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Once the fame has gone, what do performers do when they leave the music industry?

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Rick Tippe, Rick Tippe Owns a truck repair business with his sons in their hometown of Maple Ridge, British Columbia  - Sundog
King, Paul King TV presenter not many years after King split, Paul ended his singing career and became a tv-presenter mostly for song-related stuff(like the album Superhits Of The 80s which includes their hit, Love And Pride). - mads.
The Beatles, Pete Best Baker Pete Best was the Beatles' previous drummer before Ringo Starr. - Don
Dannii Minogue, Dannii Minogue Clothing Designer According to her verified Twitter page, she's ambassador for a designer company. - mads.
Aileen Quinn, Aileen Quinn College professor and translator Quinn worked as a Spanish, drama, and dance teacher at Hudson Catholic Regional High School in Jersey City, New Jersey at one point, and an adjunct theater professor at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey, which was also the filming location for the 1982 Annie adaptation. - Sally Shine
Cats Can Fly, Eddie Zeeman Hairdresser After Cats Can Fly disbanded, Zeeman pursued a career in hairdressing and currently owns his own hair salon in Schomberg, Ontario called Eddie's on Main. - Harderman61
Spoons, Gordon Deppe Music Programmer Gordon was the Music director Galaxie, now Stingray, music. - Celeste
Spoons, Rob Preuss Musical Concert Pianist After Rob left Honeymoon Suite in 1989 he went back to his musical roots as a substitute pianist on Phantom of the Opera for 20 full performances. - Celeste
The Heights, Jamie Walters Firefighter After his career sputtered out after he was cast in Beverly Hills 90210, Walters became a paramedic/firefighter in Los Angeles County. - Tommy
Vanilla Ice, Vanilla Ice Reality TV Host He hosts a home improvement reality TV show on the DIY network. It's been going on for 4 seasons already. - Believe It Or Not!
Husker Du, Greg Norton Restaurantier He's been a chef and restaurantier in Chicago since the band imploded in early 1988. - Whitney Harrison
Platinum Blonde, Chris Steffler Resturaunteur After he left Platinum Blonde in 1987 Chris had a resturaunt called Twiggy across the street from the former Chum/City building. - Celeste
K's Choice, Sarah Bettens Firefighter In 2010, Sarah Bettens realized that since she is now an American citizen, she could be a firefighter. She wanted a way to serve her adopted community. Unfortunately the Johnson City Fire Department (JCFD) was not hiring, but in 2012 they started hiring so she reapplied for the position. And she got the job! Yay, Sarah! But with a family of six (a partner, Stef, Stef's two children from a previous marriage, and the couple's two adopted children) the occupation was taking a mental toll on all of them, and as a result, Sarah only served the JCFD for one year. She still continues to write, record, and perform as a solo artist, with K's Choice, and as a 2013 effort of her's and her brother, Gert's: "Bettens." - Rad
Platinum Blonde, Mark Holmes Night Club DJ 10 years ago Mark and his business partner Bobbi Guy opened up Mark's Mod Club Theatre in Toronto where Mark worked for 9 years. After 9 years working at the Mod Club Theatre he decided that it would be good to get back together with the band. - Celeste
Platinum Blonde, Mark Holmes DJ Mark is part owner of the Mod Club Theatre and is a DJ. Mark says that his DJ career helped him stay current with all of the latest electronic innovations. - Celeste
Platinum Blonde, Mark Holmes Nightclub owner/DJ Mark and his business partner Bobbi Guy entered into a partnership to open up the Virgin Mobile Mod Club Toronto. - Celeste
Platinum Blonde, Sergio Galli Architect After his days as the guitar player in Platinum Blonde, Sergio Galli decided that he wanted to become an architect however he was turned down by every architecture school in town. He just decided to open up his own firm without any formal eductaion. :) - Celeste
Chad Brock, Chad Brock Radio DJ Chad Brock was a country singer that had a handful of hits back in the late 90s. But then his career fizzled out and he quit the business and moved back to his home state of Florida where he's in radio as a local deejay. It's a shame too because he's got a real good singing voice. - Edward
The Four Preps, Glen Larson Motion picture and television writer and producer Glen Larson used his involvement with the Four Preps to gain access to motion pictures and television, in which he became a highly successful writer and producer. "Battlestar 'Galactica'" (the original version, not that wretched re-imagining that was shown more recently) and "Knight Rider" are two of his best-known works. - Parker Gabriel
The Kinleys, Jennifer Kinley Veteranarian  The Kinleys were twins who were best known for their single "Please" in the late 1990's. - harderman61

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