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Some bands have strange pronunciations of their names, that aren't immediately obvious from their spelling.

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Entries Beginning with E

Itzhak Perlman pronounced as Eat-zock Pearl-min
EBN-OZN pronounced as EE-ben OH-zen
Lance Crackers
Eydie Gorme pronounced as Ee-dee Gor-may
The surname is a homophone of 'Gourmet.'
Brionna Secret
Ephel Duath pronounced as Ee-fel Du-ath
Long e, 'du' a little bit like 'do'
Aphex Twin pronounced as effects twin
Razor Sharpe
Eluveitie pronounced as el-VAY-tee
It's a Swedish band. The "u" is silent.
Ylvis pronounced as El-vis
Red Ruffcorn
M.C. Hammer pronounced as Em-Cee-Hammer
The capitalized 'C' should give it away. Yet I have heard some people say it as "Mick-hammer" (as if it were written "McHammer", like he's Irish or something).
MxPx pronounced as Em-ex Pee-ex
Some people try to pronounce it "mix-pix".
MGMT pronounced as em-jee-em-tee
This is how they pronounce it, but it is short for "management".
Electric Boogeyman
MC5 pronounced as Em-see-five
Some people think it's pronounced mik-five but it isn't.
Mtume pronounced as Em-TOO-may
En Vogue pronounced as En Voag
Not "ON voag"; it's not quite French.
Eac Zeffron
Enrique Iglesias pronounced as en-REE-kay ee-GLEH-see-ahs
Opie M.
N Sync pronounced as En-Sync
It's the letters in the members' first names.
LaNce (actually named LansteN)
Erykah Badu pronounced as Erika Ba-doo
Mr. Soul
Esteban pronounced as Es-Ta-Bawn
Also known as the Home Stopping Network guitarist.
Evanescence pronounced as Ev-a-NESS-ents
Sorta like "Evan essence"
X pronounced as ex
pronounced exactly how it looks
j. mascis
XXXTentacion pronounced as Ex ex ex Tenta-SYON
Expose pronounced as Ex-po-ZAY
An accent mark appears above the second E.
Xzibit pronounced as Ex-zib-bit
As in "exhibit". Some people try to pronounce it "zibbet" or "zibbit".
Eiffel 65 pronounced as Eye-full sixty five
Not six five as some people say. Pronounce it as you would a typical two-digit number.
Ini Kamoze pronounced as EYE-knee ka-MOE-zee
Jamaican-born male reggae singer, best known for his mid-1990s hit "Here Comes The Hotstepper"
Mark Richardson
iiO pronounced as eye-oh
It looks like it should be "eye-eye-oh", since that's how you spell it, but the band confirms that this is how they say the name.
Joe Blow
Eisley pronounced as Eyes Lee
Luke Jaywalker
Eisley pronounced as Eyes-Lee
I sick of people calling them ez-lee

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