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These are INTENTIONAL messages that groups have recorded and placed in their songs. This differs from backwards masking in which bands supposedly sing a song in a special way so that when played backwards a hidden message appears.

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Entries Beginning with L

After Sir Paul sings the last verse the drummer resumes his playing pattern and in the background somebody is playing a message on a kazoo in a rare code - played backwards the message is translated as "Paul is busted". You been caught with that girl Mary Jane again? A brilliant "hidden message" technique. Clever.
Space Explorer
"Let it Go," Cast of "Frozen"
A curse word is heard when it is played backwards "Ooh damn he must like me" I don't know what lyric it replaces but it is true. Someone help if they can.
"Let It Go," Idina Menzel
If you play the line "can't get to me at all" backwards it is "Oh damn he must like me”
"Let It Go," Idina Menzel
In the song, if you play it backward, it clearly says "I'm standing with ammonia".
"Like A Prayer," Madonna
Forwards: Life is a mystery! Backwards; Devil, I worship you!
"Like Spinning Plates," Radiohead
Radiohead originally made this song by reversing a demo version of another song, "I Will", which they later recorded for their next album (Hail to the Thief, 2003) in a different arrangement. If you play "Like Spinning Plates" backwards, you can hear similarities to "I Will" in the chord progression and Thom Yorke's vocal melody.
"Live from the Mars Hotel (Album)," Grateful Dead
Unintelligible cover art characters seen upside down and backwards reads "ugly rumors".
"Loser," Beck
When you reverse the song itself, at around 1:07-1:17 (reverse time) you can clearly hear the Chorus of the song being song not in reverse.
"Loser," Beck
During the instrumental break, the chorus played itself reversibly.
Mickey D.
"Love Bites," Judas Priest
In actuality, the backmasked "message" played over the verse is just the verse played backwards.
"Love Bites," Judas Priest
In the first verse after the guitar break, you can hear some weird, garbled stuff behind Rob Halford's voice- it's not subtle at all. Now, supposedly, if you play it backwards, you'll hear Rob saying "Attend the church of your choice" or some such thing. This was allegedly done in response to the band's being sued for having driven two young men in Reno to commit suicide. (The band was acquitted and no damages were awarded to the families of the unfortunate lads.)
Kieran from Nevada
"Lucifer 9," Jay-Z
Found on the "Grey Album", a mixture of Jay-Z's "Black Album" and the Beatles' "White Album". Forwards the lyrics are indecipherable, but backwards there is clearly a message that says, "666! Murder Murder Jesus! 666!"
A Stranger

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