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These are INTENTIONAL messages that groups have recorded and placed in their songs. This differs from backwards masking in which bands supposedly sing a song in a special way so that when played backwards a hidden message appears.

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Entries Beginning with S

"Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites," Skrillex
The near-indecipherable singing that occurs at intervals throughout the song is actually the singing at the end reversed and messed around with a bit. Listen to it backwards and check for yourself!
Dr. Pepper
"Secret Messages," Electric Light Orchestra
This song has a secret message that basically says, "What are you looking for? Turn the needle back and play this thing forward." ELO has made several backwards messages on their previous albums (none of them the rumored 'Christ infernal' message - it was never made), and the 1983 'Secret Messages' is peppered with just that. Other messages on this LP include counting numbers, cheering for the Birmingham Bluebirds Football (Soccer) Club, marching chants and a shout of BEATLES FOREVER! Not very Satanic, is it?
Evil Man
"Sermon," Drowning Pool
If you play backwards the end of this song, you'll hear Dave saying "Ladies and gentlemen, tell me what you believe", it's a variation of the chorus used in the song when you play it normally.
"Silly Boys," Klaatu
The majority of this song (from the album "Sir Army Suit") was recorded backwards. To confuse things further, the lyrics for the song printed on the original album's lyric sheet were typed in reverse as well! However, the song is actually words from "Anus of Uranus", from the band's first album. See for the complete lyrics and story behind the song.
"Smells Like Teen Spirit," Nirvana
This is a very intense track and in my opinion is better than Smells normal. Kurdt is saying "I HATE YOU" in the Intro(Outro when played regularly). The easiest way to get this is Youtube but if you have software or Vinyl it's cool, kinda scary
"Snowblind," Styx
Forwards: "I tried so hard to make it so" Backwards: "Oooh, Satan moves through our voices". (They hit back at these claims - see "Heavy metal Poisoning".)
A Stranger
"Snowblind," Styx
At 1:08 (backwords), there is the start of what sounds like a backwards message, Incomprehendable (possible other language?) until 1:18 (backwards). It says "Satan is mercy,Save me Satan,Save Me now" Creepy,eh?
Quake Storm
"So Yesterday," Hilary Duff
This is pretty well-known, so I'm surprised it's not here. This may or may not be intentional, but when Hillary sings, "At least not today..." it says "Hail this Nazi Land" backwards. Try it yourself and see!
I refuse to tell
"Stained Glass," Judas Priest
It is revealed that the line “Jump into the abyss” backwards is satanic: backwards it says “Sing my evil spirit”.
"Stairway To Heaven," Led Zeppelin
Reverse any section of the song (except from the parts where there are no vocals) to find a message with a religious meaning. The most well-known one crops up in the verse starting with "if there's a bustle in your hedgerow". It says: "So here's to my sweet Satan. The one whose little path would make me sad Whose power is faith. He'll give those with him 666. There was a little toolshed where he made us suffer, sad Satan."
A Stranger
"Stockholm Syndrome," Muse
In the chorus when played bacwards you can hear something like "You can't see me, we sneak off. I lost to love. Please ... save the night wind and high above, I lost to love. Sing, save"
"Sweet Emotion," Aerosmith
The whole song just says F You Frank when played backwards.

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