenght:1:34
One of Tom Wait's "story" songs where the lyrics are spoken
"Frash For Cash," Lawnmower Deth Lenght:0:32
Clever Name
"Friends," Neil Cicierega Lenght:0:10
"From Me to You," The Beatles Lenght:1:56
"From Me to You," The Beatles Lenght:1:56

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