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Songs that have resulted in lawsuits, either for lyrics or for borrowing too much of the music.

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"La Villa.Strangiato," Rush
Alex Lifeson unconsciously stole from Raymond Scott's song, "Powerhouse", likely because it burned into his memory from watching cartoons as a child. You can hear a sample of it here: From the FAQ on the website: Q: Did the rock band RUSH get sued and have to pay royalties for their unauthorized use of Raymond Scott's ''Powerhouse'' in their 1978 recording ''La Villa.Strangiato''? A: By the time Raymond Scott's publisher notified the band's management of the infringement, the statute of limitations had expired on the challenge. But Rush's management, out of deference to Mr. and Mrs. Scott (Raymond was still alive at that point), offered a one-time "penance" payment, feeling it was the ethical thing to do. All involved were happy with the resolution, and Rush has no further financial obligations. Under the settlement, they were not required to accord RS partial songwriting credit on the.piece.
P Smith
"Land Down Under," Men At Work
Almost thirty years after the song was released, it was found that in a musical interlude that it used certain chords from the children's song 'Kookaburra'. How they didn't notice it before I'll never know, but I'll never look at the song the same way again.
"Let It Go," Idina Menzel
Jaime Ciero sued Disney, Idina Menzel, and Demi Lovato in 2017, alleging similarities between "Let It Go" and Ciero's 2008 song "Volar". Ciero backed out of the suit in 2019.
"Love Is A Wonderful Thing," Michael Bolton
The Isley Brothers were awarded a sum of 5.4 million dollars in damages in a plagiarism lawsuit against Michael Bolton. The Isley Brothers were also awarded future royalties for the song. Michael Bolton appealed the decision, and lost the appeal.

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