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These are INTENTIONAL messages that groups have recorded and placed in their songs. This differs from backwards masking in which bands supposedly sing a song in a special way so that when played backwards a hidden message appears.

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Entries Beginning with A

"All Apologies," Nirvana
"All in all its all we are" in reverse is "I was nirvana"
"Amish Paradise," Weird All Yankovic
When you play this parody song backwards, you can hear in part of it "You're a wise little muffin."
"Announcement Service Public," Linkin Park
When the song is played backwards, you can hear Chester screaming "You should brush your teeth and you should wash your hands!" Hence the song's title, which is "Public Service Announcement" with the words in reverse order.
"Another One Bites The Dust," Queen
Forwards: Another one bites the dust Backwards: It's fun to smoke marijuna
Glenn Rousseau
"Another One Bites The Dust/Another 1 Rides The Bus," Queen / Weird Al
Backwards in the chorus of the Queen version, you're supposed to hear "decide to smoke marijuana" or "you're supposed to smoke marijuana." In the Wierd Al version, same passage, (also backwards) you're supposed to hear "someone's on marijuana."
"Aoxamoxa," Grateful Dead
This is a couple of backwards (cover art) messages from the Grateful Dead. The album "American Beauty" says "American Reality" if you look at it. The album "Aoxamoxa" the lettering spelling the "Grateful Dead" says "We Ate The Acid" in a mirror.
Wade Brock
"Arise," Amebix
In the song "Arise" by Amebix there is a backwards message saying "Listen to Hawkwind, Motorhead, smoke some glue....".
Wade Brock
"Assult & Battery (The Golden Void)," Hawkwind
In the song "Assult & Battery" by Hawkwind the first stanza of lyrics is actually a Longfellow poem. It is a beautiful song.
Wade Brock
"Autumn Of My Madness," Procol Harum
Between 8:24-8:27 of the epic "In Held 'Twas In I: Autumn of my Madness" you will hear some backwards nonsense and when you play it backwards, you will hear the ending of their song "Homburg".
Paul Warren
"Azwethinkweiz," Incubus
At the end, reversed, lead singer Brandon Boyd says "Thursday Night, we smoked indica, and Azwethinkweiz was born."

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