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Blame The Ramones, but there have been some very short songs that have made the radio. For the purposes of this page, please stick to songs with lyrics and also aren't interludes. Preferablly songs released as a single.

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Entries Beginning with Y

"Yakety Sax," Boots Randolph Lenght:1:56
This instrumental was a hit in the early 1960s.
Yvette Bristle
"Yeah," Queen Lenght:0:04
It’s just Freddie Mercury saying “yeah” and it’s a hidden track. I thought hidden tracks were meant to be the longest thing ever? Oh wait, the other hidden track on this is like 20 minutes long
Clever Name
"Yeah," Queen Lenght:0:04
All it is is Freddie saying 'Yeah' and then a brief sound which goes into the next track on the album (Made in Heaven). Strangely enough, that next track is 22-23 MINUTES long and STILL only contains one word (which is 'Fab')
"Yoko Ono," Die Ärzte Lenght:46 Sec
"You Don't Smell Like Flowers," Bob Rivers Lenght:1:41
Parody of "You Don't Send Me Flowers". Off of Best Of Twisted Tunes, Vol. 1.
Jonathan S.
"You Still Believe in Me," The Beach Boys Lenght:2:31
"You Suffer," Napalm Death Lenght:0:01
its reeeeeally short!
Maggot army
"You Suffer," Napalm Death Lenght:00:01.316
Holds the world record for the shortest song ever recorded. It's lyrics are "You suffer, but why?"
"You Suffer," Napalm Death Lenght:0:01
In 1989 the song appeared on one side of a 7" single, the song on the other side, "Mega-Armageddon Death Part 3" by the Electro Hippies, also lasts approximately one second, making the disc the shortest single ever released. The song has earned a place in the "Guinness Book of Records" as the shortest recorded song ever.
Joop Van Mil
"You Were Made for Me," Freddie & The Dreamers Lenght:2:13
The information about this song is very limited and some of them were didn't know about it. However, this band was more known for their hit single, "I'm Telling You Now", which was reaching #1 on Billboard's Pop Chart.
Wisnu Aji
"You Will Always Be the Same," Ryan Adams Lenght:2:38
track 3 off their album Demolition
"You're Not An Airplane," Guided By Voices Lenght:0:33
Closer on the "Bee Thousand" album. Actually makes a very nice closer despite its extreme brevity, although GBV had many very short songs.
"You're Welcome," The Beach Boys Lenght:1:17
This was the flip side of the 1967 45 Heroes And Villains. Its short length and the fact that it wasn't put on an LP make it one of the most obscure Beach Boys songs.
"You've got an Ugly & Stupid Butt," Strong Bad Lenght:0:32
You've got an ugly butt and your butt is stupid
Ian S.
"Young Man Blues," Mose Allison Lenght:1:28

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