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Aside from backwards messages (which is a seperate page), bands have found other interesting ways to hide things in their music or in their album covers.

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Entries Beginning with T

"Tangerine," Led Zeppelin
In the intro the guitar suddenly fades out after a few seconds. Turn up the volume after it has to hear one of the band members counting the others in.
A Stranger
""The Bug"," Soul Coughing
This song was written specifically for the soundtrack for "Batman & Robin", which starred George Clooney. Toward the end of the song, a few seconds after frontman Mike Doughty says, "Check it out now/One time!", he repeats the phrase, "George Clooney is Satan" several times. It's hidden by a wall of noise, but pretty easy to decipher if you're listening for it.
"There Is A Mountain," Donovan
In the background you can hear him saying "That's nice" over and over.
KL Fan
"These Days (album)," Bon Jovi
In the booklet inside the case of the album (on CD), there is a letter from Jon at the end. If you hold the back of the booklet up to a mirror you see a lot of this letter!
A Stranger
"This Strange Engine," Marillion
This is the last track on the album of the same name, but if you keep it running after it finishes there is a long gap followed by some hysterical laughter. It happened because some band members had just got back after a night out and decided to record the lead vocal, but just kept cracking up. It's a bit scary if you're not expecting it to do that at the end of the album
A Stranger
"Through The Fire And Flames," Dragonforce
When played backwards, about near the middle/end of the chorus, you'll hear "pain of the hoof".
DJ Blaze
"To This Day," K's Choice
In track 6, To This Day, on K's Choice's second album, Paradise in Me, David Haas recites an excerpt from Julio Cortazar's novel Hopscotch. And if you listen you can understand what he says. But about a 1 1/2 minutes from the end he starts speaking again. I cannot understand what he says, though.
"Tomorrow Never Knows," Phil Collins
Listen to this remake of a Beatles song. When it ends, turn the volume up high. For about 30 seconds, an echo-y version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" plays, but you need the volume and it's on the same track. He was warming up his voice when he sung this, and put it in as a joke.
"Tradition Feed," Biffy Clyro
Tradition Feed is a hidden track on the album infinity land. In the CD liner notes you have all th e lyrics to all the songs (except tradition feed because it’s a hidden track obviously). But behind where the disc is you can see the lyrics to Tradition Feed.
Clever Name

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