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As long as there's been music, there have been musicians who get into trouble with the law.

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Entries Beginning with C

C-Murder: "Second Degree Murder"
Corry Miller aka C-Murder was tried and convicted of second degree murder in the death of a 16 year old boy but the conviction was overturned enlight of some new evidence.
Chad was pulled over in 2006 and charged with DUI. He was convicted of DUI and lost his license but his conviction is under appeal because he fears that this incident would prevent him from entering the U.S.
Cher: "Auto theft"
Cher, then age 13, apparently stole a car for a "joy ride." Her LAPD mug shot can be found on line. (Believe it or not, she even looks pretty in it...)
Jeff Missinne
Chris Brown: "Domestic violence case"
In 2009, Chris achieved significant attention from the media after he pleaded guilty to felony assault of his then-girlfriend, fellow singer Rihanna. He was then sentenced to five years of probation and six months of community service.
Chuck Berry: "Interstate transportation of a prostitute"
While in Mexico, he met a 14-year old Apache woman that he invited to work as a hat check girl at his club. After she was fired, she was arrested on prostitution charges, and Chuck Berry was essentially blamed for having "transported a female for immoral purposes." He was sentenced to five years and fined ,000
Chuck Berry: "Pornography"
Chuck had a secret video camera in a convenience store womans bathroom. All charges were dropped against him.
Glenn Rousseau
Chuck Berry: "Armed Robbery"
In 1944, when his car broke down, he and a bunch of his friends waited, and flagged down a passing car. Chuck then carjacked the car using a non-functional gun. The man used a pay-phone, and the police quickly caught them. Chuck Berry was sentenced, and then released from the Intermediate Reformatory for Young Men in Algoa, Missouri, when he turned 21.
Corey Feldman: "Drug Addiction"
In 1990,Feldman had been arrested for using drugs.He was 17 years old.He had been arrested various times and could be taken to night clubs at such a young age.When he got married he hadn't told his wife the full story.It could've been the end of his career!
Courtney Love: "Posession of unperscribed drugs"
Stemming from an incident in which had ODed in her home. Her daughter Frances called an ambulance.
Courtney Love: "Assault and Battery"
Stemming from an incident when she ran over her ex-boyfriend's girlfriend's foot with her car.
Cris Kirkwood: "Attacking a security guard"
A security guard got involved with an argument between Kirkwood and a woman over a post office parking space and Kirkwood began striking the guard with his own baton. He was shot twice in the back and sentenced to 24 months in prison.
Riley Keigan
Curt Smith: "Juvenile Delinquency"
The other half of the 80s synth-pop group Tears For Fears was leaning dangerously towards juvenile delinquency when he was a teenager.

He had been in fist fights, was stealing, and was getting into general mischief which he equates to "teenage stuff."

It's kind of hard to believe that this is the same guy some 40 years later who's now in back with his old friend making music together.

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