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As long as there's been music, there have been musicians who get into trouble with the law.

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Entries Beginning with D

DaBaby: "Homicide, assault and battery"
The rapper who became a staple of bizarre internet memes also had a rap sheet consisting of shooting an alleged trespasser to death, slapping a fan at a concert and assaulting a few others.
Maryellen Larkin
Dave Dobbyn: "Inciting a riot"
He was playing an outdoor concert in Aotea Square in Auckland. During the show there was a power failure leading sections of the crowd to become restless. Some of the crowd started throwing beer bottles and police arrested them. The situation escalated and the riot squad was called in. Dobbyn made negative remarks about the police which allegedly spurred on the crowd. The concert was stopped by the police and sections of the crowd rioted, smashing shop windows along Queen Street. Prime Minister David Lange called a commission of inquiry and as a result Dobbyn was charged with inciting a riot. The criminal prosecution against Dobbyn began June 1985. His lawyer successfully defended him and he was acquitted on the charge of "behaving in a manner likely to cause violence against person or property and using insulting language".
Optimus Lime
Before his death, he was arrested multiple times for DUI.
David Haris: "Draft Dodging"
He was Joan Baez's husband and was thrown in jail after he refused to be drafted into the United States army during the Vietnam war.
Dero Goi: "Public urination"
He and Chris Wolff formed the band What About Bill? after spending the night together in a New York jail cell after they were both caught urinating in public.
DMX: "Animal Cruelty, Drug Possession, and Fraud"
As punishment for his crimes, the volatile and controversial "Party Up" poet must wear pink t-shrts, underwear and socks, as do other inmates at the Arizona jail he is serving time for. Sheriff Joe Arpaio though of the idea after DMX and the other inmates stole his underwear and dyed them pink. The rapper called the punishment ridiculous and disrespectful.
Don McLean: "Domestic violence"
On January 18, 2016, Don McLean was arrested in Camden, Maine for domestic violence. He pleaded guilty to the charges and paid a $3,660 fine.
Donnie Wahlberg: "Arson and Public Mischief"
Donnie was charged with arson and public mischief after he was alledged to have set fire to a hotel hall way in Louisville, KY. The charge was reduced to public mischief. He was sentenced to phrobation and had to do community service that included an ad about fire safety.
Donovan: "Drug Posession"
In 1967, there was a drug bust that was popular in London and Donovan was one of the many musicians that got caught.
Paul Warren

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