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As long as there's been music, there have been musicians who get into trouble with the law.

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Entries Beginning with V

Varg Vikernes (Burzum): "First degeree murder"
Varg Vikernes, known as one-man band project Burzum (Tolkienesque for "Darkness"), is a Norwegian black metal composer/songwriter and poet. His songs are pro-Nazi, neo-Pagan and anti-Christian. He murdered a fellow musician, Euronymous, and is serving 23 years' sentence in a Norway prison. He is also suspected of several arson attacks on churches and refugee centers.
Susanna Viljanen
Victor Willis: "Failiure to appear in Court, drug, gun charges"
Victor Willis the police man in the 1970s group Village People was busted in Dally City, California.
Vince Neil: "DUI / Vehicular Homicide"
Vince Neil served a short sentence for drunk driving in an accident that killed a member of Hanoi Rocks. After that he starred in an anti-DUI PSA TV ad, stating, "but now I do it clean". Vince convinced no one. Most people in "higher" positions get just a slap on the wrist for these things.
W + Dick R Criminals 2
Vinilla ice: "assualt "
He got mad and hit his wife
Chance Gollnick
Vixen: "Trademark infringement"
The late Jan Kuehnemund sued in 1998 to reclaim the rights to her band Vixen's name forcing the erstwhile glam metal band, which shifted to pure rock when it was refounded a year prior by her previous bandmates Janet Gardner and Roxy Petrucci, to dissolve. Despite this, the three reconciled by 2001. An attempted reunion that year turned sour. Fortunately, the band's late 1980s/early 1990s lineup got together again and appeared on MTV's Bands Reunited only for one 2004 episode, thanks to that program.
Joey F.

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