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Some bands have strange pronunciations of their names, that aren't immediately obvious from their spelling.

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Entries Beginning with M

Eminem pronounced as M-in-M
Like the singular of a certain small round candy.
David Sari
Mariah Carey pronounced as Ma-RYE-uh CARE-ee
That's right, the middle syllable of her first name has the long "i" sound.
Matraca Berg pronounced as ma-trei-sa burg
I thought it was pronounced "mat-tra-ka", and I bet a lot of her fans pronounce it the same way.
Roy Clark Kent
Macklemore pronounced as mac-la-more
Lance Crackers
Mott The Hoople pronounced as Maht The Who-pull
Motley Crue pronounced as Maht-lee Croo
Manowar pronounced as Man-ah-war
Marlene Dietrich pronounced as Mar-lay-na Dee-trick
She was a native of Germany, so this is the German pronunciation.
Odie Garfield
Marc Cohn pronounced as Mark Cone
Marcia Ball pronounced as Marsha Ball
Not "mar-see-a" as i used to think (I had a classmate in elementary school named Marcia whose name was pronounced "MAR-see-a")
Natalie Benson
MSTRKRFT pronounced as Master Craft
Mat Kearney pronounced as Matt Car-nee
As in the late comic actor Art Carney.
Mantovani pronounced as Maun-toe-va-nee
Megadeth pronounced as May-guh-deth
Muse pronounced as Me-oos
That's how I've always heard it.
Rock Maninoff
Mica Paris pronounced as Mee-sha
It's spelled like it should be pronounced 'Mee-ka'.
rock music
Me'Shell Ndegeocello pronounced as Mee-shell in-DEH-gay-o-Chel-o
The surname, which she had adopted as a teen, means "free like a bird" in Swahili.
Megurine Luka pronounced as Meh-goo-REE-nay Loo-ka
Sweet Anne
Metallica pronounced as Meh-Tal-ih-ka
Second syllable rhymes with "pal"
Glenn Rousseau
Mike + The Mechanics pronounced as Mike and the Ma-KAN-iks
Even though the name contains a plus sign, they say "and". Many people who hear the name before first seeing it in print are bound to assume there's an ampersand or the word "and" and not a plus sign.
Dyan Cannonball
Motorhead pronounced as MO-ter-hed
long 'o' sound
Maurice Gibb pronounced as MOR-ris Gibb
His first name is pronounced "Morris," and he hated people who pronounced it "more-REESE" as in Maurice Chevalier!
Morning Musume pronounced as Morning Moo-SOO-may
Chris Chendo
Mudhoney pronounced as Mud-hun-nee
I used to think the name was pronounced "mud-ho-nee" as in the surname Mahoney.
Opie M.
Madonna pronounced as Muh-DAH-Nuh
Michael Buble pronounced as My-kul Boob-LAY
The surname is NOT pronounced like "bubble" at all.
Miley Cyrus pronounced as My-lee SIGH-ruhss
Muse pronounced as MY-oo-S

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