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Songs that have resulted in lawsuits, either for lyrics or for borrowing too much of the music.

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Entries Beginning with I

"I Feel Like Dying," Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne used a sample of Karma's "Once" without permission even though it was never on any profitted release.
"I Love You," Barney
In 1994, Lyons Group (now known as Lyons Partnership, a subsidiary of HiT Entertainment), who were Barney's owners, was sued by the publisher of a children's book that was written by Lee Bernstein. She wrote the lyrics of I Love You, though a little different to the version Barney uses, in 1983 (before the Barney series was even created). The people who sued Lyons weren't aware that Bernstein and Barney's creators made an agreement in 1992 over the song.
"I'll Be Your Everything," Tommy Page
Jordan Knight, and Danny Wood got presented with a lawsuit claiming that the song I'll Be Your Everything had copied another song. The case was eventually thrown out of court.
"Ice Ice Baby," Vanilla Ice
Vanilla Ice drew controversy by claiming that he owed no royalties for sampling "Under Pressure", citing one minor alteration to the bass line. Although no lawsuit was ever filed, the rapper supposedly settled out of court, and songwriting credit was retroactively given to Bowie and the members of Queen. (from wikipedia)
"Ice Ice Baby ," Vanilla Ice
Vanilla Ice was accused for stealing the bass line for his song "Ice Ice Baby" from the song "Under Pressure" by Queen and David Bowie. This case never went to trial, although rumor has it that the copyright holders of Under Pressure threatened suit and settled with Vanilla out of court for an undisclosed sum.
"In da Club," 50 Cent
Former 2 Live Crew manager Joseph Weinberger attempted to sue 50 Cent for the use of the line "it's your birthday", alleging that it was taken off the second track from 2 Live Crew member Luther Campbell's album Freak for Life. Unfortunately for Weinberger, who owned the rights to the rap group's back catalog, the judge ruled in favor of Curtis Jackson, whose use of the "birthday" line was glaringly common and ineligible for copyright.
Queen Elsa of Arendelle
"It's Tricky," Run-DMC
In 2007, The Knack sued Run-DMC (and all the online distributors carrying the song) for illegally sampling their 1978 hit "My Sharona" in 1986's "It's Tricky," which the Knack claims to have only heard in 2005. The suit has not been settled yet.

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