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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 4478 Song Title Space Change entries on the site.

"For Eve Randal Ways," Parachute originally "Forever And Always"
"Bird Sofa Feather," Annie LeBlanc originally "Birds Of A Feather"
Candace Mercer
"Cast Leon The Hill," Ed Sheeran originally "Castle On The Hill"
Sylvia Curruca
"Bluebirds' Overt He-Mountain," Ersel Hickey originally "Bluebirds Over The Mountain"
Paige Evans
"Rad Io Active," Imagine Dragons originally "Radioactive"
Io=Jupiter's moon w/ active volcanos; might be rad
Sylvia Curruca
"Where In The World Is Carmen? San Diego," Rockapella originally "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?"
Valerie Cameron
"Comet, O Daddy," Aphex Twin originally "Come To Daddy"
Paige Evans
"Our Ho Use," Madness originally "Our House"
Terror Reid
"Grubs Take," Hail Mary Mallon originally "Grubstake"
Lori Sifferan
"Grubs Take," Hail Mary Mallon originally "Grubstake"
Lori Sifferan
"Blue Birds Over The Mountain," Ersel Hickey originally "Bluebirds Over The Mountain"
Paige Evans
"Union Oft He Snake," Duran Duran originally "Union Of The Snake"
Makes about as much sense as the original. LOL.
"Stake Sis High," De La Soul originally "Stakes Is High"
Paige Evans
"Boy Friend," Justin Bieber originally "Boyfriend "
Not really a lover.
Lance Crackers
"Elect Ricity," Dan Hartman originally "Electricity"
What is Ricity running for?
Don Bass
"King Dom In My Heart," The Glorious Sons originally "Kingdom In My Heart"
A king named Dom? I guess there could be.
Tess O. Gosset
"If Eel Human," Vicetones originally "I Feel Human"
Natasha Bly
"Mustang's Ally," Wilson Picket originally "Mustang Sally"
Mae Beam
"No Body Likes You When You're Dead," Zombina And The Skeletones originally "Nobody Likes You When You're Dead"
However much you put them in good company!
Melanie Bianca Green
"I Can't Hearth Emu (sic)," James Blunt originally "I Can't Hear The Music"
Priscilla Gadsden

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