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Some bands have strange pronunciations of their names, that aren't immediately obvious from their spelling.

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Entries Beginning with E

Itzhak Perlman pronounced as Eat-zock Pearl-min
Ephel Duath pronounced as Ee-fel Du-ath
Long e, 'du' a little bit like 'do'
Aphex Twin pronounced as effects twin
Razor Sharpe
Ylvis pronounced as El-vis
Red Ruffcorn
M.C. Hammer pronounced as Em-Cee-Hammer
The capitalized 'C' should give it away. Yet I have heard some people say it as "Mick-hammer" (as if it were written "McHammer", like he's Irish or something).
MxPx pronounced as Em-ex Pee-ex
Some people try to pronounce it "mix-pix".
MGMT pronounced as em-jee-em-tee
This is how they pronounce it, but it is short for "management".
Electric Boogeyman
MC5 pronounced as Em-see-five
Some people think it's pronounced mik-five but it isn't.
Mtume pronounced as Em-TOO-may
En Vogue pronounced as En Voag
Not "ON voag"; it's not quite French.
Eac Zeffron
Enrique Iglesias pronounced as en-REE-kay ee-GLEH-see-ahs
Opie M.
N Sync pronounced as En-Sync
It's the letters in the members' first names.
LaNce (actually named LansteN)
Erykah Badu pronounced as Erika Ba-doo
Mr. Soul
Esteban pronounced as Es-Ta-Bawn
Also known as the Home Stopping Network guitarist.
Evanescence pronounced as Ev-a-NESS-ents
Sorta like "Evan essence"
X pronounced as ex
pronounced exactly how it looks
j. mascis
Expose pronounced as Ex-po-ZAY
An accent mark appears above the second E.
Xzibit pronounced as Ex-zib-bit
As in "exhibit". Some people try to pronounce it "zibbet" or "zibbit".
Eiffel 65 pronounced as Eye-full sixty five
Not six five as some people say. Pronounce it as you would a typical two-digit number.
Ini Kamoze pronounced as EYE-knee ka-MOE-zee
Jamaican-born male reggae singer, best known for his mid-1990s hit "Here Comes The Hotstepper"
Mark Richardson
iiO pronounced as eye-oh
It looks like it should be "eye-eye-oh", since that's how you spell it, but the band confirms that this is how they say the name.
Joe Blow
Eisley pronounced as Eyes-Lee
I sick of people calling them ez-lee

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