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As long as there's been music, there have been musicians who get into trouble with the law.

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Glen Campbell: "drunken driving"
On November 24, 2003, Glen Campbell was arrested in Phoenix, Arizona for drunken driving. Glen was later quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle as saying, “Boy, did that scare the hell out of me. I quit drinking, I can tell you that."
Steven Tyler: "Possession of marijuana"
On March 15, 1967, Steven Tyler was arrested in Yonkers, New York for possession of marijuana.
Phil Rudd of AC/DC: "Various"
2014 was a bad year for Phil Rudd. He ran a restaurant in New Zealand called 'Phil's Place' and was ordered to pay $70,000NZ to 3 former employees for unlawful termination. That same year his first solo album HEAD JOB was released but not promoted much by the record label and it bombed. Phil was busted for conspiracy to murder a record label exec but that was later dropped. He was also busted for meth and Mary Jane and was sentenced to 8 months home confinement. That meant that he couldn't tour on the AC/DC Rock Or Bust Tour. The band itself had their own problems, having rhythm guitarist Malcolm young out of the band because of dementia which took his life in 2017.
TNT Terminator
J. Geils: "DUI"
Ex-guitarist for the J. Geils got pulled over around Toledo for drunk driving recently.
J. Geils For President
Rolf Harris: "Molesting young girls"
Doing time in England, about 5 years and stripped of his knighthood. When he is finally released about 20 women in Australia have come forward and new charges are likely to be laid. Basically they claim he fucked them when they were little girls. Also Cliff Richard's past is being looked at by Scotland yard. A man has come forward who says Cliff molested him when he was a teenager.
Gerald X
Cher: "Auto theft"
Cher, then age 13, apparently stole a car for a "joy ride." Her LAPD mug shot can be found on line. (Believe it or not, she even looks pretty in it...)
Jeff Missinne
As I Lay Dying: "Attempted assassination"
On May 7, 2013, lead singer Tim Lambesis was arrested in Oceanside, California, for attempting to hire a hitman to murder his estranged wife Meggan Murphy Lambesis, and, according to the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, was charged with soliciting “an undercover detective to kill his wife.” Lambesis allegedly approached someone at a gym and asked if he knew anyone who would kill his wife. On February 25, 2014, Lambesis changed his plea from "not guilty" to "guilty" and was sentenced to six years in prison on May 16, 2014 and credited with 48 days for time served.
Danny Hates Dubstep
Axl Rose: "Causing A Riot"
Stemming from an incident in Montreal in which Metallica singer and gutarist James Hetfield was injured in a pyrotechnics accident.
James suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his arms, legs, and chest after he walked straight into pyrotechnic display by accident.
Axl's show lasted about 45 minutes until he walked off stage and that's when the fans started rioting and tearing the Montreal Centre apart. Since then Guns N Roses have no longer been allowed in Montreal.
Lostprophets: "Child Pornography"
For which lead singer Ian Watkins was sentenced to 35 years in prison.
Lil Kim: "Lying To Police and Obstruction of Justice"
Lil Kim whose real name is Kimberly Jones was tried and convicted of lying to the police stemming from an incident in which her rap entourage was shooting at a rival rap entourage.

She was sentenced for her crime to a year and one day in jail and a fine of $50,000.
John was issued a citation for speeding.
Justin Beiber: "Speeding"
Just recently he was cited by CHP officer for speeding after he was trying to outrun the paparazzi.
Phil Spector: "Murder"
At his posh Beverly Hills home he stuck a revolver in his girlfriend's mouth and pulled the trigger. Sent up the river forever.
Tippy St Clalir
Johann Strauss II: "Playing The French National Anthem"
Strauss, who lived in Austria his whole life, actually played "Les Marseillaise" in Austrian property during his early career! The charges were later dropped.
Paul warren
Sid Vicious: "Assault, murder (suspected and charged)"
He did 55 days for assault on Todd Smith (brother of singer Patti Smith). He was committed to Bellvue for attempting suicide ten days after Nancy Spungen's death. He never served any time in prison explicitly for the death of Nancy Spungen.
Tim Kramar
Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones: "Assault"
Ron Wood got arrested in in late 2009 for assault in a domestic disturbance with his 18-year-old Russian lover Ekaterina Ivanova. They split soon afterwards. He left his wife of 24 years when he started up with Ekaterina. He had also been to alcoholic rehab several times and Ekaterina later said he did cocaine.
I Got Stoned at Ohio State University
Judee Sill: "Armed robbery"
She and a partner reportedly robbed a bank in which she was so uptight, she blurted out "This is a f---up, mothersticker". Since she was a juvenile, she was sent to reform school as a result.
Buju Banton: "Cocaine"
Cocaine smuggling, intent to distribute (don't quote me on this). He got a prison sentence of 10, maybe 15 years or so. Also, he's been in trouble in his native Jamaica for violent gay-bashing.
Reggae Means One Love
Bump J: "Armed robbery"
He's currently serving 10 years in Texas for robbing a Chase bank in Chicago's "West Loop". 7 years for the illegal gun, 37 months for the robbery.
Axl Rose: "Assault"
A concert in St Louis ended before it even started after he caught someone with a video camera filming them he dived off of the stage and punched the man several times.
Axl eventually stormed off stage and a riot ensued which caused a lot of damga.
The fan settled for $200 and an autograph. :(

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