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This is a list of names of the nicknames music performers, are known by. Not actors or other famous people.

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 906 Music Performer Nicknames entries on the site.

Real Name
Submitted by:
Katy Perry Kathy Beth Terry  Katycat
Rocky Burnette The Son of Rock and Roll His first album had that name Christian
Ted Nugent Uncle Ted  Christian
Kenny Rogers The Gambler  Christian
Michael Bolton Mr. Time, Love, and Tenderness  Christian
Barry White Walrus of Love Given this name due to his size and the fact that most of his songs were steamy love songs Christian
Hank Williams Luke the Drifter  Christian
Eric Church Eric F**king Church He has a shirt that says "I drink, I smoke, I go to Eric F**king Church". Christian
Giraffes? Giraffes! G? G!  music
Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon KC It's his initials. Otto Oshawa
KC The Boogie Man  Bob Boogie
Steven Tyler Demon Of Screaming He's the screaming demon lead singer for Aerosmith, of course. Anarchy Angel
W.A.S.P. We Are Sex Perverts Tipper Gore and her evil witch-hunters made this acronym up. Also, the band has a song titled "Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)". Whitie Anarchist
Al Green Reverend Al, Reverend Green, Brother Al, Brother G He is an ordained minister. Reggie Pillbox
RUSH Rebels Under Satan's Help Fundies don't like RUSH and this is yet another excuse, like the abbreviation they invented for KISS. Sympathy For Rock-n-Roll
W.A.S.P. We Are Satan's People Another derogatory name that fundamentalist Christians like to call them. Odie Garfield
Morrissey A boy with a thorn in his side From the title of a Smiths song with that title. I Hung the DJ
Roxy Music The Roxies Just a simple nickname for the group. I Love Roxy
Roxy Music The Roxies Just a simple nickname for the group. I Love Roxy
Roxy Music Roxy The band was originally called just "Roxy" but there already was a band with that name so "Music" was added to make them stand out. Also, people at a Roxy Music concert often shout "Roxy!" as a chant. I Love Roxy

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