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As long as there's been music, there have been musicians who get into trouble with the law.

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Entries Beginning with J

J. Geils: "DUI"
Ex-guitarist for the J. Geils got pulled over around Toledo for drunk driving recently.
J. Geils For President
Jack White: "aggrivated assault"
punched his former freind Jason Stollsteimer (the singer for Detroit rock group The Von Bondies) in the face at a rock club in December, 2003. Plead guilty and paid fine of $750 and ordered to anger management
James Brown: "Weapons Offenses"
James Brown lead the Georgia police on a high speed car chase after he waved a gun at a tourist who he thought had used his bathroom. He lead the chase over several states before he started racing on his tire rims. He was charged with one count of carrying a concealed weapon and one count of dangerous driving.
James Hetfield: "various crimes"
James destroyed some ones house, shit on all the floors, pissed on all the carpets, barfed on all the rugs, grafitied the house inside & outside, put explosives in the toilets, re-grammed the alarms from instead of doing what they normallyy do when they go off to make them say OH SHIT DAMN FAG BITCH BASTARD BEOTCH PISS ASS ARSE DICK COCK FUCK continously until reset, replaced all light bulbs with explosives that light themselves, mde sure that when ever someone turned on the t.v. a real gun would start shooting at themand try to kill them and would work on mostly every time and wouldn't stop until the t.v. was turned off, & finally overflowed all the systems that use water, the sentance was 3 days in jail then transfered to prison for life and sent to solitary confinment on sundays.
Jani Liimatainen: "Failed to serve time in the armed forces"
Sonata Arctica's ex-guitarist failed to serve one month of service to the army, so he served one year in the slammer.
DJ Blaze
Jeff Timmons: "DUI"
Formerly a member of the all male vocal group 98 Degrees Jeff was pulled over on a Florida highway and charged with a misdameanor DUI.
Jerry Garcia: "Possesion of Heroin & Cocaine"
Jerry Garcia was busted in San Fransisco, in Golden Gate Park in his Mercede's with a briefcase containing Cocaine & Heroin. This was in the 1980's.
Wade Brock
Jim Morrison: "Indecent Exposure"
Stemming from an incident in which he threatened to "show it" to everybody. According to Ray Manzerak he claims that Jim never did show "it" to anyone.
Jimi Hendrix: "Drug Possession"
Hendrix said that the drugs were put in his luggage when he was arrested in Toronto. He also was arrested and sent to Juvenile Hall back in High School.
Paul Warren
Jimmy Chaimberland: "Possession of a controlled substance"
Jimmy was arrested and charged with posession of a controlled substance after the body of travelling keyboardist Jonathan Melvoine was discovered in a New York City hotel room. Because of the impending charges against Jimmy Billy, Darcy, and James decided to sever all personal and professional ties with their friend and drummer citing that for 9 years they put up with Jimmy's substance abuse claiming that it was against "everything they are and stand for."
Joan Baez: "Peaceful Protests against Vietnam"
Joan Baez did peaceful protests in the late 60's as she would block the doors of the Oakland Armed Forces to prevent draftees in The Vietnam War.
Paul Warren
Johann Strauss II: "Playing The French National Anthem"
Strauss, who lived in Austria his whole life, actually played "Les Marseillaise" in Austrian property during his early career! The charges were later dropped.
Paul warren
John Lennon: "Posession of Pot"
In July 1968 police raided a flat subleted by Ringo Starr and found minuscule amounts of pot. They managed to convict John of posession.
John Lennon: "Imigration violations"
When imigration officials in New York discovered that John Lennon had a pot conviction they decided to try and deport him. But John fought back saying that the move was because of his political views not because he had a pot conviction.
John was issued a citation for speeding.
Johnny Cash: "Smuggling Drugs over an International Border"
Despite having written and sung the "Folsom Prison Blues," the only time the Man in Black was ever in jail was for a time he attempted to bring over stimulants from Mexico.
Jonathan King: "Molesting Young Boys"
In September 2001, he was convicted of child sexual abuse and sentenced to seven years in prison, for having sexually assaulted five boys, aged 14 and 15, in the 1980s. In May 2017, he was again charged with historical sexual offences.
Judee Sill: "Armed robbery"
She and a partner reportedly robbed a bank in which she was so uptight, she blurted out "This is a f---up, mothersticker". Since she was a juvenile, she was sent to reform school as a result.
Justin Beiber: "Speeding"
Just recently he was cited by CHP officer for speeding after he was trying to outrun the paparazzi.

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